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Do you want to transfer domain out to another registrar? This article explains how to prepare your domain to be transferred from Monovm to a new registrar. You should complete some steps with Monovm and some steps with the new registrar. This process can take up to 10 days to be done. Domain Transfer steps on Monovm side In general, the following requirements must be considered in order to have your domain successfully transferred to the new registrar: The domain name to be transferred should be in “ok” or “active” status The owner of the domain should have...


Dec, 18

If you have an active domain and need to transfer it to a new company/registrar, it requires two steps. The domain transfer process is very simple, First, you should prepare the domain on your current registrar side and then purchase a Transfer Service from the new registrar(Monovm). Confirming if a Domain Name can be Transferred There are various cases where a domain name may not be transferable to another Registrar. This could happen in the following circumstances: Domain name is less than 60 days old: If the domain name you are trying to Transfer was registered less than 60 days...