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What Is A Domain Name And How To Buy domain name

Domain names are the text that you type in a web browser to access a website. A domain name is your website's address on the internet . There are many types of domain names that you can buy, but before you buy one you need to figure out what to do with your domain name.
A domain name is the address of a website on the internet. It is how people find your website and is made up of a series of letters and/or numbers. For example, the domain name for this website is "".
You can buy a domain name from a registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap. Once you have purchased your domain name, you will need to set it up with a web hosting provider in order to get your website online.

What is Domain Name?

Domain names are unique identifiers for websites. They are used to direct users to a specific website and are usually made up of a combination of letters and numbers. You can buy a domain name through a domain name registrar or hosting provider.
When you buy a domain name, you will need to provide your contact information and choose a payment method. Once you have purchased your domain name, you will need to set up DNS (Domain Name System) records to point the domain name to your website's IP address.

How to Buy Domain Name?

A domain name is your website's address on the internet. It's how customers find your website, and it's what they'll type into their browser to visit your site.
When you're ready to launch your website, the first step is to buy a domain name. You can do this through a domain registrar such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, or 1&1 IONOS.
Here are some tips for buying a domain name:
-Choose a short, memorable, and easy-to-spell name.
-Avoid using hyphens or numbers.
-Check to see if the domain name is available on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name? (Easily & Quickly)

Choosing a domain name can be a daunting task, but there are a few key things to keep in mind that will make the process easier. First, think about what you want your website to be about. What is the focus of your site? What are your passions? Once you have a general idea, you can begin to brainstorm possible domain names.

Keep it short and sweet. A good domain name is easy to remember and type. It should be something that people will remember when they see it. Avoid using hyphens or numbers in your domain name as these can be difficult for people to remember.

Your domain name should also be relevant to your niche or industry. If you are a business, consider using your company name as your domain. If you are blogging about a specific topic, use keywords that relate to your blog in your domain name. This will help people find your site more easily when they are searching for information on that topic.

Once you have brainstormed some possible domain names, it's time to check their availability. You can do this by going to a site like GoDaddy or Namecheap and entering the desired domains into their search bar. If the domains you want are available, great!

Buying a domain name

When you buy a domain name, you are essentially renting it from a registrar for a period of time. You can choose how long you want to rent it for, and most registrars will offer discounts for longer periods of time. Once you have rented the domain name, you can use it for anything you want. You can create email addresses using that domain name, set up sub-domains (e.g.,, and even create redirects to other websites.

Types of TLDs

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are used in various networking contexts and for application-specific naming and addressing purposes. In general, a domain name identifies a network domain, such as a company's website, a computer host in a network, or an email address.
There are two types of top-level domains (TLDs): generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and country code top-level domains (ccTLDs). gTLDs are managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), while ccTLDs are managed by individual country code organizations.
Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) include: .com, .info, .net, .org, .biz, and .name
Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) include: .us (United States), .uk (United Kingdom), .ca (Canada), .au (Australia), and .jp (Japan)

Populer domain extentions

Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name represents about a dozen IP addresses. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL, the domain name is
There are a number of different types of domain names available for purchase, but some of the most popular domain extensions include: This is by far the most popular domain extension and can be used for just about any type of website.
- .net: This extension is typically used by websites that offer online services or applications.
- .org: This extension is typically used by non-profit organizations or charities.
- .info: This extension can be used for informational websites.
- .biz: This extension is typically used for business websites.

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public DOMAIN PRICE list

A domain consists of 2 parts . The first part is the name of your choice, which is essentially the name of a brand / company and the second part is the domain extension . The permissible and valid extensions are the ones confirmed by ICANN, which is technically called Top Level Domain or TLD . Some common extensions are . org, .net, .com .

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MonoVM Domain Registration Services

You have a local business and want to connect with the customers easier ? We provide domains per location . for example, if your business is based for clients in the UK, we got . co . uk , or if you target Canada, we provide . ca domains .

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Search for your domain, and we provide you the choice for purchasing the relevant domains in bulk for a lower price rather than paying for single domains . Go ahead and try our advanced domain name system and experience the simple and best service available .

Auto - renewal feature

A domain is a user - friendly naming system that allows people to navigate web servers and web pages easily . Rather than type an IP address, you can type an assigned easy - to - remember character string, called a domain .

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Here are all the domain services we offer . Click on a service to find out more .

Domain Renewal

Domain Renewal

Renew your domains up to 5 years in advance . Make sure you don't lose your domain name.

Domain Promotion

Domain Promotion

Check the domains that are on sale right now. We took our already competitive prices and dropped them even lower on selected domains.

Domain Transfer

Domain Transfer

Effortlessly transfer your existing domain names from other registrars to MonoVM at low costs.

Domain Backorder

Domain Backorder

The domain you want is taken? There's still a chance to secure it once it expires.

Domain name features

Some features are available with our domain registration services.

Competitive Prices

Why massively overpay for domain registration? With MonoVM's competitive prices, it's easier than ever to get your domain name registered.

Instant registration

Just in a few minutes, register your domain; gone are the days when you have to wait around.

Identity Protection

Keep your personal information protected by using our services to replace the WHOIS info and keep your identity safe.

Theft Protection

A transfer request for your domain name to another registrar will fail unless disabled through your domain control panel.

Free DNS Management

Map your domain name to a web hosting or email service, set domain aliases, and do much more with our free DNS management.

Free Webmail

Get two professional email addresses for your business using our free email service upon purchase.

Payment Gateways

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Our team of trained experts is online 24/7 to answer any questions you have and help you register your domain.

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Become one of the 20,000+ customers to use our domain registration services and enjoy the unparalleled quality.


Here are the most common questions we get from our customers, Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quickly as possible.

A top-level domain (TLD) is the part of a domain name that comes after the dot, such as .com or .org. There are hundreds of TLDs to choose from, and you can buy a domain name with any TLD you want. However, some TLDs are better than others for certain purposes. For example, .com is the best choice for a business website because it's the most recognizable and most popular TLD.

A URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, is the unique address of a file on the internet. Every website has a URL, and everyURL is made up of several parts. The first part is the protocol, which is always either http:// or https://. The second part is the domain name, which is the unique name of the website. The third part is the path, which tells the computer where to find the specific file on the server. The fourth part is the query string, which allows for additional information to be passed to the server.

Your domain name is your unique identity on the web. It's how you're found online and it's an important part of your brand.
When you buy a domain name, you're buying the rights to use that name for as long as you continue to renew it. It's an important investment in your business or personal brand.
A great domain name can help you build a strong online presence and it's easier to promote and market a website with a great domain name. It also makes it easier for people to find your site.
If you're serious about building a strong online presence, then buying a domain name is a smart investment.

When you’re ready to take your business online, you need a domain name. This is the address people will type into their browser to find your website. And just like the street address of your house or business, a domain can be difficult to change once it’s been established. So it’s important to choose wisely from the start.
Domain names are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain – you can buy one through a web hosting company or a domain registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap. And while most domains cost between $10-15 per year, there are a number of ways to get a free domain name.
One way to get a free domain is by signing up for a web hosting plan that includes a free domain name. For example, Bluehost offers new customers a free domain when they sign up for one of their hosting plans.
Another way to get a free domain is by taking advantage of website builders that include a free domain name with their service. For instance, Wix provides users with a free domain when they create an account and build their website using the platform’s tools.
If you’re looking for more creative control over your website, you can also use a custom domain name with a website builder like Squarespace. Custom domain names start at $20 per year and can be purchased through a domain registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap.
Ultimately, there are a number of ways to get a free domain name. And while some methods may require you to purchase a web hosting plan or use a specific website builder, others simply require you to register for an account with the provider.

Domain privacy protection is a service that hides your personal information from the public. When you buy a domain name, the registrar will ask for your contact information, including your name, address, phone number, and email address. This information is typically published in the Whois database, which is a publicly available directory of domain name ownership.
Domain privacy protection services work by substituting their own contact information for yours in the Whois database. This way, your personal information is hidden from prying eyes, and you can avoid spam and other unwanted communications.

A Domain Name Server (DNS) is a computer that connects to the internet and translates human-readable domain names into IP addresses. DNS is an essential component of the internet, as it ensures that all users can find the websites they are looking for.
Most DNS servers are provided by ISPs, but it is also possible to run your own DNS server. To do this, you will need to configure your router to forward DNS requests to your DNS server. Alternatively, you can use a public DNS service such as Google Public DNS or Cloudflare's service.

Choosing a domain name is an important decision for any business or individual. There are many factors to consider when making this choice, including the following:
- The domain name should be short, easy to remember, and easy to spell.
- The domain name should be relevant to your business or personal brand.
- The domain name should be available as a .com, .net, or .org extension.
- You may want to consider purchasing multiple domains to protect your brand online.
- Be sure to research the company you purchase your domain from to ensure they are reputable and offer good customer service.

A blockchain domain name is a new way to register and manage your web address. Just like traditional domain names, blockchain domain names can be used to point to websites, email addresses, and more. However, unlike traditional domain names, which are managed by a central registry, blockchain domain names are decentralized and stored on the blockchain. This makes them more secure and resilient to censorship.
Blockchain domain names are still in the early stages of development, but there are already a few companies offering them. For example, Unstoppable Domains is a company that offers .crypto domains that can be used to store cryptocurrency wallets, email addresses, and more.
If you're interested in getting a blockchain domain name, check out our article on how to buy one.

If you have a domain name that you want to use with your website, you can point it to your IP address. To do this, you will need to edit the DNS record for your domain. The DNS record contains the IP address that your domain points to. You can find the DNS record for your domain in the control panel for your domain registrar. Once you have found the DNS record, you will need to change the IP address that it points to. After you have made the changes, you will need to save them and then wait for the changes to propagate. This process can take up to 48 hours.

Due to constant changes in prices for the Premium domains, we may or may not display the prices in our website. However, reach us via live chat and we will provide the necessary information.

The propagation of name servers on local domains takes 2-4 hours. Please check after the mentioned time and inform us in case you encounter any problems.

If you have a domain name, you can use it to create a professional email address. For example, if your domain name is, you can create an email address like or
To set up a domain email address, you’ll need to choose an email hosting provider and create an account with them. Once you’ve done that, you can add your domain name to your account and start using it to create email addresses.
There are many benefits to using a domain email address over a generic Gmail or Yahoo address. A domain email looks more professional and can help you build credibility with customers and clients. Having a separate business email also helps you keep your personal and business communications separate, which can be important for organization and time management.

When you purchase a domain name, you are essentially leasing it from a registrar for a set period of time. You can choose to renew your lease when it expires, or let it lapse and allow someone else to register it.
If you want to keep your domain name, you will need to find a hosting provider that offers the services you need. There are many different types of hosting providers, so be sure to do your research before selecting one. Once you have found a good provider, you will need to set up your account and then point your domain name to the provider’s servers.
Be sure to read the terms of service for your hosting provider carefully. Some providers may require that you use their provided DNS servers, while others may give you the option to use third-party DNS servers. Make sure you understand what is required before making any changes.
Once your domain is pointing to the correct server, you will need to set up a website or blog on that server. This can usually be done easily with most hosting providers. After your site is up and running, visitors will be able to access it by typing in your domain name into their browser’s address bar.

Domain whois is the process of determining the owner of a domain name. This can be done by looking up the name in a Whois database, which will return the contact information for the registrant. Alternatively, many registrars offer a Whois lookup service on their website.
Whois databases are maintained by various organizations, including ICANN, Afilias, and VeriSign. Registrars are required to keep contact information for their customers up to date, so it is typically accurate. However, because Whois data is public, it is sometimes used for spam or fraud.
When you register a domain name, you must provide contact information including your name, address, phone number, and email address. This information is collected by the registrar and entered into the Whois database. Your personal information can be hidden from public view by registering your domain name through a privacy protection service.

It depends on the usage and amount of traffic of your website. For more information reach us via live chat.

You can configure only 2 domain (Web-site) for each hosting service.

When you purchase a domain name, you will need to point your domain name to a name server. A name server is basically a computer that tells other computers where your website is located.
To find the name server for your domain, you will need to login to your hosting account and look for the DNS (Domain Name Server) settings. Once you have found the DNS settings, you will need to add the following two records:

Once you have added those records, your domain will be pointed to the correct name server and your website should come online within 24-48 hours.

As of June 2020, there are approximately 327.6 million domain names registered globally. This number has been growing steadily over the past few years and is expected to continue to grow as more businesses and individuals realize the importance of having a website. While there are many different places to buy a domain name, it's important to choose a reputable provider that can offer you a good deal on a quality domain name.

Is domain name can affect seo?

Domain names are more than just a web address for your business. They can also have a big impact on your search engine optimization (SEO). Here’s how:
1. Domain names are an important part of your website’s URL.
Your domain name is one of the first things Google crawls when it indexes your site. So if you want to optimize your site for SEO, you need to choose a good domain name. A good domain name is short, keyword-rich, and easy to remember.
2. Domain names can influence your rankings in search results.
Google uses a variety of factors to rank websites in its search results. And while the actual content on your website is still the most important factor, your domain name can also influence your rankings. That’s because Google gives preference to websites with keyword-rich domain names.
3. Domain names can help you build brand awareness.
A good domain name can help you build brand awareness for your business. That’s because people are more likely to remember a website with a catchy or memorable domain name. And the more people who visit your website, the more likely they are to do business with you