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Frequently Asked Questions

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Search for your favorite domain name using the link below. If it’s available, then simply add it to your cart by clicking the "ADD TO CART" button and press continue. Go through the order process and become the owner of your favorite domain.
Domains are registered immediately after the order process is completed. Note that for local domains it might take a couple of minutes.
To connect your domain name to a Monovm host, set the name servers of Monovm which are sent through the web hosting activation email.
To save your domain purchased from Monovm to a hosting service you are using from another company, set the hosting company's DNS in the domain.
It depends on the usage and amount of traffic of your website. For more information reach us via live chat.
You can configure only 2 domain (Web-site) for each hosting service.
Enabling ID Protection (Privacy Protection) feature is only possible on gTLDs - generic top level domains (.COM, .ORG, .NET, etc). This feature is not possible to be enabled on local domains (ccTLDs) such as .EU, .US .CO, etc.
Yes but you have to submit tickets from both client areas in order to prove the identity of the user and a valid explanation regarding the transfer.
Due to constant changes in prices for the Premium domains, we may or may not display the prices in our website. However, reach us via live chat and we will provide the necessary information.
The price of domain names depends on the type of extension chosen by the domain registrar and has no effect on installation and other items.
For registration of *.AU domains* we need the following items to be sent through the ticket :
> Eligibility ID Type: **ABN or ACN**
> Eligibility ID :
> Eligibility Name :
> Registrant Name :
You can find more detailed information from the tutorial link below:
Referring to the .UK domains registration rules, registrants should be in contact with the Main Registrar of .UK domains ( and follow the verification process of the domain. Any responsibilities about domain registration, verification and activation process should be taken by Registrants (Clients). Monovm will not accept any responsibilities regarding this matter. The .UK domains will be verified by the link below.
In case you agree to the terms mentioned, please send the confirmation note through the ticket until we register the domain.
To register .CN domains, we need authentic proof that the client is of Chinese nationality or resides in the People's Republic of China. There is no country-specific requirement for registering a .CN domain name. However, the following supporting documents need to be provided to complete the registration process: According to the .CN domains registration rules, after registering domains (This will be done by Monovm), any registrant should send Profile information to the following email address. (This should be done within 14 days of registration date)
You will send the following items in JPG Format :
1. Please provide the relevant documents of the registrant:
The registrant name should be exactly the same as the document.
2. please provide a picture of the document without missing
For Individuals: please submit a scan copy of ID Card/Residence Booklet/Driving license/Passport
For Organizations:please submit below two docs:
Please submit a scan copy of Organization Code Certificate/Enterprise Business Certificate/Certificate of Public institution or organization with Legal person status
Please submit the scan copy of ID Card/Residence Booklet/Driving license/Passport
If you have exceeded the standard limit (14 days) of sending your Profile information into the mentioned email address, in this case the Information should be sent to following email addresses:
Note: After registering your domain by our Registrar, the domain should be verified and activated by CN main Registrar. Regarding this matter, any responsibility concerning activation/verification/propagation of the .CN domains is taken by Registrants (Clients).
For registering.RU domains, we will need the following details. You should send us only one of the following: Personal or Organisational
  • birth-date(DD.MM.YYYY):
  • passport number:
  • Legal Address:
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (code):
  • Territory-linked Taxpayer Number (kpp):
  • Full Company Name (org-r):
Note: Referring to the .RU domains registration rules, registrants should be in contact with the main registrar of .RU domains ( and follow the verification process of the domain. Any responsibilities about domain registration, verification and activation process should be taken by the registrants (Clients). Monovm will not accept any responsibilities regarding this matter. The .RU domains will be verified by the link below.
Please login to your Monovm client area and from the top right drop down menu, click on ‘Edit profile’. You will see a form to add the personal details like address, city, country, state/region, and zip code.
The propagation of name servers on local domains takes 2-4 hours. Please check after the mentioned time and inform us in case you encounter any problems.
Monovm will provide the email service based on 2 alternative options:
1. Business Email (Can be managed from the domain control panel)
2. Web hosting services (Manageable from cPanel)
For ordering business email service please follow the link below.
You can have 2 free emails registered under your domain name.
The tutorial below will help you on creating your free emails:
Webmail service platform is based on Roundcube. It is one of the best and most secure platforms for managing mail services.
No, you can’t use a business email if you don't have your own domain.
Yes, you can get as many business emails as you want! But first, you should set Monovm the public name servers on the domain which has been registered by the other registrar.
To upgrade your business emails, you can order via the link below:
Note: For further information you can open a ticket for the Sales Department from the Client Area.
You can send up to 100 emails every day with free emails. You can send up to 500 emails per day and 150 emails per hour with your business email.
We have a step-by-step article on this situation. Please check the following link:
Linux hosting is a website hosting tool made possible with the infrastructure of the Linux operating system. It is a practical and low-cost service offered by hosting companies to their clients. Our Linux Web Hosting packages are managed by Cpanel as a control panel. Linux hosting can be used for many different things depending on your desires.
WordPress hosting is the type of hosting that has been optimized for WordPress’ performance and needs. Since the software requirements are quite low, nearly any host is technically capable of running WordPress. However, such solutions are not quite viable. WordPress hosting servers are specifically configured and optimized with WordPress in mind and thus provide the best performance. Just like the Linux web hosting package, our WordPress hosting packages are based on cPanel. Additionally, various data-bases are supported by the WordPress version.
With reseller hosting packages, you can host other peoples websites on your web hosting space. You can allocate web space for other people. You can open hosting packages from your reseller account and evaluate them.
Both are based on cPanel but the main difference lies in database and premium support. WordPress web hosting packages provide high quality support and the included data-bases are diverse and efficient.
You can login to the Client Area and choose the service which you like to upgrade/downgrade. Upgrade /downgrade options will be displayed on the left side of the dashboard once a service is selected.
Yes, you can upgrade your hosting to higher plans by keeping the same resources. But you cannot change the type of web hosting package.
We have a step-by-step article regarding this. Please check the following link:
By choosing the “Select PHP version” and “MultiPHP Manager” option in cPanel, you can select the PHP version that you want.
This error is caused by malware or viruses that enter your WordPress's main file and browsers (especially Google Chrome) display the error after seeing this problem. To fix this issue: first scan your website through an online malware scanner or use any anti-malware software to find out the error file or page. Once you find the file or page, delete it or remove the malware or threat and upload the file/page again. Chrome will no longer show the Deceptive Site Ahead warning.
Error 500 is due to the PHP host version incompatible with the site code. You can set the version related to your code by choosing the “Select PHP version” and “MultiPHP Manager option” on the hosting service.
Error 503 usually occurs due to excessive use of hardware resources. This is usually due to the non-optimization of plugins, images, and other scripts. You need to optimize and update site scripts and plugins. It is also recommended to check the PHP values.
A 504 Gateway Timeout Error is an HTTP response status code indicating that a server, which is currently acting as a gateway or proxy, did not receive a timely response from another server further upstream.
Please check it again with another powerful network connection and inform us in case the issue persists.
Please contact us if you will need to restore backup of your hosting service.
We do not charge any setup fees for any of our services.
No, you don't have to buy the control panel if you don't need it. It is possible to connect to the server with remote access softwares like remote desktop connection (Windows based) or Putty (Linux based) without a control panel.
All our VPS plans come with 1 free IP.
You can add 2 more IPs to your VPS, so you have the possibility to have 3 different IPs in total.
Our VPS services traffic is unlimited but the bandwidth is limited. You will have unlimited internet (traffic) but if you over use the bandwidth, it will cause problems for the overall network. If your usage of the bandwidth will hinder other VPS’s quality then we will suspend or limit your VPS.
Yes, you can upgrade your VPS to a higher plan while maintaining the same resources. But you cannot change the whole service type of VPS.
To upgrade the service, you can select the service you want from the user panel and select the upgrade/downgrade option from the menu on the left side of the page.
Another possibility is to choose the plan you would like to upgrade/downgrade and submit a ticket letting us know.
For more detailed information, you can get help from the link below:
Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide a server for testing.
By generating 2 different user accounts from inside of a VPS, it would be possible to connect simultaneously from 2 different devices.
Internet speed for services vary according to the data center.
The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is created by dividing a powerful bare metal server into multiple virtual servers. A VPS which runs on Linux distribution such as Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu are known as Linux VPS.
Linux VPS will be ready in under 60 seconds.
  • Cost-effective compared to dedicated servers.
  • Enables the VPS to shut down, boot, reboot independently and quickly.
  • Safety from virus attacks.
  • Windows VPS can be completely personalized to meet your needs.
  • No more drain of resources from ‘neighbors’ compared to shared hosting.
Your Windows VPS will be ready in approximately 2-3 minutes.
RDP services will be ready in approximately 2-3 minutes.
RDP accounts are non-admin access services. You can't install any programs on RDP accounts. If you want to install any program on RDP, you should have an RDP Server (Admin Access).
You can reinstall the server from VPS Management or you can submit a ticket to our support department. After the user confirms to remove all the server information in the reinstallation, the installation process will be done by the support team and new login information will be sent via email.
All our services support VPN, except RDP Account (No Admin Access). However, if any abuse is reported, the service will be suspended.
You can connect to your server from only one system at the same time.
There must be an acceptable reason for the change of server location. If you think it’s an acceptable reason, please contact the support department.
We have a step-by-step tutorial link on this situation. Please check the following link:
Server information will be deleted 5 days after the expiration date.
Monovm does not accept any liability regarding clients’ data backups in VPS services. The VPS services backup should be done manually by the client.
Yes, the OS of VPS can be changed effortlessly. All you need to do is change the OS through the VPS management panel and reinstall VPS with the new OS or send us a ticket to change the OS of VPS (free of charge).
No, the server is raw and only the user-selected operating system is installed and delivered on the server. It is the responsibility of the user and does not include support, and in case of technical problems, our support will provide the necessary help.
This issue will be notified to you via a ticket to increase the bandwidth of your service.
Keep in mind that by providing a virtual server with a control panel, only the operating system with the control panel will be delivered raw if you order it. Given that you have root access on the server, site backup, site transfer, etc. Any configuration or settings involved are the sole responsibility of the user and do not include support. In case of technical problems, our support team will be available.
We have a step-by-step article on this situation. Please check the following link:
We have a step-by-step tutorial link on this situation. Please check following link:
The minimum RAM for installing Windows 2019 is 2 GB. Since the lower RAM has been ordered, the system has automatically selected and installed Windows 2012. If you want to install Server 2019, you can upgrade the server.
We have a step-by-step tutorial link on this situation. Please check the following link:
login to your Linux,your new password and confirm.
You can add your preferred SSL to your cart from the link below and make your payment safely.
SSL services are not renewable and must be repurchased.
The subject of security certification varies according to the companies providing the services.
For example, RapidSSL is not responsive to smartphone screens and your site does not run. The second option, Comodo Essential, does not support subdomains. But they can be supported in all page sizes (smartphone screen). By purchasing this service (Comodo Essential), it will be possible to display the green logo with Https.
Although all X.509 certificates use similar methods to protect and validate your data, a useful way to categorize them is by the validation method used by the certificate authority (CA). Domain Validated (DV) is the lowest level of validation and verifies that whoever requests the certificate controls the domain that it protects. Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) require further validation, including information about the business or other entity covered by the certificate.
Unfortunately, server plans you purchase do not include free SSL. You can activate a free SSL on the web hosting services.
The security certificate is installed and activated for free by the Monovm support team. Also we have a step-by-step tutorial link about installing SSL. Please check the following link:
It is not possible to install a security certificate on a virtual server from Monovm. The installation and operation of this service is the sole responsibility of the user.
Security Certificate (SSL Let'sEncrypt) is provided for free on Linux hosting services. Also after registering the order, if you wish, you can activate free SSL on your host.
One of the most important categories of the Monovm Terms and Conditions are ‘Abuse Terms of the Services’. Abuse refers to any types of Infringement, Phishing, Pharming, attacking of the Server, BOT, Spamming, Illegal Copyrights (BitTorrent Downloads), Resource Abuse, and so on. Please check the following link for the complete T&C:
This type of report is at high priority for suspension of the service. Any request for reactivation of the service is subject to the abuse and legal department’s decision. Please contact the Abuse department directly (
According to Monovm terms, payments under $50 will be transferred to your credit balance in case you place the request through a ticket. You need to contact the billing department to receive a refund for payments more than $50.
If the domain is not registered, the full fee will be returned to your credit balance. But if the domain is registered, the registrar charges $1, the rest will be transferred to your Monovm credit balance. Once local domains are activated, they cannot be canceled.
According to Monovm Terms & Conditions, it is not possible to cancel the service unless there is a technical problem that cannot be solved by us.
The domain can be reactivated after the renewal fee is paid.
Reminder emails are sent to your mail 60, 30, 15, 7, and 1 day (s) before the domain expires.
Any renewal invoice notification will be sent via email before the due date of the services.
Clients will be notified for Web Host renewal term (Expiry Date) through emails. Emails will be sent 10 days prior to the due date of the service and in intervals.
The renewal process for VPS services is done automatically. The related renewal invoice is sent to the client’s email address 10 days prior to the due date. On the due date, the service will be suspended because of overdue payment and the notification emails will be sent to the client’s email address. Up to 5 days the service is kept untouched and after this window time, automatically termination of the service will be done.
The renewal invoices cannot be effective for SSL services. From the registration date, the service will be activated as an account based on the annual cycle of payment. After the expiration of the service, the new account must be ordered again by the client.
Regarding our web host policies, the data of the server will be preserved untouched until 30 days passed the due date. After the deadline (passing 30 days later) of service renewal time, the service will be terminated by Monovm and any request regarding reactivation of the service will be considered null and void.
According to Monovm terms, your service may be suspended in case of an abuse report or abnormal bandwidth usage (Overaged BW).
After 5 days passed from the due date the VPSs services are terminated.
Why MonoVM?

What makes us different?


Our servers are based on Intel ans Supermicro enterprise hardware. What does that mean? High stability and complete efficiency to our bare metal servers.


All MonoVM dedicated servers are based on DDR4 and ECC RAM. We ensure the best performance.


Permanent IPMI and full management access to your dedicated server enables you to have all the control in your hands.


Your data's security is of the highest importance to us - that's why we included regular data backup in our services, no additional cost. Backups are kept up to one month.

SSD <strong>RAID</strong> 10 TECHNOLOGY

We provide you with the safest storage option - SSD RAID 10 technology.


We offer Web Hosting at an extermely affordable rate - tremendous benefit for a little investment. Bonus - there's no hidden costs at our checkouts.


We provide a wide range of location options. Choose from 11 of them, including USA, Germany, Canada, Netherlands and more.

99.9% UPTIME

We offer high traffic capacity network that provides 99.9% uptime and incredibly fast performance.


MonoVM provides services for any Operational System - Linux, Windows, you name it. We're flexible in order to provide you with the best solutions.

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