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Apr, 20

Google SERP Features For 2020

We all know how important Google is for everyone in the globe. Every second Google processes search queries from all over the world and it owns more than 75% of all the search engine market share. Now as a website owner if you haven’t thought about getting your site to be indexed on the top results of Google then it’s high time to get started. Okay, let’s say you fix your site to have a good organic rank but now we will take you through a very important element to consider: the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) features. What are SERP features? A SERP feature is any...


Apr, 20

If you made some changes to your website but you can’t see the content? Well then a solution would be to clear your WordPress cache. But what is cache? Why do you need it/remove it? Whenever you visit a website your web browser downloads content from the site like HTML, CSS, Javascript and images. This data is stored in your local storage as cache files which helps you to load the websites faster the next time you visit the site. This prevents your browser from downloading the content all over again which improves site performance. There is also a possibility to set a time range to...


Mar, 20

Marketing is not the same as it was 10 years ago. People don’t have time to read newspapers or read magazines and investing on advertisements on paper will have very low impact now-a-days. This where digital marketing comes to play and the place to do it is by using social media. Now comes the question, how do you be on top of all your social media marketing which ranges from creating content, analytics and making reports every day. This is where the social media management tools come into play. They will streamline your work, save time and ensure that your content reaches the right...


Nov, 19

The A to Z Guide on How to Use VPS Server

With plenty of different hosting options available, from shared hosting to dedicated servers, many users might get lost in all the technical speak and not fully understand each one. We have compiled a full A-Z tutorial on what exactly are Virtual Private Servers (i.e. VPS), their uses, advantages, disadvantages and much more.  We have also included small comparisons between VPS servers and other hosting solutions. Quick access list headlines What is Virtualization? What is a VPS server? VPS operating systems What is a VPS Server Used For? Advantages of VPS Hosting Disadvantages...


Aug, 19

How Does SMTP Work?

What is SMTP? We all have heard the term IP, short for Internet Protocol. We need an IP to access the internet but the thing that might have slipped through is the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which takes care of all the emails. SMTP is the most widely used email protocol and is a part of the TCP/IP protocol which is used to send and receive emails. So, how does it work? As part of being a protocol in the application layer, the SMTP server is always waiting for a request. When a mail is sent through an email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook), a TCP connection is made which results in...


Aug, 19

Traceroute on MikroTik

In this article we want to learn about Traceroute on MikroTik. It is a command-line program which assists in troubleshooting network connectivity issues by using echo packets to trace the route. This tool is used to check hops (i.e. the way that packets take to the endpoint). Traceroute helps us figure out the packets' path and locating the disconnected hops. Here is a small guide on how to use it: Connect to router with Winbox Select “Traceroute” from “Tools” menu or enter the following command: /tool traceroute In the newly opened window, you can edit...


Aug, 19

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of setting up mail forwarding for an email address in Plesk. Log in to Plesk and go to Mail > Email Addresses. Select the "Forwarding" tab > select the “Switch on mail forwarding” checkbox. In the available space, write the email addresses (one or more) to which you want the mail forwarded to, then click "OK". (Note: when entering multiple emails use spaces, commas, semicolons or start from a new line) If you want to turn off mail forwarding then simply untick the checkbox and click "OK". If you don’t...

Setting up and using mailing list on Plesk (Windows) If you are looking to send emails to a bunch people at once, then it’s time to get a mailing list. The mailing list contains emails of users who have subscribed to receive emails. These email messages can contain promotional materials, links, newsletters, educational material, presentations or even plain text. I will take you through setting up your mailing list in Plesk and managing it. Useful Tip: Don’t add people to your mailing list if they don’t want to hear from you (if they didn’t subscribe). First Login to...


Aug, 19

How to increase site speed? Nowadays we won’t visit a site which takes ages to load. I mean when there are so many options out there, why wait for something which is slow. Low site speed is one of the main reasons which reduces the traffic to your site. A few seconds will make a huge difference. If your site won’t load within 2 seconds, then say goodbye to more than half of your visitors. I will guide you through the do’s and don’ts in order to increase your speed. Fast response to requests. When you get requests to your website and there is a delay, then there's...

Despite the global efforts in cybersecurity, the internet is still a very dangerous place, filled with malware and spyware. Having a quality antivirus is crucial to the safety of your data and even hardware. This article will explain how you enable virus protection for your emails on your server running Plesk. Here's what you need to do: Go to the Mail tab. Click on the email address you wish to configure the antivirus on.      Click on the Antivirus tab and select the checkbox: "Switch on antivirus protection for this email address". Choose the desired mail...