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Many business owners and bloggers struggle to come up with a name that accurately and creatively defines their brand—or realise that their first pick for a domain is already taken. Here you can find some domain name ideas.

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Coming up with a good and informative website name is crucial. After all, your domain name is the first thing your customers notice, and it serves as an online representation of your business and identity. 

Discovering good website name ideas that aren't already taken isn't as simple as it appears. The majority of good website names have already been taken. However, that isn't to say that everything is lost and you should give up. There are still many ways to create a unique website name, and in this blog, we will discuss the same.

  1. Do your homework: Check to discover if the name you want for your website has already been taken. Check for its availability on platforms like NameCheap and also see their prices. 
  2. Consider local TLDs: Consider utilising a top-level domain (TLD) for your areas, such as .us or .ca, if you're doing business locally or if your target market is local.
  3. Consider non-traditional domain extension is the most popular one, but it's not the only option. Many new web address domain extensions are available that could be useful for creating unique website names. For a creative and trendy website name, try .me for a personal website or .store, .design, .site, or .biz for a business website.
  4. Think about long-term success: It's no secret that specific website names have become ingrained in our collective consciousness. Google, Xerox, and Chapstick are just a few examples of brands that have entered our lexicon. So, always consider if the selected domain will hook in readers' minds in a longer race or not. 

Using Portmanteau 

A portmanteau is a word created by combining two words to form a new one. Pinterest, which combines the words "pin" and "interest" into one word, is an example of an extremely popular portmanteau. 

  • niche + word = (game & land)

Using a portmanteau on your website can help it stand out, especially if you're combining two words that are linked to your niche.

Associate with place/ destination

Adding a place or destination to your niche/keyword is a straightforward technique to construct a domain name. In this way, you'll create the appearance of your website that has a physical address.

  • niche + place = (Gaming Arena)

This concept works for all niches, especially those that are known to be headquartered in a specific location. Food and cooking blogs, for example, use phrases like kitchen, diner, pantry, and so on.

Playing With Adjectives 

You can use adjectives or a descriptive word connected to your niche/keyword for your domain in the same way you can use an emotive word. If you're having trouble finding a domain name that includes the terms 'the' or 'an/a,' this method works very well.

  • adjective + niche = (Real Gaming)

Easy, real, super, and better are prominent adjectives used in domain names since they may be substituted if yours is already taken.

Using Authoritative Words

Even if you have a high degree of expertise, portraying yourself as an expert in your field is not always easy. One domain name concept is to include an authoritative word in it, such as Colonel, Captain, Officer, and so on. This will give your website an extra layer of authority.

  • authority + niche = (Boss Gaming)

It's simple to add an authoritative term to any website, especially if relevant to your area.

Incorporating transformation verb

Adding a transformation word to your domain name is an excellent approach if your original domain name idea has already been taken.

  • verb + niche = (Unique Gaming)

A transformation verb is a verb that describes an action that involves altering or changing one's status. Improve, renew, fast, and thrive are examples of transformation verbs.  

Use Thesaurus 

Perhaps you've come up with a great domain name, but it's bland and generic, like The Ultimate Fishing. You can find various options with similar meanings by using a thesaurus.

  • The Ultimate Gaming= Absolute Gaming, Entire Gaming, Sheer Gaming, etc.

This means you can stick to your original concept, even if others have registered your preferred domain name.

Use Your Name

Consider utilising your name or a pen name for your website if you want to build a brand around your own identity. Using your name can be useful in the future, exceptionally if you choose to change your business niche.

  • Neil Patel =

Using domain name generator

We can often struggle to pick the perfect domain to register for our brand new website due to a lack of ideas. In these cases, a helping hand is needed; thus, think about employing domain name generators.

Tools like Wordoid can come up with domain name ideas for your website, and you can check their availability with Monovm, GoDaddy or Namecheap afterwards. 

Panabee also helps in generating a lot of domain name suggestions. It also shows you which ones are already taken and lets you search using different domain extensions and relevant terms.

Add Community-style word

You can choose to utilise a community-style term in your domain name, depending on the objective of your website.

Using community-style words like Family, Tribe, or League can assist visitors in understanding the type of website you're operating — and the level of interaction they should expect.

  • Niche + gaming= (Gaming Tribe)

Certain community-style words work well in specific niches based on the target demographic.

Look to other languages.

The English word you want to use often has a lovely counterpart in another language that you might use instead for your website. Translatr is a website that allows you to enter a word (or a few) and receive a list of interpretations in dozens of languages.

While languages with a completely different alphabet are unlikely to aid you much, you'll almost certainly come up with a useful list of terms to consider.

Consider spelling variations

To construct a domain name, several brands alter the spelling of words. This is a prevalent option for tech companies. Tumblr, Wrogn, Flickr, and Netflix are just a few examples.

This method of locating an open domain can be problematic if your audience is confused by the changed spelling. It can be a creative approach to reference the term you want to use while claiming an available domain name. 

This will only function if you perform enough marketing to make them internalise your brand name as it's spelt—like all of the organisations listed above have done.

Make it local

If you're still having difficulties finding something suitable, consider adding the location to the domain name. Localised variants of a domain name will be far less competitive than aiming for the exact terms you're looking for. If you like its sound, you could even use the name of your street or neighbourhood.

This strategy provides another helpful piece of information about the company to your audience, making it easier for users to find an available domain name that you like.


DomainWheel uses artificial intelligence to produce domain name suggestions based on your keywords. You can also click Search after selecting the desired extensions from the selection.

When you click the View Details button, you'll be taken to Bluehost, where you can verify the availability of a website name using a website name checker.

Shopify Domain Name Generator

The Shopify Domain Name Generator allows you to look for possible website names and discover if they're available for registration.

The Shopify tool takes your keywords and combines them with a variety of domain extensions. It will also propose alternate ideas based on terms that have been significantly tweaked and are similar.


Enter your keywords in Panabee and then press Search to allow the programme to perform its magic. This tool searches for .com domain extensions by default, but you may also look into other domain extensions.

Phonetic symbols, phrases, acronyms, suffixes, prefixes, and popular domain trends are all used by Panabee to generate suggestions.


Namelix is another service on this list that employs artificial intelligence to provide unique website name suggestions. The more keywords you type in, the more accurate your findings will be. You can restrict your results with Namelix to provide a specific keyword or extension.

Namelix differs from the other tools on this list in that it also displays logo suggestions for the website names you've made.

Selecting a domain name may be a simple task if you have a unique business. However, many business owners and bloggers struggle to come up with a name that accurately and creatively defines their brand—or realise that their first pick for a domain is already taken.

Fortunately, these tried-and-true strategies can help you come up with great domain name ideas for your company. Use the suggestions in this article to come up with unique website names for your site.

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