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Apr, 20

Google SERP Features For 2020

We all know how important Google is for everyone in the globe. Every second Google processes search queries from all over the world and it owns more than 75% of all the search engine market share. Now as a website owner if you haven’t thought about getting your site to be indexed on the top results of Google then it’s high time to get started. Okay, let’s say you fix your site to have a good organic rank but now we will take you through a very important element to consider: the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) features. What are SERP features? A SERP feature is any...


Mar, 20

What are Rich Snippets?

  • by Antoniy Yushkevych
  • in SEO
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We commonly hear the same phrase when we want to find out something; “Google it”. For the convenience of not even having to click on a result, the search engine giant has introduced rich snippets. A normal snippet is a single result of a Google search. Here’s an example of one: As you can see, the snippet shows the title of the page, its URL and a small description of the page. If you wish to find out more information about the result, you have to follow the link. Rich snippets, on the other hand, provide an additional piece of information about the search result. They...


Aug, 19

How to increase site speed? Nowadays we won’t visit a site which takes ages to load. I mean when there are so many options out there, why wait for something which is slow. Low site speed is one of the main reasons which reduces the traffic to your site. A few seconds will make a huge difference. If your site won’t load within 2 seconds, then say goodbye to more than half of your visitors. I will guide you through the do’s and don’ts in order to increase your speed. Fast response to requests. When you get requests to your website and there is a delay, then there's...


Aug, 19

How to Register your Site with Bing

In our recent post about how to submit a website to Yahoo, we went over the importance of and the guidelines for submitting an XML sitemap to search engines. Now let us show you the exact steps that need to be taken for this process to go smoothly. First head over to Bing Webmaster Tools and log in. Under “My Sites”, enter your website’s URL in the “Add a site” field. Once “ADD” is clicked, it’ll redirect you to a form where you have to fill out the information about your site and yourself as the owner. Copy and paste your sitemap’s...


Jul, 19

How to Register Your Site With Yandex

Google is an undisputed champion when it comes to search engines, holding a vast 90% of the market share. Despite its popularity, it is not the only search engine available and millions prefer to use other search engines as their go-to internet surfing tools. One such engine is Yandex. It is the leading web search engine in Easter Europe, generating more than 50% of all search traffic in the region. With more than one and a half billion websites on the internet, search engine optimization is more crucial than ever to your site’s success. You might have a very well-optimized site, yet...


Jul, 19

How to Register Your Site With Yahoo

Search engines rely on an automatic system in order to find and index the sites they show in their search result pages. They do so with the help of computer programs called web crawlers/spiders. Such a system has been proven effective over the time it has been implemented, however, it is not perfect. Without links directing the bots to your site, they may have difficulty finding it. That is why we suggest manual submission of your sites to all the major search engines. Once submitted, it may take two to four weeks for the site to be indexed. In certain cases, manual submission of the site is...


Jul, 19

How to Register Your Site With Google

Search engines are designed around automation, thus they use web crawlers to find and index new sites. This system works well in most scenarios and new websites are usually indexed by Google within a few weeks, yet it is not flawless. Without links directing the bots to your site, they may have difficulty finding it. That is why we suggest manual submission of your sites to at least Google and Bing. After submission, it may still take two to four weeks for your site to be indexed. There are some cases in which it is very highly recommended to submit your site to the search engines. They...


Jul, 19

What are Web Crawlers?

When browsing the internet, the go-to tool is a search engine. It works wonders, you just enter a keyword(s) and in a matter of milliseconds you will see millions of related results. This enormous database of results is ever-changing, with thousands of new webpages and websites being added and removed on a daily basis. With more than 1.8 billion active domains and trillions of webpages, it is mathematically impossible to sort through them manually. That is when search engines enlist the help of web crawlers, a.k.a. web spiders. They are computer programs that scour the web,...


Jul, 19

What is Robots.txt file?

Nowadays, search engines are the go-to tool when internet users want to find new information on the internet. Having your website rank highly in a search engine is one of, if not the best way to increase your visitor numbers. These search engines use bots called web crawlers (a.k.a. web spiders) to scour your sites for links and content. These crawlers then index your site’s content which allows your pages to show up on the search engines’ SERP (i.e. Search Engine Result Page) pages. A robots.txt file, also known as Robots Exclusion Protocol, is a text file which is placed into...


Jun, 19

Google Domain Diversity Update

Have you ever searched for something and saw most of the top results are from the same website? This might be unimportant to some, but many want to see a wider diversity of results. Google recently announced that it has updated the SERP to show a more diverse set of search results. How so? Google has stated that it will aim to show no more than 2 results from the same domain in a particular query. The company also added that it will show more than two results from the same site in some cases when the results are particularly relevant to the query. In general, Google will treat subdomains as...