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Aug, 20

What is Web Hosting?

So you want to get your website up and running but do not know how? The go-to solution for most websites is web hosting. Today we will find out more about what it is exactly and why it is more efficient than having a server on-premises.   What Is Web Hosting? Web hosting is what allows websites to become viewable on the internet. The files that make up your website can exist independently. They’re only accessible to the masses if you put them on a server that is properly connected. To use an analogy, think of web hosting as a home. Your website and its files are the stuff...


Jun, 20

Many people have great ideas for new web apps, however, actually creating one is quite difficult and we are not even talking about writing the actual code for it. Choosing the backend technology behind the app would be the first and foremost thing to do, as it is responsible for the site's performance.  It’s not a piece of cake as there are many stacks and technologies to choose from –  Ruby on Rails Django Python Node.js, among many others.  How to choose the right backend technology stack for your web app? What makes the choice even more difficult is...


Apr, 20

Recommended DNS Servers For 2020

When surfing the world wide web, we tend to simply type in the website’s domain into the address bar without thinking of the processes happening in the background. As you may already know, to connect to the server a website is hosted on, you must enter it’s IP address. So how do we connect to the site by just entering its name? DNS servers (Domain Name Servers) help us with doing that. They match the text we enter into the address bar to the server’s IP address. When connecting to the internet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will automatically assign you DNS servers....


Apr, 20

If you made some changes to your website but you can’t see the content? Well then a solution would be to clear your WordPress cache. But what is cache? Why do you need it/remove it? Whenever you visit a website your web browser downloads content from the site like HTML, CSS, Javascript and images. This data is stored in your local storage as cache files which helps you to load the websites faster the next time you visit the site. This prevents your browser from downloading the content all over again which improves site performance. There is also a possibility to set a time range to...


Mar, 20

There’s a lot of things that we put effort and time into completing but some (or most) of them can be automated. WordPress is a feature-packed content management system where time is spent on customization, optimization, security checkups and much more. These tasks are essential for an up-to-date secure website but the good news is that there are tools out there which can do these things automatically. Let’s dive right to it then. Smush Image Compression and Optimization Smush Image is one of the most popular image optimization plugins that is available. You can resize, optimize...


Mar, 20

Anyone who has previously registered a domain knows that they need to provide certain contact details when doing so.  Did you know, however, that these contact details are publicly available through the WHOIS listings? This is why for a small surcharge MonoVM and most other domain registrars offer a domain privacy protection, a.k.a. WHOIS protection. Now, before getting more into detail on what exactly is domain privacy and why one might want to use it, let’s get real. Is it really needed? The simple answer is no, your website will run the same whether you have WHOIS protection...


Jan, 20

The growing computer culture is allowing more people than ever to join and start having their own blogs and websites. It is undisputed that building and hosting a site in the traditional way certainly requires a good degree of technical knowledge and thus without specialized tools, nearly impossible for the average internet user. Nevertheless, these specialized tools do exist and some make the process of creating and hosting a site accessible to nearly anyone with basic computer knowledge. WordPress is a free content management system and a website builder that allows users to do just that....


Sep, 19

Like in SQL injection, XPath injection attacks occur when a website constructs an XPath query for XML data from user-supplied information. Thus, the issues that occur when using XML to store data are quite similar to those faces with SQL. XPath injection is a type of attack where malicious user input can be used to grant unauthorized access or reveal sensitive information such as XML document structure and content. This style of attack is carried out by making the user’s input be used in the construction of the query string. Unlike SQL attacks which depend on the SQL dialect used by...


Aug, 19

How Does SMTP Work?

What is SMTP? We all have heard the term IP, short for Internet Protocol. We need an IP to access the internet but the thing that might have slipped through is the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which takes care of all the emails. SMTP is the most widely used email protocol and is a part of the TCP/IP protocol which is used to send and receive emails. So, how does it work? As part of being a protocol in the application layer, the SMTP server is always waiting for a request. When a mail is sent through an email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook), a TCP connection is made which results in...

There are numerous ways that a site’s security can be compromised. One possible method of attack is an injection attack (i.e. the attacker provides untrusted input to a program). The two most common types of injection attacks are: SQL injection (SQLi) and Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attacks. Today we will discuss the latter and how to protect your site from XSS vulnerabilities. Cross-site Scripting is a type of computer security vulnerability which allows attackers to inject client-side scripts into web-pages viewed by other users. The attack is carried out when the victim actually...