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Want to know more about MonoVM? This is who we are and here’s what we do!

A Small Introduction

MonoVM provides web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, domain registration and co-location to clients worldwide.

about monovm

Our History

MonoVM was originally founded in 2012 with only 3 employees and a goal. There were only 2 server locations and a dream to globalize and attract clients from all over the world. Along with that dream also came the dedication to provide exemplary services at the most competitive prices. Within only 4 months we celebrated our one-thousandth customer which helped us see that we are on the right track. With time came expansion, and now we offer servers in over 30 locations worldwide and more than 60,000 people have entrusted us to keep their sites up and running. They chose wisely, as with the help of our IT team of experts, consisting of more than 20 professionals, for the past 4 years we have steadily maintained a 99.99% uptime.

Worldwide services

We have our servers located all around the world in order to provide you with quality and fast services with literally no downtime. Due to our strategically placed servers we provide real fast connections to any part of the world with ease.

monovm server location
35 Location
1.2K Server
8.1K user
99.8 Uptime

Our main providers

We at MonoVM believe in top-notch quality for both software and hardware that we use in our servers. That is why we use components from the industry-leading brands to assure that the services we provide are unmatched.

Our Business Partners

We have partnered up with many tech giants to allow us to provide you with the best software at the lowest possible prices. Here are some of them.



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