What is Dedicated Server? How does it Works [Definition & Benefits]

Are you looking to know and understand the concept of a Dedicated server? If yes then read this blog post that will help you to know, What is it? Its benefits and how does it work?

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In the internet world, to have your site up on the internet, you need to host it in anyways; while most people opt for either shared hosting or VPS Services. There is another way through which you can be visible to the world wide web over the internet this kind of hosting is known as a dedicated server. In the world of web hosting, having a dedicated server for your site is the ultimate goal for any website. this article will give you a brief guide about what is dedicated server and how it works, and its benefit over other available hosting services.

While shared hosting is more than sufficient for smaller sites, your goal should always be to expand your user base. As more and more people start to visit your site, you will find that the performance offered by shared hosting is no longer optimal for the website. what is vps hosting ?

Although a VPS offers many benefits compared to traditional shared hosting, there is still a limit to the performance improvements you gain from upgrading to it. For top-notch performance, a dedicated server is needed for your site.

A Dedicated Server refers to a web hosting plan where you are allocated a whole server to yourself. It can give you more control over your website and also helps to ensure that other customers' websites don't have an impact on yours. Using dedicated servers is much more expensive than shared hosting. Still, if your site receives lots of traffic or you have other requirements (such as extra security measurements), a dedicated server will be suitable for you.

Some dedicated server plans are fully managed, meaning that your web hosting company performs regular administration duties, such as initial server setup, patching, anti-virus, security scanning, monitoring, and more. Other dedicated server plans are self-managed; you are responsible for the server setup, patching, anti-virus, etc. you can choose a dedicated server hosting with us to gain all the supports and security that you are looking to keep your websites up on the internet.

Although a VPS has many of the same features as a dedicated server, the two services are just not built the same. There are many instances in which you might find the advantages a dedicated server provides necessary.

There is no set rule or standard on who exactly needs a dedicated server. Everyone with access to the internet and the necessary funds can get one and use it as they find fit. However, when paying such a premium, certain cases might benefit the most from the performance boost.

  1. For Handling large Amounts of Traffic of a Website

Your site's performance on shared hosting services directly correlates with the amount of traffic it is getting. If there is a sudden user traffic spike, your site's performance might tank. It could lead to increased bounce rates and possible revenue loss. Getting a dedicated server will allow you to mitigate this issue completely and your increased traffic can be managed by this kind of server.

  1. Page Load Times Need to be as Fast as Possible

The page loading times of your site are way more important than you think. They greatly affect the user experience and greatly affect your SERP rankings. Dedicated servers provide the optimal page load times, making your site not only better to use for its visitors but also improving its SEO.

  1. Complete Control Over the Server Machine is Required

All the other web hosting services give you either very limited control or no control over the actual server. However dedicated server allows you to assume complete responsibility for the machine. You are free to install your liking server software and have full control over its security. Such things might be very advantageous for advanced web developers and users with unique and specific needs.

There are various reasons why you need a dedicated server so let's have a brief look at those reasons: 

  1. Dedicated Resources

When you choose a dedicated server provider, you get the full resources of a single server. You don't need to worry about other websites clogging up the server's CPU and RAM resources. With a dedicated server, you can be sure that bad scripts running on another website or spikes in bandwidth usage won't slow your server uptime.

  1. Unique IP Address

Each server has its unique IP address. With shared hosting, that means that you are also sharing an IP address with multiple other websites. If one of your neighbors is a spam site or an adult site, this could mean having your websites' rank pushed down.

  1. Improved Security

Choosing a server guarantees maximum uptime for your website. Shared hosting is often best for websites with low to medium traffic. If your website receives a lot of traffic, dedicated servers provide more stability and reliability than shared hosting. With a dedicated server, you can also be sure that you aren't sharing space with a malicious website or a potential spammer. A dedicated server allows enhanced security, particularly important for companies handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.

  1. Improved Performance

There is no other hosting service out there that can provide better performance than a dedicated server can. The reason for it is simple; the entire server with all its hardware is at your disposal. Unless you pool resources from multiple dedicated servers, this hosting method will grant you the best performance possible.

  1. Possibility of Customization

Although most hosting providers have pre-set dedicated server hosting plans, many will also offer you the ability to fully customize the hardware that will be installed on your dedicated server. However, we do recommend picking up a pre-made dedicated server as they are built by IT and web hosting experts to provide maximum performance at the lowest price possible.

To explain it best, we will compare the other ways you can get a website online. Be it shared hosting or VPS hosting, the basic principle on how these services work is the same. The hosting provider takes a server computer and breaks it down into either separate user accounts (for shared hosting) or different virtual machines (for VPS hosting) using special function server software. 

These accounts/virtual machines are then rented out to different users for a small fee. A server set up for shared hosting can have thousands of user accounts installed on it, while one set up for VPS hosting can run 10 – 15 different VPS.

On the other hand, the dedicated server is a service where the web hosting provider leases an entire server computer to a single user. This machine is not shared with any other clients, and all of its resources are available for use. 

Depending on the server provider and the dedicated server service you choose, it could be either a bare-metal server that you could configure yourself for your needs or come pre-configured for a specific function, such as web hosting, gaming, database, and much more.

While our view on such a question is quite biased, we will still mention MonoVM dedicated servers. Our dedicated servers are outfitted with the latest hardware from Intel and Supermicro. You can choose between a wide selection of data centers spread worldwide and even pay with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. To top it all off, we offer 24/7 professional customer support, and our prices start as low as USD 89.00. Our services always stay top-notch as we always promise to provide: 

  • Customer Support:  With our 24/7 support, we always help our customers out from issues and errors while using our services. 
  • Server Stability: We use the latest technologies and well-maintained systems to offer enhanced performance, amazing accessibility, and usability. 
  • Customization: Our services are not limited to one user as we offer outstanding customization options on both Linux and Windows platforms. 
  • Security: Security is an important aspect of a dedicated server, so we always work to provide a secured server and prevent our customers from suspicious access. 

We hope this detailed breakdown of the dedicated server article has given you the detailed information that you are looking for. We covered what a dedicated server is, how they work, who might need such a service, and the different benefits that come along with it. If you want to read more informative blogs, you can visit our official website as we have a huge list of informative blogs.

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