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Dec, 18

VPS or Dedicated Server

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What is the VPS?

The powerful dedicated server is divided into some servers with less resources by virtualization technology, these servers called Virtual Private Server (VPS). It’s like a home computer that has many different users.

Each VPS has its own resources, such as CPU: 800 MHz, RAM: 512 MB, HDD: 25 GB or more and operates as a separate server, also uses different operating systems, for example windows server 2008, windows server 2012, windows server 2016 and linux versions such as CentOS, Debian and etc.


The use of virtual server in the internet world

One of the uses of the virtual server is to use as the hosting server.

Many web hosting companies by using VPS provide web hosting services for users and companies, which can be very affordable for ordinary users and companies.

Companies or people for hosting their websites can use VPS with lower prices and high quality instead of physical server at a higher price to maintain the server.

Multiple websites can be hosted on any of the virtual servers.

In the virtual server, you can have root or administrator access.


Advantages of using virtual server

- Much lower prices than dedicated server

- Ability to upgrade resources at any time

- Root or Administrator access to the operating system

- Snapshot capability

- Ability to switch between virtual devices

- High startup speed

- Ability to install custom operating system

- The function is exactly the same as the dedicated server

- And other benefits


Why we should use the dedicated server?

Up to now we said the benefits of the VPS and now we are going to say when we should choose the dedicated server and what are the advantages of it.

dedicated server is a server that all of its resources are dedicated to your own personal use. The dedicated server is usually suitable for people who use high processing or bulky files and if it is used for hosting and the website’s visitors are more than 500,000 per month it is better to use the dedicated server. Actually Dedicated servers are more powerful than the VPSs.


The benefits of dedicated server

- The exclusivity of the hardware resources

- Ability to upgrade the internal hardware

- Permanent Internet connection

- Very high performance speed

- Rapid computing and processing

- High security

- Real time Uptime 99.99%

- And other benefits

Sophia H

My name is Sophia H. My degree is MS in Information Technology Engineering. I have been working for 5 years on Java developing (j2ee), Computer Networking (Optical Networks), Virtualization and Hosting.