8 Best SEO Companies & Agencies: Supercharge Your SEO

Discover the top SEO companies and agencies to help you succeed online. Find experts who prioritize transparency, collaboration, and communication to optimize your website, increase organic traffic, and propel your business to new heights in the digital landscape.

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is the professional practice of optimizing a website for search engine ranking. SEO helps discover an online affair in search engines by entering the relevant words or phrases. Optimizing the site for search engine ranking is important for all businesses as it will lead to more leads and better conversions.

  • Studies have shown that higher-ranked websites are more likely to be clicked on by potential users converting to customers.

About 74% of online users only visit the top five ranked websites. You lose 74% of your target market if your website ranks lower. In the following, we will dive into curtailed introductions cut through the top SEO companies and agencies.  

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for all online businesses. The activity helps to improve the online visibility of a website. SEO is at the heart of any online business strategy in many ways.

Two main activities that help search engine rankings include:

  • On-Site Optimization: Optimize website elements, including meta details and content for relevant keywords.
  • Offsite Optimization: Refers to the presence of links on external sites that point to your website.

On-site optimization is not that difficult. You can use plugins like Yoast SEO to optimize the website for search engine ranking. On the other hand, off-site SEO is another ball game where you need to hire professional SEO companies.

Both on-site and off-site optimization is important for search engine rankings. However, with increased competition, the value of off-site optimization increases.

In this regard, you need the help of an experienced Best SEO company because off-site optimization is a tedious task that requires a lot of effort. With the help of an expert SEO firm, you can quickly rank your site high and improve conversion rates and profitability accordingly.

In this article, we answer frequently asked questions about SEO service providers after reviewing the best SEO agency you can contact to optimize your site for search results.

1. Ignite Visibility / San Diego, California  

Ignite Visibility is one of the best digital marketing companies that offer personalized SEO services tailored to the needs of each business. The company's most prominent feature is that it targets local search engine ranking tactics that deliver results.

The company has been featured in various reputable online publications, including Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal, and Entrepreneur.

Founded in: 2012

Employees: 11 to 50

Revenue: $5-6M

Core services: CE PLACES, this International, digital PR, SEO Consulting, etc.

Other Services: Web Design, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Local Listing, Reputation Management, etc.

2. Thrive / Dallas, Texas

Thrive is another SEO company that has received rave reviews for its high-quality search engine ranking strategy. The company offers outstanding services that can help improve online visibility and rankings.

I highly recommend the company for Amazon's online store search engine optimization. The company offers technical SEO services to Amazon sellers to rank their products in search engine rankings.

Establishment: 2005

Employees: 51-99

Revenue: $5-10M

Core Services: Amazon SEO, On/Off-Page SEO, Google Analytics, Technical SEO, etc.

Other services: Website design, video production, social media marketing, website hosting, content writing, etc.

3. Coalition / Los Angeles, California 

The Coalition is another top SEO company with a high customer satisfaction rating. The company has provided quality search engine ranking services for about a decade.

The company has a team of certified experts who can offer targeted SEO and lead generation services for all online business owners. Notable clients of the company include Mad Dogg Athletics, ProMax, TRUE linkswear and Pure Bar.

Establishment: 2009

Employees: 11-50

Revenue: $2-3M

Basic services: e-commerce SEO, lead generation SEO, local SEO, etc.

Other services: PPC management, email management, social media marketing, website design, etc.

4. HigherVisibility / Memphis, TN

HigherVisibility was named SEO Agency of the Year in 2017 by Search Engine Lands. The Company provides conversion optimization, SEO and online traffic optimization services. Partnering with the company allows you to leverage the experience of some of the most expert SEO professionals. The company serves both small and large businesses; it is respected in the industry for its proven results, leading to improved rankings and profitability.

Founded: 2007

Employees: 11-50

Revenue: $33 to $35 million

Basic services: Creation of privileges, recovery of SEO penalties, local SEO, local listings, e-commerce SEO, franchise SEO, SEO audit, etc.

Other services: PPC management, website design, social media, conversion optimization, etc.

5. Boostability / Lehi, UT

Boostability is another great online SEO company that caters to small businesses. The company claims to have more than 26,000 customers who testify to the effectiveness and popularity of its services.

One of the reasons for its popularity is its personalized and affordable packages. Customers praise the company for its affordable packages that allow small businesses to benefit without breaking the bank account.

Founded: 2009

Employees: 251-500

Revenue: $33 to $35 million

Basic services: Link building, blog SEO, SEO audits, social bookmarking, etc.

Other services: Mobile website design, local search marketing, website content, etc.

6. Straight North / Downers Grove

Straight North is a popular search engine optimization company that has set the standard for proven search engine ranking results. The expert team helps clients generate high-quality leads that achieve better profitability.

The exclusive Lead Validation Dashboard helps prioritize and respond to high-value leads. Most of the results have retained their transparency, strategic creativity and the achievement of measurable that allow a high return on investment.

Founded in: 2008

Employees: 51-100

Revenue: $15 to $17 million

Basic services: Competitive research, SEO consulting, e-commerce SEO, business SEO, lead generation SEO and local SEO.

Other Services: Website Design, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing & Publishing, Branding/Positioning, Inbound Marketing, Online User Experience, etc.

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7. Over the Top SEO / Seattle WA

Over the Top SEO is a comprehensive online marketing company that provides on-page and off-page SEO services. The company claims to help boost conversions and improve website branding. The Company also provides reputation management services to remove bad publicity from the Company's products and services.

A localised SEO strategy sets this company apart from other SEO companies on this list. The company offers services to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand residents. The company offers localized niche marketing services that help attract more qualified leads, resulting in optimized conversions.

Founded in: 2014

Employees: 50-249

Revenue: 9-10M

Basic services: On and off-page optimization, SEO reports, page speed optimization, improved conversions, etc.

8. Nova Solutions / Concord, Ontario

Nova Solutions is a web design and SEO agency headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Canada. The company has provided quality digital marketing and SEO services for about 14 years. Today, the company has headquarters in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

What I like about this company is that it offers a wide range of services to significantly increase your site's online visibility. Besides SEO, the company offers digital video production, PPC marketing, remarketing and conversion optimization services.

Founded in: 2005

Employees: 11-50

Revenue: $2-3M

Core Services: SEO Strategy, Research & Analytics, Content Optimization.

In conclusion, finding the right SEO company or agency is crucial to achieving online success. Considering factors such as expertise, track record, transparency, and client satisfaction, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals. Remember to prioritize collaboration and communication to foster a strong partnership with your chosen SEO provider. With the guidance and expertise of a top-tier SEO company, you can optimize your website, increase organic traffic, and ultimately propel your business to new heights in the digital landscape. Choose, invest, and reap the rewards of a well-executed SEO strategy.

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