What is Domain Privacy Protection? Why do You need it? Beginner Guide

Domain Privacy Protection is a service which secures your contact information and replacing your data with encrypted text, It is need to give you a privacy for domain

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Anyone who has previously registered a domain for their business that time your data is publicly available which anyone can access through WHOIS and Nowadays you can secure your domain information and make it private. Do you know how to do it while you buy a domain name? This is possible when you pay an extra charge for getting more privacy and security, Monovm and most other domain registrars offer Domain Privacy protection, and nobody can find you via WHOIS.

Now, before getting more into detail on what exactly domain privacy is and why one might want to use it. Is it really needed?

The simple answer is no, your website will run the same whether you have WHOIS protection or not. There is however a number of important benefits that come along with this service. To be more exact, the domain owner will be able to retain their privacy.

Every domain has public information tied to it about the owner of the domain. Some very personal data such as the registrant’s address and contact details are stored in the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) WHOIS directory, which publishes it for the world to see. As you can imagine, these rules are detrimental to the registrant’s privacy.

As you know making your domain information available publicly is the biggest drawback for domain owners because your competitor can do spam activity against your domain which can harm your business, to make it authentic or more secure, you have to buy Domain Privacy Protection that is a service which will secure your domain contact information.

Domain privacy protection is a service that’s available when you purchase a domain name.

Here are the benefits why you should opt a Domain Privacy Protection aginst WOHIS:

1. Protect Your Domain information

This is the biggest challenge nowadays keeping your personal information secure and private from online platforms, to prevent your domain from these serious issues, you have to opt for WHOIS Protection that can save your data from getting into the wrong hands.

2. Make you safe from unsolicited marketing outreach

Once your contact information is listed on the platforms then salespeople, spammers, telemarketers, and fraudsters will use your database for contact information, trawling newly registered websites in particular. After that, you can be targeted for all those spam things that offer online marketing, SEO, and many more things which you don’t want.

3. Minimizing spam activity

Once you will have Private registration or privacy protection plan then you can secure yourself from spammers. Your Domain registrar will make important encrypted data information where spammers and fraudsters can’t contact you in any way only if when you use that privacy protection.

Since this data is available to the general public, there is a good possibility that your contact information will fall into the hands of spam bots as well as junk calls. There is even a possibility of your data getting into the hands of scammers who could use it for purposes of social engineering, thus harming your site or business.

Keep in mind that there are also a few TLDs (Top-Level Domains) that automatically have WHOIS protection enabled, such as those that fall under the GDPR region. There are also several TLDs that do not allow for privacy protection at all, such as .us domains.

4. You will have control over your data [Personal information]

Nobody will be gonna ask you about your personal contact information, like Your name, company name, address, phone number, email address, etc. are listed within the publicly available WHOIS database. This is the information that most would prefer to keep to themselves, thus making domain privacy services a saving grace. One of the factors that play into the importance of having this service is ICANN mandating registrars to monitor for accuracy the data submitted by registrants. If the submitted information is found to be false, it could even lead to the cancellation of the domain name.

We hope that this detailed blog has expanded your knowledge about domain privacy protection, also known as WHOIS protection. Whether you need it for your domains, that is something you need to figure out for yourself, however, we do recommend it as it is generally priced quite low. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below.

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2020, May, 20

Great tips, I was though lucky to get my free domain privacy protection from NameSilo while buying the domain name and web hosting.

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2020, May, 20

Great tips, I was though lucky to get my free domain privacy protection from NameSilo while buying the domain name and web hosting.

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Ursula Fay

2024, Jun, 24

Thank you for this insightful post! Domain privacy protection seems like a crucial step for any business owner to secure their personal information and avoid spam or fraudulent activities. The benefits you mentioned, like protecting against unsolicited marketing and maintaining control over your data, make it clear why this service is worth the extra cost. Appreciate the detailed explanation and guidance!