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Choosing the perfect domain for your business is a very crucial step for the business growth. Here's how to do it!


Sep, 20

How to choose the perfect domain

A domain name is the name of your website, which people type on their browsers to access your website's data. You store this data on a hosting server that stays on 24/7.

There are different types of hosting services that store your data and display on the internet. In this article we won’t be going too deep into hosting but more into domains and how to find the best domain name for your business. Let’s get to it!

Domain name:

As Wikipedia states, a domain name is the string of identification letters and digits that define control authority and administrative autonomy on the internet.

The domain name is the identification of your business or website. This name is a combination of letters and characters. Like www.domainname.com

It is called your website address.
domain name

WWW means World Wide Web, and .com is the extension that mostly defines your business's nature. The middle part of the address is the name you want people to look for on the internet.

You can choose any combination of digits and letters for your website. Most people choose the name according to the name of their business service or their other preferences.

What to look out for when choosing the best domain name for your business?

This name is the identification of your business or your website. It can make you or break you on the internet. It is crucial to find a suitable name that displays your personality and gives that information to the viewers you want them to attain.

The following are some of the explanations to make it clear its importance:

Your "first impression."

This URL or domain name is the first thing that your visitor will see and read form you. A good domain name creates a positive impression and makes it last longer for future retention. A bad domain name associates negative impressions about you, and you will have less retention rate in your viewers' minds.

It affects SEO

Search engine optimization is the process where the search engine ranks your website in accordance with the relevance to a particular word search.

If you have that word in your domain name, there is a high chance that your website will be displayed on the first page of Google’s top 5 search results. 

It defines your brand.

The domain name provides you a branding opportunity. With the help of this name, you can make a proper band out of your web address in your prospects and customers' minds.

How to find the best domain for my business?

1. Use the Right Extensions (.com, .org, .net)

The one thing which comes to mind when you talk about a domain name is its extension. The most obvious extension is .com. it was launched in the early days of the internet, and it is still at the top. 43% of all domain names have a .com extension.

.com domain name

When you are looking for a domain name, always try to go for the .com extension. In case the extension is already taken, go for some other option like .net .org or some other famous ones.

2. Brandable Over Generic

A brandable name is a unique name, and it mostly stands out of the competition. It is easy to remember, and it creates an impression in the mind of the reader.

People don't have to focus much on remembering the brandable names like FedEx. Brandable names are short, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce.

How to find brandable domain name:

·         Create new words

·         Use existing words

·         Use domain name generators

Generic names make your business and identity hide behind the generic concept of that particular word.

3. Short Is Better

According to research form DataGentics.com, the most common name length for famous domain names is approximately 12 characters. The popularity factor is taken by measuring web traffic on the website.

The data reveals that you should always choose shorter names for your domain. The more concise you are, the better name you get. Which eventually leads to substantial traffic.

People have already purchased all the shorter names by investing a significant number of dollars. If you want to remain shorter, it is always a wise thing to be brandable. Try to make new words that are easy to remember and convey a message about your business or philosophy.

shorter is better

4. Easy To Type

Think of all the famous websites you can, whether it's Google, Facebook, or CNN, or some other examples you have in mind. All these names share one similar thing.

The website names are easy to spell and type. If you have to tell spellings of domain name more than once, it is complicated, and you would not get that much amount of traffic, which you should.

There is also a chance of losing your prospect in this scenario. If your domain name is difficult to spell. Your visitor might end up going to your competitor's website, and you would lose a customer.

If you want to check whether your selected domain name is easy to type or not. Tell the name to 10 people and ask them to type it. If they all get the spellings correct, you have got the winner.

5. Easy To Pronounce

If people cannot easily pronounce your domain name, they cannot remember it and tell it to others. Always avoid complicated words and tongue twisters in your domain name.

If you are going to be brandable with a new word, always make sure that this name is easy to pronounce and deliver some meaning.

The best way to confirm this factor is to write your domain name's spellings on a placard or something. Ask ten people to say it and tell you what they get from it.

easy pronunciation

6. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Hyphens and numbers force people to stop and then say the next word. Avoid making this mistake for your domain name.

Wrapping up

Think a little more even after you finalized your domain name for your business. It is the face of your business. Follow the guideline and stay focused.

You need a trusted service for the domain name and hosting of your website. Monovm provides the so much more in their hosting package, and you get a domain name and free business email all in one package with polite and responsive customer support.

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