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cPanel VPS Hosting

We provide you full control of your cPanel VPS with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% and the possibility for scaling the specs.

WHM/cPanel VPS Server

Our cPanel VPS hosting solution offers a graphical interface that puts you in command of your server. With powerful tools provided by the cPanel control panel, website management becomes a breeze. Administrators and end users can easily control various aspects of their servers and website directly through their browsers.
Experience the convenience of our 1-click app install feature, available with our managed cPanel VPS. Install over 125+ apps on your VPS Hosting with a simple click. Say farewell to time-consuming setups and hello to instant customization. We've made it seamless and hassle-free.
Our premium hardware, housed in world-class data centers, ensures optimal performance and reliability for your hosting needs. You can trust our commitment to providing top-notch service.
We offer a range of services tailored to your needs because your satisfaction is our priority. Whether you're an administrator or an end user, our cheap cPanel VPS empowers you to take complete control of your online presence. No more complexities or technical hurdles.
We understand the importance of speed and efficiency, and that's why we've partnered with industry leaders to offer the best hardware and infrastructure. Enjoy a seamless hosting experience with our cPanel VPS, backed by our commitment to quality.
You can easily install cPanel on your VPS and enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly control panel. With cPanel installed on your VPS, you gain access to a wide range of features and functionalities that simplify server management and enhance your web hosting experience. Our expert support team is available to assist you with the installation process and answer any questions you may have.
Upgrade your hosting today with our free cPanel VPS solution. Discover the power of an intuitive interface, effortless app installations, and unparalleled performance. Experience the future of web hosting control with MonoVM’s cheap cPanel VPS.
Back up your data securely with our cPanel VPS solution. We understand the importance of data protection, and that's why we provide reliable backup cPanel VPS options for your peace of mind. With our backup cPanel VPS feature, you can easily safeguard your valuable files and restore them whenever needed.
Try out our trial cPanel VPS today and experience the power and functionality of cPanel for yourself. With our trial offer, you can explore the features and benefits of our managed cPanel VPS hosting before committing. Take advantage of this opportunity to test-drive our hosting solution and see how it can enhance your online presence.

cPanel VPS

A multitude of cPanel VPS configurations are offered by MonoVM. Choose one of the plans below and set up your VPS in less than 15 minutes.

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cPanel VPS 2

$47.00 /MO *

CPU : Intel Xeon E5-2620
RAM : 2048 MB
Traffic : Up to Unlimited
Port : 1 Gbps
IPv4 : 2 Free
OS : Centos, Debian, Ubuntu

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cPanel VPS 3

$57.00 /MO *

CPU : Intel Xeon E5-2620
RAM : 4096 MB
Traffic : Up to Unlimited
Port : 1 Gbps
IPv4 : 2 Free
OS : Centos, Debian, Ubuntu

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cPanel VPS 4

$67.00 /MO *

CPU : Intel Xeon E5-2620
RAM : 6144 MB
Traffic : Up to Unlimited
Port : 1 Gbps
IPv4 : 2 Free
OS : Centos, Debian, Ubuntu

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Why choose cPanel VPS

Our on-demand configurations are truly single tenant and secure, and as always, backed by our support, from a dedicated support team.

No Setup Fee

All server hardware and infrastructure are owned by MonoVM and it keeps our clients from paying extra while all our cPanel servers comes with a built in virus scanner with many other security measures like firewall.

Upgradable Plans

All VPS plans are upgradeable, therefore when more resources are needed you can easily upgrade your VPS to meet all your needs.

Multiple Locations

MonoVM dedicated servers are hosted in world's first class data centers in more than 10 locations around the world. We let you decide from our numerous locations wherever is convenient for you.

Advanced Customer Support

Our support team consists of professionals in software and hardware related problems which helps us provide you with world-class support quality.

cPanel & WHM VPS Server

All Linux servers provided by MonoVM are based on enterprise-level hardware with the latest networking technologies in place, allowing us to guarantee a 99.99% uptime. We have been in the industry for more than 8 years now providing top class servers which are located in premium grade datacenters around the world in more than 10 different countries. They are managed with the help of cPanel, which allows for control of sub domains, add on domain, email accounts, and much more.

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cPanel vs DirectAdmin

Both cPanel and DirectAdmin, as web hosting control panels, offer unique features and capabilities. To help you differentiate between them, let's examine their distinctions:
1. Interface

cPanel offers a user-friendly and visually appealing interface with extensive features, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users. DirectAdmin, on the other hand, focuses on simplicity and efficiency, providing a lightweight interface with essential functionalities.

2. Features

cPanel provides a comprehensive range of features, including advanced email management, domain management, database administration, security options, and more. DirectAdmin offers a more streamlined feature set, catering to users who prefer a minimalist control panel with essential functionalities.

3. Customization

With cPanel, you can extensively customize and personalize your hosting environment, giving you greater flexibility and control over your server settings. DirectAdmin, while providing customization options, tends to have a more standardized approach to settings and configurations.

4. Learning Curve

Due to its extensive feature set, cPanel may have a steeper learning curve for beginners. However, its user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation make it easier to grasp with time. DirectAdmin, with its simplified interface, may have a shorter learning curve, making it more accessible to new users.

Why Deploy cPanel on a MonoVM VPS?

Deploying cPanel on a MonoVM VPS brings a variety of benefits to enhance your web hosting experience. Here's why you should choose MonoVM as your cPanel VPS provider:

Unmatched Performance

Our VPS hosting infrastructure is built with high-quality hardware and is located in world-class data centers. This ensures optimal performance and reliability for your website. With cPanel on a MonoVM VPS, you'll enjoy fast loading times, minimal downtime, and seamless website operation.

User-Friendly Interface

cPanel provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies server management. You can easily navigate through various features and settings, making it a breeze to handle domains, email accounts, databases, file management, and more. Our MonoVM VPS combined with cPanel offers a seamless and efficient control panel experience.

Extensive Feature Set

cPanel is widely recognized and highly regarded for its vast array of functionalities and comprehensive toolkit. With cPanel on your MonoVM VPS, you gain access to plenty of functionalities, including one-click app installations, robust security measures, automated backups, website analytics, SSL certificate management, and much more. This feature-rich environment empowers you to customize and optimize your website according to your specific needs.

Versatility and Flexibility

By deploying cPanel on a MonoVM VPS, you leverage the advantages of virtualization technology. You have dedicated resources and complete control over your hosting environment. This flexibility allows you to scale resources up or down as your website's demands change. With cPanel on a MonoVM VPS, you have the freedom to tailor your hosting environment precisely to your requirements.

Excellent Support

At MonoVM, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide exceptional support services. Our expert support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any cPanel-related queries or technical issues you may encounter. Whether you need help with installation, configuration, or troubleshooting, our dedicated support staff is always ready to lend a hand.


Here are the most common questions we get from our customers, Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quick as possible.

A VPS has many uses which include: web hosting, keeping applications online, running VPN, web browsing etc.

All services are deployed within 15 minutes, after the payment has been processed. If that's not the case, please contact our support.

We accept credit cards, PayPal, Webmoney, Perfect money, Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies as our payment methods.

You cannot reach a bandwidth limit on MonoVM VPS servers because all our VPS services come with unlimited bandwidth.

cPanel supports all CentOS versions, CloudLinux versions and Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions.

cPanel is a popular web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface for managing websites, domains, email accounts, databases, and plenty of other aspects of web hosting. It simplifies server management by offering user-friendly tools and features.

cPanel VPS refers to a virtual private server (VPS) hosting environment that includes the cPanel control panel. It combines the benefits of a VPS, which offers dedicated resources and flexibility, with the convenience and ease of use provided by cPanel.

The main difference lies in the underlying hosting infrastructure. cPanel Hosting typically refers to shared hosting plans where multiple websites share server resources. In contrast, best cPanel VPS hosting involves hosting websites on a virtual private server, providing dedicated resources and more control over the hosting environment.

A cPanel dedicated server is a physical server entirely dedicated to a single user, providing maximum performance and control. On the other hand, cPanel VPS utilizes virtualization technology to partition a physical server into multiple virtual servers, allowing users to have their isolated hosting environments with dedicated resources.

To access cPanel from your VPS, follow these steps:
1. Obtain the IP address or domain name of your VPS. This information can be found in your hosting control panel or server configuration.
2. Open a web browser on your computer.
3. In the web browsers address bar, enter your VPSs IP address or domain name. For example, if your VPS IP address is or your domain name is yourdomain.com, enter or http://yourdomain.com.
4. Press Enter or Return to load the page.
5. You should see the cPanel login page. Enter the cPanel username and password associated with your VPS. If you still need to set up cPanel credentials, you can create them in your hosting control panel.
6. Click the Log in or Sign in button.
7. Once logged in, you can access the cPanel interface to manage various aspects of your VPS, such as domains, email accounts, databases, file management, security settings, and more.
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