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Traceroute is a useful tool when troubleshooting network connectivity issues. In this article, learn a bit more about it as well as how to use it in MikroTik OS.


Aug, 19

Traceroute on MikroTik

In this article we want to learn about Traceroute on MikroTik. It is a command-line program which assists in troubleshooting network connectivity issues by using echo packets to trace the route. This tool is used to check hops (i.e. the way that packets take to the endpoint). Traceroute helps us figure out the packets' path and locating the disconnected hops. Here is a small guide on how to use it:

  • Connect to router with Winbox
  • Select “Traceroute” from “Tools” menu or enter the following command:

/tool traceroute


  • In the newly opened window, you can edit some options to manage tracing. These options are listed below:
Traceroute To: destination IP that you want to trace.
Packet Size: the size of packets sent to hops.
TimeOut: response waiting timeout (i.e. delay between messages).
Protocol: you can set ICMP and UDP.
Port: if you select the UDP protocol, you can define the port manually
Use DNS: specifies whether to use a DNS server (no by default)
Count: the number of the packets to send
Max Hops: maximum number of hops
Src.Address: changes the source address of the package
Interface: select interface to use it in tracing
Routing table: you can select one of the routing tables
  • Enter destination IP in the “Traceroute To” field and click start to see the result.


Here's an example of tracing to 

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