How to Install DUDE Server on MikroTik [MikroTik DUDE Tutorial]

In this article, we will provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to install Dude server on MikroTik OS.

Updated: 14 Dec, 21 by Oliver K 1 Min

If you are an admin of a network, you should always monitor the network and know what goes on in it. Monitoring is the responsibility of each network admin. To do so, MikroTik provides an application named Dude that allows you to monitor your network. Here is a short tutorial on how to install Dude server on MikroTik.

At first download the dude package (.npk) and the dude client (.exe) from MikroTik software download page (

 How to Install DUDE Server on MikroTik

Step 1: Connect to the MikroTik OS via Winbox.

Step 2: Click on files from the left side menu

Step 3: Upload the .npk file to the host.

Step 4: Reboot the device to complete the installation of MikroTik Dude server.

Step 5: Click system > packages from the left side menu.

If the installation is successful, you will see MikroTik Dude package here.

 MikroTik Dude server.

Step 6: Open terminal and write the below code to enable MikroTik Dude server:

/dude set enable=yes

Also, with the below code you can check the MikroTik Dude status:

/dude print

 MikroTik Dude package

Step 7: you should install .exe file on your pc

 setup MikroTik DUDE

Step 8: After setup MikroTik DUDE, enter the IP, username and password. Now you can start scaning and monitoring the network.


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Oliver K

Oliver K

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user monovm


2020, Jan, 20

Hi Oliver, Thank you for the tutorial. I have been searching the web for such a tutorial. However I havent found completely what i am looking for. What if the dude is running and you want to upgrade Mikrotik OS and the dude version. How does this work? It might be a nice add to this tutorial. Can you help me?

user monovm


2020, Jan, 20

Will this thing work over the Internet? or only on the local LAN?

user monovm


2021, Jan, 21

hello sir, thank you for the tutorial, i have been trying to do the steps mentioned. i have tried all the packages of dude server, non of them were installed in the packages. i am using RB750 with 6.48 also firmware updated for last version 6.48, and the dude server i am installing is 6.48 also please can you assist. thank you very much.

user monovm


2021, Feb, 21

I think for the RB750 there is no Dude as it is MIPSBE

user monovm


2021, Mar, 21

thanks for the tutorial - can you tell me if Dude server can be installed on a RouterOS router, then accessed through a web browser as the client? we can't use windows end user clients in my organization, only a custom flavor of linux, so if a windows-specific application is required for non-ssh access to our network hardware, it's not gonna work.