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In this article we focus on giving solutions when it comes to solving internal WordPress errors.


Mar, 19

Solving WordPress Internal Server Errors

Resolving WordPress Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error is one of the errors that initially appears to the user from the web server or host. This is not the reason for the internal server error and the source of this error is what we will go in depth.


.htaccess is a configuration file for use on web servers running the Apache Web Server software. This acts as the interface between the site and the web server. So there can be problems after making changes or after updating your WordPress, resulting in an internal server error.

Now, to be able to test this problem through .htaccess, you must rename the .htaccess file through the file manager of your web hosting panel or FTP and login again.

If the site was opened without problems, then there is a problem with the .htaccess settings. 


As the plug-ins are used continuously they sometimes cause various errors. Some plugins which doesn't have a strong support team or are used as nil, usually cause the most problems.

To fix this problem, rename the Plugins directory through the file manager of your web hosting panel and then try to open the website. If the website will open, then the problem will be from one of the plugins.

To find the malicious plugin, you have to enable each add-on to find out the problem inorder to find the solution.

New shell

Changing the shell or updating it may cause an internal server error. The only way to solve the shell problem is to change the shell's location to another shel and fix the main shell problem.

In order to do this you should enter the WordPress dashboard and change the shell. But if you wont have access to the WordPress dashboard then the solution is to change the shell from the database.

PHP memory

If you have tested the above and none of them are working then it might be from your PHP WordPress memory. You need to increase your PHP memory for this in order fix the problem.

Replacing original WordPress files

Sometimes there may be some original WordPress files that are in the wp-admin directory and wp-included, due to updates or unautharized attacks to your website.

To resolve this issue you must remove these two directories and then replace them. If you are a beginner to WordPress we recommend to use the WordPress manual installation tutorials.

Congratulations! By now you are able to fix WordPress internal server errors.

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