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Landing Pages examples: best on the internet

In this tutorial, we went through the best landing pages examples that can be found on the internet.

Posted: 08 Aug, 22 Updated: 31 May, 23 by Susith Nonis 7 Min

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In this tutorial, we will go through the best landing pages examples that can be found on the internet. There is always a lot to learn from industry leaders and even competitors when it comes to digital marketing. The digital marketing world is ever-evolving, and there are many marketing strategies you are not aware of at some point.  

The ins and outs of landing pages are something we should also purpose to learn from industry leaders. Landing pages are some of the best digital marketing tools that can help you convert visitors into customers.

Often you might find yourself confused and unsure where to start. Well, while there is no specific perfect design for an effective landing page, there are several elements you can pick from landing pages that have proven to convert. You can create a landing page that will work for your brand's marketing goals through inspiration by landing page elements. Here are some of the best landing pages 

The Netflix sign-up page is one of the best landing pages on the internet. The first things you see on the landing page are the services the streaming company offers and an invitation to sign up. This goes a long way in eliminating distractions that create confusion and delay decision-making. 

Some of the elements of the page that stand out include the headline, which is hard to miss and immediately captures the visitor's attention. The company has also seized this opportunity to build trust with its audience. That is by assuring them that they can watch the shows from anywhere and they are allowed to cancel their subscription.  

Essential information has also been given priority, and customers can access it easily at the top of the page. The page also clarifies the services by providing a navigable FAQ section that can help users address issues and get answers to questions that involve signing up.

A bold CTA (call to action) is also at the bottom of the page to remind the visitors to take action and sign up after interacting with other page elements.  

The Moz free trial landing page has a bold and catchy headline that communicates the value proposition to visitors. The subheadings have also been organized in small chunks. They break down the offering made in the headline for detailed understanding by the visitors.  

The CTA button colour is also different from other colours on the page, effectively drawing visitors' attention. A form also guides the prospects through the website landing page on an easy sign-up process. On the page, Moz has also highlighted the services and terms that come with the free trial plan. 

Microsoft has many landing pages, and the "Create an Azure Account" is one of the best. The headline is clear, and the moment a prospect lands on this page, they know what they need to do. At the top of the page, the prospects also see the value proposition of creating an Azure account.  

The page also includes a GIF showing the prospects how Azure will appear on their screens. The other thing that stands out about the page is the visual symbols and bullets highlighting the benefits of Azure, which the prospects can see at a glance without reading through everything. The CTA colour stands out, encouraging and showing prospects where to take action.  

Zoom provides videoconferencing services to tons of businesses in multiple sectors. While videoconferencing is Zoom's core business, they are also keen on positioning themselves as a branding partner.  

Businesses can customize their Zoom webinar registration pages to match their corporate colours, event manner, and the company logo. They provide users with a customization feature that helps them create branded Zoom pages.  

The landing page works because it has a conspicuous headline that tells the users what they can do on the page. A GIF gives the users a sneak peek of their customized and branded Zoom pages.  

Customization features are highlighted using icons and bullets, effortlessly showing the users what they can do with the feature. There is social proof of how the customization feature works and testimonials from other users talking about their experience with the service and encouraging others to try it. The size of the CTA button contrasts with the other page elements making it stand out and clickable. 

From the landing page examples above, you may have noticed several things the different landing pages have in common that make them effective. To create a successful landing page, you should include the following elements. 

1.   Headline and Subheadings 

The headline should immediately draw the prospect's attention when they land on the page and communicate what the page is about. The subheadings should enrich the headline by describing the headline and shedding light on the value proposition. 

2.    Social Proof 

A landing page's goal is to convince a prospect to take action, whether buying or providing information. Social proof such as testimonials and reviews will show them that your products work through the experience of others, which can encourage them to take action. Social proof also does wonders for trust-building. 

3.   Forms

A brief sign-up form will help you faster move the prospects along the conversion funnel. A registration form, contact form, or signup form will help you generate leads and convert them easily. 

4.   Call-To-Action 

A call to action will help you take the relationship with your prospect to the next level. Add CTA buttons with contrasting colours and sizes to draw the users' attention and drive them to take action. 

The best landing pages examples above provide the best inspiration to get you started. You don't need any web design experience to create effective landing pages. With knowledge of the critical elements of a landing page and their roles, nothing can stop you from creating landing pages that convert. 

For inspiration, visit the various landing pages of authority websites and brands like Netflix, Zoom, Microsoft, and Moz.

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