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How to Connect to RDP, What Is Remote Desktop? We will discuss what is Remote Desktop, what protocols it covers, uses of remote desktops and how to launch it in Windows.


Dec, 18

How to connect and what are the uses of an RDP

Remote Desktop is a Microsoft Windows application that allows remote control of a windows machine (be it a regular PC or server) from another Windows machine. This is a seperate program or a feature that can be found in most operating systems which allows a user to  access another operating systems desktop. 

This application mostly occur via the internet which allows a user to interact with a remote system from the comfort of your home/office.

Remote desktop connections contain some protocols like:

  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
  • NX technology and Independent Computing Architecture (ICA).

There are no installation required, as it comes preloaded with any Windows OS since Windows XP/ Windows NT 4.0.

Remote Desktop Applications

With the help of this service, we can:

  • Access other Windows machines from any distance
  • Remotely fix a computer that has software issues
  • Complete administrative tasks remotely
  • Engage in tasks that may not have the processing power and capacity to run them natively
  • Deliver Windows based applications to iOS, Android, Windows and even thin client devices
  • Provide more computing resources to an application without having to upgrade devices. This reduce the cost of the end user devices when users need more computing power, the computing power can be associated with the actual workloads that need it
  • Data can be stored in the cloud. If the end user device fails, or is lost or stolen, your data remains safe
  • Reduced configuration times for new devices as the applications (or desktops) are delivered on a cloud platform

How to connect to remote desktop

To use remote desktop, you must enable it on both the machines, and have a constant internet connection

  • Type on the search bar "Remote Desktop Setting"

 How to Connect to Remote Desktop, What Is Remote Desktop?

  • Enable Remote Desktop

 enabling remote desktop

  • After enabling remote desktop, search on the start bar "mstsc" and click on the application

 How to Connect to Remote Desktop

  • Enter the computer name or address of the computer

 enter computer name or IP address

  • If prompted enter the user credentials 

 entering remote desktop credentials

Congratulations your now connected to your remote dektop!

You can access the RDP application either by typing Remote Desktop Connection in the search bar, or by opening Run window and typing Mstsc. In this case, the application will use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect to the other machine. Microsoft Windows uses port number 3389 by default, however that can be edited from the registry section.


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