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In this article we will show you how to configure a NTP server using MikroTik OS.


Apr, 19

Configure NTP Server on Mikrotik

In order to reach maximum productivity, you want to have the time on all the machines in your network synced. It is most efficient to set up a NTP server on the MikroTik router which will automatically update its time using the internet and share it with the other devices connected to the router. To enable this feature, we must edit 2 configurations. First, the router should update its date and time from an internet NTP server. Then we should make the router broadcast this date and time to other devices on the network. Follow the below steps to configure your NTP server.

  • Click on system menu and select NTP client. In the opened window, check the "Enabled" checkbox and insert the IPs of the NTP servers you wish to use. You can select a nearby server using the following link: https://www.pool.ntp.org/en/

  • Now we need to enable the sharing of date and time across the network. To do so, click on the system menu and select NTP Server. In the opened window, check the "Enabled" and "Multicast" checkboxes.

 Now you can set the mikrotik IP on other systems to sync the time and date with the router.

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2019, Dec, 19

this is great do you mind if I share it?

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Susith Nonis

2020, Jun, 20

Of course, feel free ;)

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2020, Apr, 20


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2020, Jul, 20

too sad those mikrotik devices don't update time at all. Told this the support guys, no answer. Guess they don't know it better. But mikrotik wants your article not to work, too. Therefore they changed the menu entries so your description isn't correct. At least still understandable ;) My faulty but new device is 4 days behind the date. After 2 month in usage and about 240 reboots (bc LTE-connection with this thing is unstable as hell - it needs 3 reboots until it works again).