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Let’s Encrypt is a free SSL certificate provider and verifier. It is becoming more and more popular among small website owners. Even NASA is using it for some of it’s smaller sites (i.e. 3000 different sites) thus, you are in safe hands using them. To start with, you will need a Linux web hosting account with cPanel to install the certificate. Go to https://zerossl.com/free-ssl/#crt Enter email address (for renewal reminders) On the right-hand side, you have a field called “Domains”, add your domain to this. Include mydomain.com and www.mydomain.com....


Apr, 19

What is SSL?

  • by Susith Nonis
  • in SSL
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What is SSL? SSL known as Secure Socket Layer is a cryptographic technology which secures any sensitive data sent over a network. SSL prevents unauthorized persons from reading and modifying the transmitted data. It makes sure that any data transferred between two parties for example between a site and the user will remain impossible to read before reaching the destination. With the use of encryption algorithms on the data being transmitted, it prevents the hackers from intercepting the connection. TLS or Transport Layer Security is an updated, more secure version of SSL but it’s still...

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