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Dec, 20

Autumn Bulletin 2020

The autumn of 2020 has probably been the most challenging time for Monovm since its inception. The second wave of COVID-19 has hit Europe, including our home country of Lithuania, harder than ever before and we have had to adjust to that. As of mid-November, we decided that the best course of action is to close down our office for the safety of our employees. Despite the difficulties we faced from switching back to working remotely, we can definitely say that we have adjusted to this situation successfully. Regardless of the safety measures taken, one of our employees did contact the...

We are a trusted name in hosting services and we’re proud to say that we have launched our mobile phone application both for Android and iOS. Having more than 8 years of experience in the industry, we have provided hosting services to more than 100 k satisfied customers. This application is compatible with almost all the different devices. Your model of the phone won’t really matter when you want to download Monovm mobile application. Whether you use Android or iPhone, simply go to the store and download it. For Android...


Aug, 20

Summer Bulletin

Welcome to another chapter of Monovm’s inside stories! In this issue we will take you through all the special milestones that we went through during the months of June, July and August or during the summer. We hit some major milestones during these past months. 1.   New infrastructure for VPS Our technical team has been working day and night for developing a new and improved infrastructure for our services. With months of research, hard work and countless hours put into this project, we have created a new system. This new system is up and running and we’re proud to...

Monovm recently became a partner of the world’s most reputable SSL provider: Sectigo. Sectigo which was once known as Comodo, has lately undergone complete rebranding and now welcomes with a new face. Monovm and Sectigo CA services As Sectigo’s tagline states “Secure Today. Seize your tomorrow” and we aim to live by the same ideology when providing the best solutions to our clients. Sectigo comes with over 20 years of experience, and has provided more than 100 million certifications over 150 countries. We’re really proud to be able to provide the best...


Apr, 20

April Bulletin

Welcome to MonoVM’s monthly overview. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the whole world was advised to keep distance and we’re glad we were able to start working remotely since the end of February. We wanted to ensure the safety of our staff more than anything and due to our foresight, we are all healthy and still thriving through this pandemic. We certainly hope, you are too. We have been constantly working remotely throughout the pandemic and to provide you, our precious clients, with the best possible service. This month, in order to answer the market needs we expanded our...


Mar, 20

March Bulletin

Welcome to the first MonoVM monthly overview. We are launching this article section to  provide better insight to our users on what’s new about our services and what’s happening in our office. We will release these articles at the end of every month, so stay tuned. This March was unlike any other; it shook the entire world. In the first days of the month, we were sad to find out that CloudFest 2020 is cancelled, and contrary to last year, we will not be able to participate. On March 13, we have received a notification that Lithuania is going under quarantine. Starting from...


Jun, 19

We at Monovm believe in providing only the highest quality services. Thus, we are determined to constantly improve our products and implement new features for our users. Today, we are excited to announce a major upgrade to our web hosting backup solution. We are implementing JetBackup Server as a backup solution for our Web Hosting services. It is currently available with all of our Linux web hosting plans. With this upgrade comes an improved user interface for performing backups and faster server performance. Along with the traditional full backups come separate backups for your databases,...


Apr, 19

New Monovm Website Launch Our main goal at Monovm is user satisfaction and we always strive to provide the best experience for our clients and visitors. With this goal in mind, we are proud to say that we have relaunched our website with a new design, easy to use navigation, and above all, unbelievably fast loading speeds. Navigating the website is now easier than ever. With a single click you can redirect to any desired page on the site from any webpage. Hovering your pointer over the navigation bar also shows all the related pages in the drop down list. Our online chat system allows...

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