We are Proud to Announce Our Partnership With Sectigo

Monovm becomes partners with Sectigo who has 20 years of leadership in security certifications.

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Monovm recently became a partner of the world’s most reputable SSL provider: Sectigo. Sectigo which was once known as Comodo, has lately undergone complete rebranding and now welcomes with a new face.

sectigo logo before and after

Monovm and Sectigo CA services

As Sectigo’s tagline states “Secure Today. Seize your tomorrow” and we aim to live by the same ideology when providing the best solutions to our clients. Sectigo comes with over 20 years of experience, and has provided more than 100 million certifications over 150 countries. We’re really proud to be able to provide the best security solutions from the best CA provider out there. 

With the partnership that we have right now:

  • Anytime a client purchases a Sectigo product, the service will be activated instantly.
  • Monovm team remains committed to delivering solutions and support services of superior quality and performance.
  • Despite the new identity, be assured that you will have all the maintained attributes from Comodo products.
  • The pricing will not change for the products.

Once you buy an SSL, you will not have to worry about renewing it for the next two years – you’re secured for this period.

 We provide a wide variety of security solutions including:

  • DV SSL certification
  • OV SSL certification
  • EV SSL certification
  • Wildcard SSL certification
  • SAN SSL certification

If you’re new to SSL, have a look at how an SSL work from here.

Note 1:

Positive SSL certificate” and Positive “SSL multi-domain” will now be valid for 5 years.

Note 2:

With Sectigo’s support we were able to simplify the integration process and reduce the time to market for all Sectigo and Sectigo Web products. Now with a few simple taps you will be able to activate any SSL product with the comfort of your control panel.

Note 3:

With our “Multi-domain SSL” you can now secure 3 different domains with a single SSL. The cherry on top is that you have the possibility to increase the number of domains up to 250.

One SSL to secure them all! Can you imagine?

So what changed in Sectigo?

Sectigo had a new change in how they look and re-worked their whole brand altogether.

But will the previous services change?

No. Sectigo will continue providing the best SSL certifications-the plans that were once Comodo, will now be known under the name of Sectigo.

Have a look at some changes of products:

comodo to sectigo name change

  • The company name was changed
  • The company brand was changed
  • Product names were changed

What is not changing?

  • The new identity of the company will maintain all the existing quality attributes.
  • Products and solutions will not change any existing products used to identify, prevent and combat sophisticated web-based threats.
  • Pricing will not change and will continue to provide multiple levels of security, price points, and packages flexibly for various-sized businesses.

Another thing to note is that if you already have a Comodo CA product, you will not need to make any changes.

Don’t wait too long; come and get your SSL from Monovm!

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