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What is ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error and how to fix it

In this post, we will cover the causes of the err_connection_timed_out error and several solutions to fix it.

Posted: 12 Dec, 22 Updated: 31 May, 23 by Susith Nonis 10 Min

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The connection timeout error is another name for the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error. This error happens when a website responds or sends a response too slowly.

Usually, the time restriction is 30 seconds, after which the connection is lost, and the site cannot be reached if a response is not received.

When this happens, the timeout error manifests, which is frequently and specifically characterized by the err_connection_timed_out code.

This isn't a problem with your web browser, but it typically indicates client-side issues like slow internet connections or problems with the server hosting your WordPress website.

Other online browsers outside the Google Chrome browser can also get this issue, or one very similar to it.

As we mentioned, the warning appears when the browser doesn't get a response and can't access the requested website. But what might the error's causes be?

The err_connection_timed_out error may occasionally be brought on by a connection issue. In other cases, a tool like an antivirus or firewall may block access to the website.

There are, therefore, server-side causes in addition to issues dependent on the local settings and can therefore be resolved on the user's end.

For instance, the website may be attempting to utilize more resources than are accessible.

In particular, as we'll see when we look at solutions, the issue could be affected by a memory constraint.

All you can do is attempt several fixes hoping one of them will work because the error itself does not explain the cause.

So let's look at both server- and client-based solutions.

Check the internet connection.

It would help if you verified your network connection, say Firefox, Google Chrome, or Edge.

Even though it may seem obvious, all of them suggest testing your connection because it's one of the most typical causes of this type of error. Here are a few suggestions we have:

  • Restart your router at home or work. This is quicker than most people want to acknowledge and solves many issues. Please disconnect the power supply, then wait 30 seconds before connecting it back to give it a full power cycle.
  • Check to determine whether your Wi-Fi connection is unstable or slow. This frequently happens in crowded public Wi-Fi hotspots like airports or coffee shops.

Temporarily disable the firewall and antivirus programs

Antivirus software and firewalls are designed to safeguard users and their systems. They frequently scan your device and instantly prevent any suspicious activities. This level of protection can, however, occasionally cause connectivity problems.

This is so that firewalls won't frequently reject safe content or block pages that aren't necessary to block. This is something that programs like AVG have frequently demonstrated.

Consider turning off your firewall and antivirus software to see if this applies to you. Naturally, this is only suggested if you are certain the website you wish to access is secure.

Furthermore, you should only temporarily disable this kind of program. After you've checked to see if the error has been fixed, turn it back on so you don't expose yourself to threats.

You might want to switch to a different firewall or antivirus program if you consistently get issues. These technologies also allow you to submit a report known as a "false-positive."

You can inform the program developer if you're certain that the website you visit should not be restricted.

Disable Proxy settings

Proxy servers let you access the internet while hiding your IP address and filtering client and server traffic.

Sometimes, due to incorrect setups or other issues, web servers may reject the request from the proxy server, resulting in this kind of error.

Because of this, it's worthwhile to disable the proxy to fix the err_connection_timed_out error briefly.

Check the Windows hosts file.

Each computer has a local host file where the DNS records associated with particular IP addresses are kept. Some websites might also be prohibited if a blocked IP address and website URL are added to the Windows host file.

As a result, you need to verify your computer's Windows Hosts File. On your PC, look for the following location: 


Then, open Notepad and drag the host file there. Ensure the file does not contain a listing for the website you are attempting to open. If it is, remove the entry before saving the document.

Change the DNS Servers

To assist the browser in locating the website you wish to visit, and a DNS server transforms domain names into IP addresses. 

Usually, your internet connection settings will be set up with your ISP's internal DNS servers. They might not deliver the finest performance, though.

Because Google and Cloudflare's third-party DNS servers are affordable and dependable for the typical user, many individuals prefer to move to them. 

Consider switching the DNS servers if you believe they are the issue to fix the err_connection_timed_out error.

Flush DNS and renew IP address

The IP addresses of the websites you visit are recorded in the DNS cache.

Resetting your computer's DNS caches is referred to as flushing DNS. By doing this, every time you open the website, the computer won't have to start translating the domain name to the IP address from scratch.

The DNS cache, however, can be out of date, much like browser data. The IP addresses can be outdated, making it difficult to open the website.

Clear Browser Cache

Information is cached on your computer by web browsers. This includes cookies, your browsing history, and saved login information. These things are preserved so that the corresponding pages will load more rapidly the next time they are accessed.

Caches are helpful, but when they age, they can be one of the causes of err_connection_timed_out error.  Fortunately, emptying your cache can quickly fix this issue.

However, you can quickly determine if it's a problem with the browser cache by starting your browser in incognito mode. Alternatively, try using a different browser. You should clean your cache if you're still getting the issue.

Activate default theme

Sometimes, themes can also be among the causes of the err_connection_timed_out error. In these situations, you can run a quick test and turn on one of the default themes.

If you cannot access the WordPress dashboard, change the theme by using phpMyAdmin to change a database value.

Examine the maximum execution time

Configuring your WordPress website or server is the subject of the troubleshooting phase we'll cover.

The maximum execution time that has been established for your site comes first. Most servers have a default time of 30 seconds.

This is the maximum runtime a PHP script can have (after which it times out). This is frequently left at the default or low on shared hosts.

Since the php.ini file is on your server, you can't readily change this from WordPress. We advise contacting your hosting company to see if they can assist you in changing this.

Disable any new scripts

The new code could be among the causes of the err_connection_timed_out error if the error appears after you've changed the website's script.

Performance issues could be caused by new features that are improperly configured or consume too many resources.

Consider removing the new code in this situation to fix the err_connection_timed_out error. Make a backup first, then undo the modifications to see if the site is once again accessible.

Increase PHP memory limit

The site may take too long to reply to the browser because some PHP scripts may use more memory than they are permitted to. The memory limit can be raised, much like the maximum execution time.

However, it must not exceed your hosting company's maximum memory allotted to your plan.

Contact the company's support staff if unsure of the maximum memory used with your hosting package.

Check with your ISP

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may occasionally ban particular websites. Therefore, you should check to see if the ISP has added the website you are viewing to a blacklist or if there is a connectivity issue.

If you've tried all of the approaches above to fix the err_connection_timed_out error and the issue still exists, try using a different web browser to see if you can access websites.

This error usually happens when the accessed web address experiences a temporary issue and normally vanishes quickly. However, user considerations can occasionally come into play.

The following advice will lower the likelihood that this error will occur again in the future:

  • Update your security software and browser. err_connection_timed_out errors are frequently the result of compatibility issues brought on by outdated software. But the majority of the time, the programs update themselves.
  • Delete unneeded browser data regularly. This is crucial for more reasons than only preventing the growth of connection problems in the future. To maintain the comfort of your internet browsing, this is also advised. Additionally, deleting browser history regularly is advised for data security and privacy concerns.
  • Renew your IP address and routinely clear the DNS cache. As mentioned, the err_connection_timed_out error might occasionally result from an incorrect DNS cache. By periodically emptying the cache, you can avoid this. Likewise, renew your IP address.

One of the biggest networks that have connected the entire world and made data sharing possible is the internet, which has developed through time.

However, a few glitches prevent the internet from operating normally, eventually reducing users' productivity when using the system. There is no malicious error or infected file associated with the err_connection_timed_out error that could affect your system.

In this post, we covered the causes of the err_connection_timed_out error and several solutions to fix it, which we hope you find useful. 

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