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40 profitable online business ideas for beginners in 2023

Starting an online business can give you the freedom and flexibility you expect from your dream job. We created a list of the top 40 online businesses you can start.

Posted: 28 Dec, 22 Updated: 28 Dec, 22 by Susith Nonis 10 Min

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Nowadays, with the rise of freelancing job positions, many people, including students, are looking for location-independent business ideas to crush their way into the online world. Starting an online business will allow you to work from anywhere and anytime you want. 

In addition, you’ll be free of extra office expenses that come with every other startup. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an online business idea to work for other companies from home and earn a living, you are in the right place.

No matter what position you are looking for, here you’ll find many profitable ideas. Let’s see what business ideas or job positions are at growth in 2023 to decide which one is more suitable for you to start. 

Many people think they must have years of experience, a long list of certificates, and expertise in different fields to start a business. Maybe in the old days, it was true. However, in the age of technology, you can learn everything online and then apply them immediately without having to study for years before crashing into the business world.

On the other hand, the online world and technology are evolving every day. So, you can’t just learn something and leave it be. You’ll have to update your knowledge daily to have a successful career. 

In the following, we’ll list several online businesses from home that you can start with a laptop and internet connection.

1.   Writing and blogging

Almost all online businesses start with a blog. So, if you are good at writing and like the concept of digital marketing and informing others about a specific niche, blogging can be a good choice. You can either work for other businesses and write their blogs or start your blog. If you want to work for other businesses and help them grow, you don’t need any capital to start and earn a living.

However, to start your website, you’ll need to pay for hosting and maintenance. In addition, you’ll have to work daily to make your blog appear on Search Engines and earn some money from it through advertising or sponsored posts. 

To break into the blogging world, in addition to writing skills, you’ll have to know some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Writing captivating and unique content can help your business grow. However, to maximize your success, you need to know how to make it appear high in Google search results for a larger audience.

2.   Job search consulting

If you like consulting and helping other people find the right positions in their field of career, job search consulting can be a great opportunity for you. All you have to do is:

  • Learn about different fields and careers or focus on a single area of expertise
  • Get familiar with different freelancing and hiring platforms
  • Help people create a strong resume and find job opportunities
  • Prepare them for interviews

The advantage of job search consulting is that at the end of the day, you’ll get a lot of referrals at the end of the day and advance in no time.

3.   Photography, video making, or editing

Visual content on the Internet never gets boring or out of trend. Everything from photo carousels, and clips, to memes and short films, are popular and have a large demand in the online world. So, if you like taking or taking photos and videos, editing them, and sharing them with others, it can be a great business idea.

You’ll need a camera and accessories to take photos and videos yourself. However, if you don’t possess a camera, you can still create films and images by learning to use editing apps such as Photoshop and Premier Pro. 

4.   Starting an online store or dropshipping eCommerce

If you already have an offline store or like crafting and making stuff, you can earn a living by displaying your goods online to a wider audience. To do that, you don’t need any technical skills. Numerous eCommerce platforms can help you build your online store effortlessly.

On the other hand, if you don’t have anything to sell but still like the idea of having an online store, you can launch a dropshipping eCommerce. It’s a great online business idea, especially if you are good at sales and marketing.

All you need to do is build a shipping platform, display it, and market other sellers’ goods. After shipping each product, you’ll get a commission on the profit. But to get there, you’ll need to work on branding, advertising, selling strategies, and customer service skills.

5.   Social media marketing

Social media marketing is probably the most profitable online business idea in 2023. If you don’t mind showing your face to online audiences or creating content based on trending topics to get likes and comments, consider social media marketing as a career.

Of course, you can be a social media marketing consultant and help other businesses grow instead of creating your page. That way, you already have the idea of content to create. All you need to do is learn about different platforms’ algorithms and how to optimize the content on each of them.

Also, you’ll need to learn how to engage the audience, respond to their questions, and keep the brand on track.

6.   SEO Specialist

If you like to learn, or already know, about how search engine algorithms work, becoming an SEO specialist can be the best online business idea to start your career in this never-ending world. By learning Search Engine Optimization, you can:

  • Help businesses optimize their website and contents
  • Make websites rank highly on search engines
  • Turn users into customers
  • Earn big money

SEO specialists can have a huge impact on companies’ websites, as their strategies are the only factor that determines a company’s online fate. As a result, SEO experts are in high demand for online businesses. 

7.   UI/UX design

Designing is one of the best online business ideas for people who have a knack for art. If you love businesses that allow creativity to flourish, UI/UX design is your starting spot. It would be best if you learned how to design websites’ deferent parts, including designing an engaging User Interface and how to work with design tools like Adobe XD.

8.   Developing 

Coding and developing websites, apps, and software can be the most tempting online business idea if you love Matrix and math! You can help clients build their site, app, etc., or develop your own. Knowing how to code can help you develop your ideas. 

Regardless of what you are good at, from developing games to physical crypto wallets, you can find your way through different platforms. Plus, this position is highly in demand and is one of the best moneymaking careers in the online world.

9.   Selling online services

Every service you can think of can be sold online. From teaching courses and creating how-to posts, consulting and bookkeeping can be offered online. You may even have a special skill that others don’t; that’s your best idea to sell online.

Find the right audience in your niche, see on which platform they are most active, and create unique content for them. You can even show your services to a wider audience and attract them by advertising on Google or social media.

10.   Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of advertising other businesses' products and collecting commission after each sale. For instance, you can offer products on Amazon on your website or share them on social media through a special referral link. Then, when someone clicks on your link to purchase the product, you’ll get a commission.

If you want to be successful in this career, you should focus on a specific niche. Find your audience's interests, build a personal brand, and then offer products related to your brand. In addition to Amazon, you can find other affiliating programs like Shopify to double your income.

The online business ideas we listed here were among the most profitable ones. However, if you are not interested in any of the above, don’t worry. Below, we’ll lay out 30 more business ideas to help you through earning a living online:

  1. Launch your clothing line
  2. Sell physical art or NFTs online
  3. Sell e-books
  4. Write and sell your book
  5. Provide VA (virtual assistant) services
  6. Become a social media influencer
  7. Sell handmade products
  8. Translate documents online
  9. Become an online coach
  10. Do voiceovers
  11. Do SEO consulting
  12. Become a freelance designer
  13. Edit online documents
  14. Become a freelance researcher
  15. Sell your photos online
  16. Become a college consultant
  17. Create tutorials
  18. Sell hosting plans
  19. Sell VPN
  20. Do telemarketing
  21. Become an online assistant
  22. Build a crypto exchange platform
  23. Do online therapy
  24. Provide cybersecurity and IT services
  25. Do PR consulting
  26. Create sponsored podcasts
  27. Do a retail arbitrage eCommerce
  28. Create an online game
  29. Start an online agency
  30. Do 3D printing

If you are looking for a way to earn a living without having to work in an office, the online world can help you out. Starting an online business can give you the freedom and flexibility you expect from your dream job.

Although finding the right online business idea can help you increase your income, it’s not going to start easy. You’ll have to attract clients and convince them to purchase your goods or services. But you’ll have a sharp rise online after maintaining a steady cash flow.

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