The best Minecraft mods you can install

Discover a whole new world of possibilities with Minecraft mods. Enhance your gameplay, unleash your creativity, and embark on thrilling adventures with endless modifications. From building magnificent structures to adding new creatures, items, and gameplay mechanics, Minecraft mods let you tailor your experience to suit your wildest imagination.

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Minecraft is a popular game for all tastes and all ages. But playing the classic Minecraft or “Vanilla” may seem boring. So, if you’re getting bored with Minecraft, choosing different mods for playing this game offers you experience a whole new game each time.

First, you have to know that there are 5 modes in Minecraft: Creative, Survival, Adventure, Spectator and Hardcore. You can choose different mods based on the mode that you are interested in.


In this mode, you have all the resources you need to create your world without worrying about survival, such as being attacked or hungry. You can build or destroy the blocks and instructions as you wish.


In this mode, you have to work for everything. You should search for resources to be able to build instruction. You should defend yourself through the night and collect food to eat, which will be challenging for you.


This mod is similar to Survival mode in many aspects. The difference is that you cannot destroy the blocks just by fists and without a tool. The changes you can make in this mode are limited.


You can’t interact with your world and other creatures in this mode. All you can do is fly to different parts of the map, go through the walls and blocks and observe. You are completely invisible, so there will be no danger of getting attacked.


Hardcore mode is only for Java users. In this mode, the difficulty level is high, and you can’t respawn after dying, so you have no choice rather to survive.

Minecraft mods or Minecraft modifications are designed to make changes to the game. These changes can be either simple or complex. Installing mods increases your curiosity for playing more and more and exploring new worlds in Minecraft. It doesn’t matter what kind of game you like; there is always a mod for each preference. 

This is exactly why other mods are available to install. You can play in an infinite world by installing and enjoying your favourite mod. The following mods offer the players the best experience playing this game. 

1. OptiFine

This mod is the best option to speed up your game and run it faster. It improves your gameplay with the help of FPS boost and VSync. OptiFine supports HD texture and has higher control over graphical options. Sodium is another mod whose function is similar to the OptiFine mod.

2. Just Enough Items

If you are a builder, this mod works best for you. This game has numerous recipes and items, and having them all together may be a bit challenging. This mod is made to make things easier in this case. 

Just Enough Items or JEI mod lets the users have the items and their recipes together. All you need to do is click on an item to see its recipe immediately.

3. Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest is one of the best Minecraft mods offering a new world. You’ll meet new creatures, magical dungeons, and many more fun things in this world. But first, you need to gather materials and build the portal above.

4. Pixelmon

What is better than having Pokemon in Minecraft for a Pokemon fan? This mod offers you to play in a mixture of these two worlds. You can catch, battle, trade, and breed Pokemon. Your Pokemon can even start a battle with other Pokemon, and you can achieve your goals if they win.

This mod also introduces other new items like Pokemon Technical Machines, Poke Balls, bauxite ore, and Apricorns.

5. JourneyMap

By installing the JourneyMap mod, you’ll be able to have a detailed map of your world. So, you can see where exactly you are standing, mark your favourite points in the area and even notice the sneaking mobs.

This map can be displayed as a mini-map in the corner or a full-screen one. You can open a web browser window to display the map, too. You can track your movement, land lay, villagers, and many other things on the map. These features make the JourneyMap mod one of the best Minecraft mods.

6. SkyFactory 4

SkyFactory 4 is designed based on the SkyBlock map. You can experience a new, unique, floating world with various items and mobs. You should expand your world with the materials you gather. This mod has a unique and special way of gathering materials. There are Sky Orchard Saplings that you can plant, and they grow into trees. These trees drop materials such as gold and iron.

7. Here’s What You’re Looking At

This mod is one of the most useful mods, making things easier in this game. You can identify any item or block by moving around the cursor and hovering it over a block or item. So, it tells you what the item is made from.

8. Mowzie’s Mobs

If you’re interested in challenging game plays, Mowzie’s Mobs is the best for you. This mod adds various tough enemies to the game and increases its difficulty. These creatures can be found anywhere in your world based on their AI codes. So, facing them will be unexpectable. 

9. Ice and Fire: Dragons

This mod is one of the best Minecraft mods for dragon lovers. You can have a wonderful experience in dragon hunting and collecting their bones and eggs. You can even make special weapons using the collected bones and scales. 

These dragons are not completely hostile in this mod. So, if you were lucky enough, you could even ride them in the sky. This mod adds many other fun creatures, such as fairies and trolls. 

10. Lycanites Mobs

This mod is the best for those who like to deal with various creatures and animals, including farmable and harmless animals and hostiles. Lycanites Mobs mod adds numerous mobs all around the map. You can tame and train a creature and allow it to dismiss and summon another creature through the Soulstone. You can also have their help on the battlefield and guarding the base camp. 

This mod allows you to build special weapons and tools, explore dungeon systems, build altars and summon boss creatures through them.

11. RLCraft

Real Life or RL Craft contains over 100 different kinds of Minecraft mods. By installing this mod, you can have castles, dungeons, and dragons together and experience a challenging game. Many of the mechanics in the original version are changed to make things more real for the player. This mod considered body temperature and thirst level for players, too.

12. Farming Valley

This mod feels like a paradise for players interested in farming and developing towns’ Minecraft mods. Players can plant things, harvest and then sell them. 4 seasons are considered for this mod, and each plant can grow in a specific season. 

You can raise sheep, cows and chickens, take care of them and then sell their goods, such as wool and eggs.

13. JurassiCraft

Everything about this mod is wonderful for dinosaur lovers. JurassiCraft lets you extract DNA from fossils and then generate and raise them as baby dinosaurs with the help of different machines. After assembling, you can gather their bones and display them in the museum.

14. The Lost Cities

You can play in this mysterious and lost city by installing this mod, which is perfect for you if you want to experience a challenging game. This mysterious world includes the subway system, abandoned buildings, broken bridges and dungeons. You can build new buildings and blocks. Haunted buildings and their hostile mobs can be a real challenge for you.

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15. Chisels and Bits

If you are a builder player, don’t miss the Chisels and Bits mod. You can break down a normal size block into many small pieces and start building stuff with those. There is no limit to building structures such as statues and stairs. For the players' ease, this mod lets them copy and paste the structures they build. So they won’t get bored of building what they built repeatedly.

16. Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles

This mod is the best among Minecraft mods for those interested in everything! You can participate in over 1000 quests in numerous fields and collect rewards. These rewards help you through the gameplay. As a player, you can take care of animals which are genetically manipulated and have more fun. There are special alcohol brewing systems and customized food in this mod.

Some trees drop materials in this mod. You can use them to make customized tools and build airships or jetpacks. Underground structures, other planets and ruins are designed for this mod for more adventure.

17. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

Warrior players can’t get enough of this mod. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons mod is full of adventures, wars and explorations. This high-quality mod doesn’t need extra tech mods, making it bold and unique.

This pack includes over 100 mods. Players can find new dimensions and explore every part of them to complete quests. So they can be more skilled and have better equipment.

18. MC Eternal

If you want to challenge yourself and complete easy and difficult quests, do yourself a favour and try MC Eternal mod pack. The whole pack offers over 700 interesting quests that may take several days to complete. In this package of Minecraft mods, you can choose your role as a citizen in the town and start trading with what you have and earn some money. 

Just start discovering new dimensions and explore to find new monsters for fighting, many creatures to tame, numerous dungeons to explore and various items to create.

19. BuildCraft

As its name reveals, this mod is a building one and can challenge creativity. The main feature of the BuildCraft mod is its pipes, which transport different items and mechanical energy between your machines. Pipes have different types, from wood to gold, and their functions differ based on their type. They are mostly used to transfer and extract items from chests and furnaces. Besides the pipes, some other tools and devices can facilitate building tasks. 

20. WorldEdit

WorldEdit is another building mod to help builders work more efficiently and fast, and it gives you all you need. You can use 3D brushes and mathematical equations to build structures in different shapes. You can use various tools to copy and paste blocks in a large area and fill an area in a second so that no time will be wasted. 

So, it’s a good choice for those interested in building Minecraft mods. You can even manipulate terrain and make it snowy if you want.

21. Enchantment descriptions

If you want to know everything about the Minecraft enchantments in just a second, the Enchantment Descriptions mod is the best for you. This book provides information in about 13 different languages.

22. Immersive Portals

If you want to find out what will be waiting for you before opening a portal or going into a Minecraft Nether, Immersive Portals mod is the best for you. Installing this mod shows you what you should expect there.

23. FramedBlocks

It’s perfect for building structures with cube blocks, but they sometimes can cause limitations. FramedBlocks mod lets you have blocks in many different shapes to build whatever you want, and it takes only a right-click on the block. You can even change their texture.

24. Decocraft

If you have a difficult preference in designing your home and the limited items can’t satisfy you, install Decocraft. This mod offers over 3000 new items to decorate your house as you wish. 

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, and these Minecraft modes make this game so special. You can do what you wish for in this game and only need to install the right mod. This article mentioned some of the best and coolest mods for you. Find out what you wish and install these for the best gaming experience.

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