How to Go to Line in Nano Editor | Nano Jump to Line

How to Go to Line in Nano Editor? Today we will show you how the nano go to line command works in the nano editor to jump to a specified line number.

Updated: 10 Dec, 22 by Antoniy Yushkevych 2 Min

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While working with huge text with many lines, you need to jump on a certain line to get certain information you want. This guide will help you perform a jump operation and go to a particular line in the nano text editor. These approaches can save you time from suffering through the entire text and wasting your time finding the line you need.

Method 1: This approach comes in handy when you don't have the file open. However, as soon as you open the file with the nano text editor, you can use the second method to accomplish your task. 

Type the following command in your terminal to accomplish to open the file in the nano editor:

sudo nano +LineNumber testfile.txt

LineNumber can be replaced with the line number where you choose to jump. The nano editor will open with the specified file, and the cursor will refer to the section you mentioned once you run the function above.

For jumping to the second line when opening a file in the nano editor, you can use the code below:

sudo nano +2  testfile.txt

Method 2: When the user has already opened the file with the nano editor, you can use this method to find line number in nano you want. 

Now, use the Ctrl +Shift + – key combination. You'll find that the nano editor prompts you to insert a line number you want to leap after entering it. 

After that, click the Enter key after entering the appropriate line number. 

Once you press the enter key on the keyboard, the cursor will start the section you have mentioned.

You can switch to any line in a file when using the nano editor with these two methods. These methods are particularly useful if dealing with large files where manually traversing from one line to the next is difficult. Using these approaches, you can easily assign the desired line number, and you will be taken directly to the desired line.

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Amaya King

2024, Jun, 24

This guide is super helpful for anyone working with large text files in the nano editor. Jumping straight to a specific line saves so much time and effort. The step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow. Method 1 is great for a quick start, and Method 2 is perfect for when you're already deep into editing. Thanks for sharing this!