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Have you ever wanted to create a Minecraft server to play with your friends and strangers? In this article, we are going to explore how much a Minecraft server cost. 


Aug, 20

A Detailed Guide To Choose the Perfect Minecraft Server

Have you ever wanted to create a Minecraft server to play with your friends and strangers? In this article, we are going to explore how much a Minecraft server cost. 

Minecraft is a creative, interactive sandbox that allows users to explore, fight, build, and more.

When you set up a Minecraft server, you can play with hundreds of players all around the world and make great memories. You can also ignite your friends to play and become the ruler of your own mighty realm. You’ll be able to play multiplayer with game modifications, extra features and edit the world settings to create your own rules.

Servers are great at creating a fantastic sense of community and they encourage Minecraft players to play together!

So, why should you set up a Minecraft server? How Much Does a Minecraft Server Cost? Will it break the bank?

It can be hard deciding whether you should go ahead and purchase a Minecraft server and set it up, and it is best to make an informed, sensible decision so you don’t end up wasting your money or your time.

You will need to have a computer or device that has the computing power and Random Access Memory capability of handling your desired number of players, on the server, to accommodate any modifications and game features that you may want to add to upgrade your player experience.

In this article, we’ll talk you through why you might want to buy a Minecraft Server and how much a Minecraft Server costs - depending on your Minecraft world requirements! We hope this blog helps you.

Why should you set up a Minecraft server?

Simply put, Minecraft Servers are amazing.

A Minecraft Server allows you to play multiplayer with friends and family and create worlds in which multiple people can collaborate, explore, adventure, and build.

If you want to build a Minecraft community and open up your server to the world, you can even invite people from the public and complete strangers to create a virtual world where you can meet people and have fun on a game.

Minecraft Servers also have many other advantages over a traditional Minecraft world set up with a local LAN multiplayer or purchasing your own Minecraft Realm from Microsoft. For example, while Minecraft’s Player Realm option only allows you to bring on ten players onto your world, having a server has virtually no limit other than the computer power and memory (RAM) you have on your device to handle the number of users.

Minecraft servers can also be modified (modded) meaning you can add in extra features and game functionalities, which aren’t typically in the game to make the game aesthetically appealing or new storylines which hasn’t been added into the standard game yet.

With a normal LAN multiplayer world, you cannot do this, nor can you do it with the Player Realm feature that is offered by Microsoft and Mojang. Which can be annoying, if you’re trying to create minigames or a special server with adventure maps or something similar.

Therefore, having a server which gives you outstanding functionalities, to be able to add mods to your world and share them with your friends and complete strangers too, is exciting!

What do you need for a Minecraft server?

Despite their obvious benefits over normal LAN worlds or Minecraft Realms, Minecraft servers can be quite complicated, difficult, and expensive to set up, depending on what path you go down to get it up and running.

You will need to have a device capable of running a large program with multiple players especially if you have/want mods, it will be an even greater demand on the system, you will also need to consistently run it otherwise other people won’t be able to play and that would defeat the purpose of even having a Minecraft server in the first place.

You can either purchase a Minecraft Server from either a qualified provider who has experience in getting Minecraft Servers up and running for players or you can take the do it yourself route and build a computer at home to run the server yourself.

If you want, you can even run a server from a spare laptop or computer, if it has good enough computer power and Random Access Memory. Minecraft servers are so convenient for this reason, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot, as long as you have a powerful enough device that you can run it on.

It’s also important to have enough CPU or processing power to run the server. You’ll be handling the game for a whole lot of players and it will be available pretty much twenty-four seven.

All the temporary data from all these players need a good place to go to, so you’ll need a lot of Random Access Memory to hold it in. Therefore, not only do you need a modern and decent laptop or computer – you preferably need a device which is specifically built for gaming – if you are looking to purchase a new device it is vital you ensure it is reliable and has a fast processor, so that there aren’t any unexpected crashes or lags, also check your device has enough memory - or RAM - to keep the player’s temporary data stored.

This is super important! If you have low memory or poor computing power, you should seriously consider upgrading your device or get a new one entirely!

How Much Does a Minecraft Server Cost?

There are multiple routes you could take for getting your server off the ground and running. You will need a device to run it on or a service provider who can run your server for you!

If you really want to, it’s totally possible to create and run your server at home from a suitable device.

Or you can choose to pay for a server subscription from an established and reliable service provider, you can expect to pay a regular monthly payment of anywhere from five dollars to fifty dollars per month - or even higher.

It really depends on what features and support you’re looking for.

For the most part, small Minecraft Servers with about twenty players, will typically cost you around fifteen to twenty-five dollars per month, if you only have few players you will be able to find a server for as little as five bucks per month. In fact, for most people this is the best option, as it provides great features and hosting for a low price.

However, if you’re looking to run a much larger server with greater player capacity and the functionality to add a ton of demanding mods and still run it stably, you’ll be looking at much higher prices from your service provider, often up to as much as a thousand dollars (and sometimes it can even be more than this, depending on the scale of your world).

In this case, the more reasonable and cost-effective choice would be to build a computer or server computer that you can run your Minecraft Server on, so you don’t end up paying a massive recurring fee to a service provider - when you could do it all yourself.

So, if you’re choice is to build the computer yourself or to run your Minecraft Server on a spare laptop or PC, there are many options for you.

A good gaming PC which can run a server on will typically fall into the price range of about five hundred dollars to two thousand dollars. This includes decent specs and enough computing power and RAM to get the job done and host a decent capacity of players active with extra features!

At the lower end, you can purchase a gaming computer or build one yourself for around five hundred US dollars, and it’ll be very reliable and capable of handling a Minecraft server if you built it right with the correct parts.

If you buy from an established and reputable gaming PC provider, you should have similar results. At the higher end of the spectrum, for example, if you’re going to build the next popular Minecraft server and want to have a very high capacity for a lot of active players, you could be looking at over two thousand dollars. This will give you the required processing power and speed, as well as Random Access Memory, to compute all of the active players’ actions.

Whatever route you go down, you should make your best effort to make responsible and well-informed decisions before you go buying anything.

Some service providers are unreliable while some gaming computers aren’t reliable. It’s better to pay more for a guarantee of quality and server speed than to cut corners and have a glitchy Minecraft server!

To conclude, which ever route you take Monovm are happy to help you in making the right choice.

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