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Image compression is one of the easiest ways to improve your site's SEO as it makes your website load faster. Learn how to do that in today's article.

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If you know about SEO, you surely understand that improving a website's speed is essential to increase website traffic.  One way to boost SEO and website optimization is to increase the site loading speed; the faster the single page's loading, the more popular it will be in search engines. 

One of the factors affecting the speed of loading the site is the images available on the site so that if the size of the photos used is large, the rate of loading the site comes down, and it happens mostly when some users come to your site with a slow internet connection. For this issue, we suggest compressing JPEG & PNG images. So in this guide, we will give complete details on how to compress .jpeg .png images easily to increase the website's traffic. 


We will include multiple ways(tools and techniques) to compress .jpeg .png images quickly.

Online Image Compression Tools

It is the most uncomplicated technique to compress any image according to requirements. These tools are simple to use because users can drop, copy or upload a JPEG or PNG image in the tool, and the web page starts to optimize the image. Many of these tools are free to use, but some are subscription-based for handling large-sized photos. So if you don’t want to do brainstorming, visit these websites and compress .jpeg .png images quickly. Here is the list of best online image compression tools: 


Use Optimization Software

You can use different types of image optimization software to compress images of various formats. 

These software can improve the workflow as you can change and optimize every image carefully. So here is the list of some of the top image optimization software available online: 

  • ImageOptim: This software is specifically designed for Mac only, and it focussed on JPEG and PNG optimization or compression. 
  • FileOptimizer: This software is designed for Windows only, and it supports multiple image formats for compression. 
  • Trimage: This software is mainly designed for Linux only, and it is inspired by ImageOptim to fill out the requirements in Linux. 


WordPress Compression Image Compression 

WordPress compression plugin Compress JPEG & PNG images by compressing site images uploaded in JPEG and PNG formats to reduce their size and increase site loading speed. Of course, the Compress JPEG & PNG images do this without compromising the images' quality, which is worthwhile. 

Once you upload your images to the WordPress template, these images are sent to the Tiny JPG and Tiny PNG service. Then your images are analyzed and compressed at best. It will optimize your images based on the content. The result is sent to your WordPress template. On average, 60-40% JPEG images are compressed, and 50-80% PNG images are compressed without loss of quality. Some features of the Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin:

  • Easy installation of WordPress repository
  • Compression of images after uploading automatically
  • Supports PNG animated images
  • Ability to adjust the Thumbnail size
  • Support for multiple websites using an API code
  • Change the color profiles to RGB standard
  • Optimize images for use on mobile
  • Unlimited image size and so much more.


Command-Line Image Compression Tools

As we all know, command-line tools always offer absolute control for any task. However, remember a thing that these tasks on command-line tools can be a little bit slower as compared to applications, but command-line tools give you complete access to advanced compression. If you have a good knowledge of package management systems, you can easily install a command-line tool. In our opinion, you have to go for open-source tools because they provide direct access to ask questions, report any bugs, and request new features. So here is the list of CLI(Command Line Image) compressor you can use it efficiently: 


Photoshop and Plugins

Having an appropriate knowledge of graphics designing apps can create a big difference in compressing images. So if you know to use graphics design apps like PhotoShop, you can save your time and effort to compress images easily.  These graphic design tools have multiple features to edit and compress .jpeg .png images. However, some graphics tools don't offer options to compress images then plugins are used to fill this gap.

Plugins are highly convenient as they can deliver great options in the present workflow. Still, most of these plugins are not free, and users need to compress images manually, so keep in mind that if you have lots of photos, don't use them. Here is the list of several popular photoshop tools available: 

  • TinyPNG: It is a photoshop plugin(paid) that offers convenience to use TinyPNG rather than Photoshop's built-in algorithms for working in JPEG and PNG.
  • Fnord SuperPNG: It is an open-source and free plugin that works to extend Photoshop's abilities to optimize PNG files.


Web APIs

Multiple image compression tools provide cloud service by web API because it helps developers optimize images like their building tools or custom plugins. However, these Web APIs need a good knowledge of programming use, so this technique is not everyone. 

There are various APIs that provide plugins for the command platforms to make things easier. Apart from it, you may also require access to these APIs for customizing advanced features on your website. So here are some of the best image compression APIs: 

  • It is an absolutely free API initially developed to replace Yahoo’s dead service.
  • ImageOptim: It provides an API that offers options for quality and resizing images, but it is not free. 
  • JPEGmini: It provides a JPEG-centric API, but it is not a free API. 


So this is how you can compress .jpeg .png images easily for completing any task. Our guide website is centric as we "monoVM'' always work to provide exceptional web-related services so that our clients don't need to go anywhere else to solve issues. The above methods are the easiest ones, so make sure to use one of these to compress your images. 




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