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Compressing .jpeg and .png images in WordPress in order to increase the loading times of the website.


Mar, 19

Compress .jpeg .png Images

One way to increase SEO and website optimization is to increase the site loading speed; the faster the loading of a single page, the more popular it will be in search engines.

One of the factors affecting the speed of loading the site is the images available on the site so that if the size of the images used is high, the speed of loading the site comes down This happens especially when some users come to your site with a slow internet connection. For this issue, we suggest compressing JPEG & PNG images.

WordPress Compression Image Compression Compress JPEG & PNG images

WordPress compression plugin Compress JPEG & PNG images by compressing site images uploaded in JPEG and PNG formats, helps reduce their size and thus increase site loading speed.

Of course, the Compress JPEG & PNG images do this without compromising the quality of the images, which is worthwhile.

Compose JPEG & PNG images plug-in mechanism

Once you upload your images to the WordPress template, these images are sent to the Tiny JPG and Tiny PNG service.

Then your images are analyzed and compressed at best. Your images will be optimized based on the content. The result is sent to your WordPress template.

On average, 60-40% JPEG images are compressed and 50-80% PNG images are compressed without loss of quality.

Some features of the Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin

1. Easy installation of WordPress repository

2. Compression of images after uploading automatically

3. Supports PNG animated images

4. Ability to adjust the Thumbnail size

5. Support for multiple websites using an API code

6. Change the color profiles to RGB standard

7. Optimize images for use on mobile

8. Unlimited image size

And so much more.

We hope you use the Compress JPEG & PNG Images WordPress Image Compression Add-ons

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