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10 Best Remote Desktop Software You Should Use in 2022 [Free RDP Software]

Are you surfing for the best remote desktop software over the internet then you are in the right place where you will get a detailed comparison guide for the free remote desktop software.

23 Feb, 22 by Antoniy Yushkevych 13 min Read

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If you are hunting for the best remote desktop software, then you have landed at the right place. A remote desktop software helps you to connect and interact with a desktop or another device present in some other location through the internet or internal network. The software helps you to control the device that you are connected with, it is like you are sitting in front of the system. Additionally, it gives you a hand in collaborative work as well as some technical support.

Well, you may bear the thought, that the same task can be accomplished through screen sharing software too, then what is the benefit of remote desktop software? In screen sharing software, the users can only share their screens and nothing else. Whereas, on a remote desktop, you get tons of other features for remote use as well. 

Remote desktops are generally used by professionals or technicians working on several industrial applications or datacenters. Now, there are basically two types of remote desktop software: third-party solutions and operating-system-based solutions. 

Moving on, we are here with the list of the best remote desktop software available for you. Take a look.

  • TeamViewer
  • AnyDesk
  • ConnectWise Control
  • Zoho Assist
  • Splashtop Business Access
  • BeyondTrust Remote Support
  • VNC Connect
  • LogMeIn Pro
  • GoToAssist
  • LogMeIn Rescue
  • ISL Online
  • FixMe.IT
  • GoverIan Reach

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer was established in 2005 in Germany. The company has a wide range of branches situated in Europe, Asia Pacific, the United States, etc. More than 800 employees are working for TeamViewer across the globe. It is known as one of the leading worldwide remote desktop providers when it comes to remote connectivity solutions. 

TeamViewer provides highly secure remote access and support, it is one of the largest free remote desktop software which is used globally. The objective of the company is to let out the maximum digital potential of all the businesses. It tries to achieve this by implementing some incredible tech innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT) or Augmented Reality (AR). 

More than 2 billion devices have been actively using TeamViewer. And at the same time, approximately 45 million systems are active!

You can download it from here.

2. AnyDesk

AnyDesk came into existence in 2014. Interestingly, more than 300 million users have downloaded their Remote Desktop software, And that’s just not it! Every month 14 million more users join their family.  They are known for their great product performance, customizable and affordable price structure. 

AnyDesk uses DeskRT, a proprietary codec that provides virtual latent free connections as well as lower bandwidth internet connections. They stand on the list of 50 fastest-growing firms in Germany. 

many users have been recommended this remote desktop software to their customer, it's working very very fast, and its reliable software.

You can download it from here.

3. ConnectWise Control 

ConnectWise Control is extremely fast and a highly reliable RDP alternative for you. 

There are unprecedented events like downtime, vulnerabilities, or even loss of productivity. To tackle such issues, ConnectWise Control assists you with help desks to sort them out at any time from anywhere. The support provides full remote access to troubleshoot, remotely control, and update the client devices.

It is extremely easy to conduct online meetings or webinars by using the built-in VOIP. You can take screenshots, capture videos, and much more. 

They also provide you with more than 120 extensions for customizing your remote support experience.

You can download it from here.

4. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is cloud-based remote support software that helps you to connect with your customers from anywhere via web-based or on-demand remote support sessions. You can manage remote PCs, mobile devices, or laptops seamlessly. In only a few seconds, establish connections for offering remote support solutions to the customers. 

Additionally, the help desk is present to solve the customer’s problems. The team helps to speed up the resolution time as well as deliver some incredible service. The team can connect to your remote desktops where you can easily establish remote PC access that is further helpful in faster troubleshooting. Also, interact with the support through voice or video chats even in a remote session. 

Further, the feature to reboot the Remote Desktop and reconnect to a session within a single click helps the technicians. With Zoho, you can set up unattended remote access for the systems, that are available both inside and outside the LAN. It supports both Windows and Mac!

You can download it from here.

5. Splashtop Business Access

This is one of the most desirable options when it comes to professional businesses, it is the popular premium remote desktop software in the world. You get unattended remote access to Windows, Linux, or Mac computers from Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or Chrome browsers. You just need to install the Splashtop Business app on each device that you need access to and from. The app is absolutely free of cost. 

Furthermore, the process to transfer the files is extremely easy. You can just drag and drop various files between the computers. Additionally, there is no need to start a remote session if you want to transfer files! Leave your tensions behind when it comes to security. Splashtop provides multiple levels of protection, for instance, 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor verification, and protection with TLS.

The cloud infrastructure hosted on AWS is highly secure and also provides a great computing environment with firewalls, DDoS mitigation, and data encryption. Moreover, there are additional features for your convenience such as screen auto-lock, blank screen, remote connection notification, session timeout, and many more.

You can download it from here.

6. BeyondTrust Remote Support

BeyondTrust supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and several other network devices. Their SaaS portfolio helps in fast deployment and easy management. With them, you can be assured of receiving instant and reliable remote support. You can easily troubleshoot the issues. Additionally, there are tons of other features for your convenience, for instance, file sharing, device camera sharing, remote control, and screen sharing, etc. 

With the assistance of BeyondTrust thick client, or browser-based console, or mobile app, you can receive support from anywhere. Moreover, the provision of scalable enterprise-grade support assists in running the business pretty well. You can easily manage unattended access to various systems that help to grow your business with utmost security.

You can download it from here.

7. VNC Connect

The aim of VNC connect is to provide a consolidated remote access strategy that helps in evolving your business. The deployment with standard tools is seamless. Additionally, the sessions are fully encrypted with multi-factor authentication. The company enables everyone to access the resources securely. 

You can download it from here.

8. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro is another wonderful RDP alternative for you. You can quickly access the desktop from anywhere you want.  If you want to collaborate with others, feel free to extend computer and file access to them. Moreover, security matters a lot, right? Hence, add protection to your systems by the LogMeIn antivirus that protects you from viruses, malware, and several online threats. 

Additionally, if you are looking to implement some group policies, you can find some control tools for the system administrators. Moreover, you also have the feature of a multi-monitor display where you can view multiple remote monitors 1:1 on your screens. You also get a 1 TB data storage to store all the data. 

You can download it from here.

9. GoToAssist

In simple words, GoToAssist is easy to get started, quick to connect, and secure to the end. GoToAssist is seamlessly fast and frictionless. With them, you get tons of features while working. You can safely transfer files during a live or even in an unattended support session. Moreover, it helps in remote diagnostics, where you can access the system information of your customers, be it software or hardware configuration. 

Not only this, switch between the monitors of your customers easily. You also get to host up to 15 sessions. Easily start the support session from the desktop app or the browser. Lastly, GoToAssist offers a free trial of 7 days.

You can download it from here.

10. LogMeIn Rescue 

With LogMeIn Rescue, you can securely build a connection with any device. The multi-platform support helps you to remotely support any device as per your needs. It is built to provide their expertise for all kinds of teams, be it a small helpdesk or a large enterprise. You can easily handle multi-session, and they provide the feature of toggling between up to 10 sessions, sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Now, reboots are extremely important when it comes to troubleshooting. Therefore, in a remote support session, you can reboot and reconnect within no time. They guarantee the provision of world-class security to keep your business and the users safe. Along with that, you get fast, flexible, and reliable technical support that is beneficial for both the employees and customers.

You can download it from here.

We have covered almost the best and free remote desktop software in the above list but that's not completed here, so we have been listed as bonus remote desktop software.

11. ISL Online

ISL Online is one of the most credible companies when it comes to delivering a seamless experience. They have successfully collaborated with thousands of IT professionals and help desk technicians of small or big companies as well as Fortune 500 companies. The range of their growth is impressive and speaks how far they have come. 

With ISL Online, you can easily access Windows, Linux, Mac remote computers in a fraction of seconds. You can update or install any software quickly with their reboot and restart feature. Talking about security, ISL Online inhibits two-factor authentication and assures AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption. Along with that, the sessions are automatically recorded, and you can export the audit logs too. It is completely designed to make your experience more efficient and easier. They also offer a trial period of 15 days, completely free of cost. Give it a try!

You can download it from here.

12. FixMe.IT

FixMe.IT helps you to deliver some top-notch technical support to the clients. You can establish a connection with multiple computer systems. After building the connection, share your screen or multitask by viewing or switching between the connected remote devices. Also, there is an advantage of various scaling options that help you to adjust as well as navigate the remote screen of any size. 

Furthermore, to strengthen the security, you have an option of two-factor authentication. Additionally, there are ample features associated with this company. For instance, session reporting, MSI package, video session recording, performing administrative tasks, instant chat for support, and much more.

You can download it from here.

13. Goverlan Reach

This is an incredible remote control software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can easily access systems and users in and out of your networks, in just a few seconds. Additionally, monitor the screen activity as well as the health status of multiple machines. By monitoring the screen activity, they mean that you can see various systems at once and detect issues if any. Also, you can spot some performance issues while monitoring the system. 

It is easy to share screens and communicate with users through texts or even video chats. Moreover, you can store the information by taking screenshots or even while a video recording. With Goverlan, you can also centrally audit the remote assistance sessions including operator background and management options. 

You can download it from here.

With a detailed analysis of some of the best remote desktop software available in the market, we have reached the end of this article. We hope that the above-mentioned information helps you to understand RDP software through you can work and help others by controlling their device or pcs or any other remote devices. You can also buy RDP from us to see blocked websites and keep your software online. If you feel this article will help you for solving your problem then you can share it with others and you can also leave some comments for us. Keep learning, keep exploring!

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