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Best/Free QR Code Generator To Use in 2023 [Updated]

In the current digital industry, QR Code is very important for marketing and monetizing your business, So this article will help you with the best QR Code generators available in the market

Posted: 11 Apr, 22 Updated: 24 Aug, 23 by Susith Nonis 8 Min

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QR codes have become the most convenient way to store and transmit data. For this reason, businesses have adopted new technology to support their marketing workflow. The use cases of the technology have been growing over the past three years and will continue to scale up in the coming years.

Today, businesses widely use QR codes in marketing to allow convenient and fast download of applications, find a location, direct traffic to a landing page or website, share information about a company or product with customers, and out-of-home advertising.

If you have a hospitality business, you can use the technology to create a contactless menu in your restaurant, schedule events on your calendar, and even create email signatures. Their ability to store a wide range of data makes QR codes the ideal navigator for your products and services.

QR is the future of marketing, and here are some of the best QR code generators you can use to integrate your operations.

With Beaconstac's QR Code Generator, you can effortlessly create, manage, and track QR Codes for various needs (10+ different types of QR Codes), all while seamlessly aligning with your brand's identity through logos, colors, and designs. The QR Code maker is both a free QR Code generator that lets you create static QR Codes and a paid premium solution that lets you enjoy the flexibility of custom dynamic QR Codes.

You can also experience built-in analytics for valuable insights into QR Code performance, enhanced by Google Analytics integration for demographic, behavioral, and interest-based user data.

With 4000+ integrations, including CRMs, sales, and HR tools, Beaconstac helps you to streamline your workflow like no other. Its safety measures stand strong with GDPR and SOC-2 Type II compliance, safeguarding your QR Codes against phishing and malware.

From real-time scannability scores to multilingual and password-protected QR Codes, Beaconstac offers cutting-edge features. In the enterprise plan, you also get white-label solutions for campaigns and dashboards, keeping your brand at the forefront.

With Beaconstac, you can prioritize both security and personalization.

If you love minimalism, this is the free QR code generator tool for you. it features a clean interface that allows users to generate personalized QRs in just a few clicks. The platform also offers various QR types such as URL, text, phone, and image. If you are interested in particular QR types such as geolocation, Wi-Fi, email, and pdf, you can still get them with WIX.

What makes WIX stand out is how simple the generation process is. All you need to do is choose your preferred QR code type and key in the value. The standard QR on the platform will immediately change to your shared value, giving you a customized result.

With WIX, you get unlimited customization options such as choosing your preferred foreground colors to match your corporate colors, switching the background, and adjusting the sizes to anything between 100px to 1000px.

QR Code Tiger features a plethora of QR types and customization options. It is one of the best QR code creator that features an HTML editor which allows a single QR to carry multiple URLs. Using the tool, you can create static QRs at no extra cost. However, if you need dynamic QR codes, you may have to pick a subscription plan.

Paid plans come with additional features such as the scanner's information and tracking. The customization tools are very clear and will give you options to change logos and patterns. There is also a template library where you can pick a frame and inspiration for your QR.

QR Code Tiger also comes with a detailed video guide to support you with navigation during the QR code creation process.

If you consult with someone who has used the tool before, the first word they will mention to describe Scanova is comprehensive. It is a preferred option for QR code generation because it is easy to use and a highly navigable platform.

However, you need to create an account to start using the tool. Scanova features unique QR code types such as geolocation QR code that works with high precision. The tool works specifically well, especially for one-off campaigns.

If you are looking for a consistent campaign, you might want to assess the features and evaluate your options.

Visualead is a trusted QR code generator used by tech giants like Intel and HP. It features an easy-to-use interface and layout and offers a friendly user experience. The tool makes QR generation easy by breaking it down into four simple steps. That is the selection of QR type, designing the code, printing the code, and managing your campaign.

Compared to the other QR code generators in the market, Visualead offers way more QR types. Whether email, website URL, Facebook page, vCard, or custom text QR types, you can create them on Visualead. It does not stop there; you will get a comprehensive list of many other QR types by clicking on the generate code option.

Visualead QR types can be customized to meet your unique personal, business, utility, and social needs. Once you key in the required code information, Visualead will generate multiple customization options for you to choose from. It doesn't take long for the code to be generated. Create a Visualead account to download the generated QR code.

Are you looking for a way to generate a QR code without going through the hassle of signing up or creating accounts to customize your code? Shopify is the perfect QR code generator for simple QR codes.

Shopify has multiple QR types ranging from SMS, custom text, URLs to phone numbers. You have to select the QR code type, key in the values, and create the code to generate your code. Within a few seconds, you can create functional free QR code types.

You will also get a preview of your code, and the generated code will be sent to your email.

QR Creator provides comprehensive QR generation features. With the tool, you can get all the QR code generation features you need, such as customization, QR statistics, dynamic QR, a plethora of QR types, and tons of other features to enhance your user experience. You can also add multiple URLs on a single QR and shorten your URL to make the QR tidy.

The benefit of QR Creator-generated codes is they are print compatible and don't have an expiration date. The generation process is also a seamless and straightforward process that requires no registration or authentication.

QR codes can enhance your marketing strategy by enhancing engagement and interaction. You can easily find QR code generators online freely, and to get the best QR code generation experience, there are vital features to consider.

Pick a QR generator that creates a QR within a short time, offers multiple QR types, is customizable, and allows you to shorten your URL. The more the features and customization options, the better support you will get for your marketing campaigns.

The listed six free QR code generators above are among the best in the market. Evaluate the different offerings to establish which best suits your needs.

give us your suggestions in the comment section below if you think there are other available free QR code generators we have not listed.

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