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HTML editors play an instrumental role in helping developers write code in HTML when creating websites. Here are free HTML editors that can help you build websites without technical skills. 

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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a typical block for developing web pages, websites, and web-based applications. HTML development is preferred due to its lightweight structure and ease of learning and use. More so, the markup language is supported by all browsers, and it is open source, and developers, businesses, and project managers can use it for free. 

HTML editors play an instrumental role in helping developers write code in HTML when creating websites. While there is the option of using normal editors, developers prefer to work with HTML editors as they give them control over their code, making it easy to create websites. 

The editors are also handy for users looking to generate source codes quickly, but they lack adequate knowledge of HTML. Here are free HTML editors that can help you build websites without technical skills.  

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Flazio features an HTML editor and pre-built website templates, which both beginners and experts can use to create websites. Flazio provides both a mobile website editor and a built-in desktop editor that comes in handy in customizing sites across a wide array of devices. 

If you are looking to conduct website analytics, Flazio has the capabilities, too, as it comes with an analytics dashboard for tracking user behavior and website traffic. You can also get insights into the most visited pages on your site through SERP assessment. 

The tool is intuitive and straightforward and will take very little time to find your way around it. It also gives you the freedom to customize a unique and personalized website. With Flazio, you can also create an online store powered with all the capabilities you need to run your business. 

It supports the building of websites that allow secure payments, booking, analytics, and the use of SEO tools. The tool's key features include landing pages, data import, SEO management, survey builder, drag and drop editor, and online booking tools. Flazio is also compatible with both iOS, Windows, and Android devices. 

The software also provides phone, email, and chat support if you get stuck or have queries. 

Whether it is an e-commerce site, blog, or portfolio, IM Creator is the best free HTML editor in terms of functionality. What makes the tool stand out is its intuitiveness and the fact that it does not feature any complicated elements that would hinder you from exploring your creativity. 

IM Creator offers free-to-use templates responsive to both desktop and mobile devices. The tool is designed for anyone looking to build a website regardless of whether they are experts or less techy. 

The tool features built-in site blocks that the user can bring together to create a multi-faceted website. The HTML editor offered by IM Creator can also be used to build pages from scratch. 

IM Creator offers pre-built website blocks that you can combine to create a multi-section website. It also comes with an SEO element that you could leverage to improve your search ranking, traffic, conversions, and engagement. Other features include an online store builder, real-time editing, and web forms. 

Millions of designers use Webflow to create unique websites with the full power of HTML. The tool's ease of use has made it possible for developers to build beautiful websites within a very short time and without compromising the design.

Webflow offers a visual dashboard that helps developers create sites from scratch and allows businesses to manage and market their web content on different platforms. If you need to edit or update pages you have already created, the tool offers a live editor which can help you tweak them in real-time. 

Webflow supports SEO management through its SEO panel, which you can use to boost your website's ranking on search engines and optimize your platform. 

The tool's key features include customization templates, SEO management, full-text search, document classification, drag and drop editor, and collaboration tools. The tool is also compatible with iOS, Android, Windows devices, and browsers. 

WordPress is one of the most popular tools for creating websites, blogs, and portfolios. It also offers an HTML editor and a wide range of themes that you can use to customize your website. 

The tool is compatible with the cloud and mobile and desktop devices. You can use the drag and drop features to embed videos and images on your website. It also features social media integrations that easily share content across different platforms. 

WordPress also comes with built-in sitemaps and SEO tools that you can use to optimize your web pages. Analytics is also a critical feature that the tool provides to help you monitor and measure the performance of your website. 

WordPress has a wide range of features, including audio files management, auto-update, customizable templates, drag and drop, document classification, post-management, and data import and export, to mention a few. 

This tool is ideal for front-end developers and web designers. Notepad ++ doubles as a code editor and note-taking application. It has features such as hints and colour-coding and offers autocompletion and a tabbed interface and macro recording, which automates commands frequently used. 

It is used a lot by developers due to the tons of plugins it offers and the fact that it can be configured to your needs. 

HTML editor software allows you to create websites without hiring an in-house developer. When choosing a free HTML editor, here are the factors to consider.

1.   Data portability

The tool will have better functionality if it supports data migration. Therefore, data portability or migration is a feature you need to prioritize. 

2.   Plugins

Assess the number of plugins available with the tool. Often free versions come with limited plugins. Ensure the tool has all the plugins you need for website development and management, such as SEO management and social media integration. 

3.   Customization

Customization features will be critical to building a website that meets your needs. Most of the tools come with customizable templates. It is worth confirming if the software allows the creation of customized designs and web pages. 

To get the right product, take time to read the user reviews, research the features that the free tools offer, and compare them with your software needs. 

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