10 Most Popular JavaScript Libraries to Use in 2024

This tutorial will teach you about Best Javascript Libraries which you can use to make your website more effective and best as per the industry standards.

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Having worldwide recognition as one of the best programming languages to learn, JavaScript is adopted by the majority of programmers and developers. Needless to say, it’s a tough decision to pick one of the JavaScript libraries for your programming task. Also, the availability and utility of numerous decent JavaScript libraries make it more confusing to choose one of them. In this article, we will help you have some clarity about selecting one of the JavaScript libraries available.

Before moving to the main topic, it’s essential to know what a JavaScript library actually is. A JavaScript library consists of a decent number of programming functions. Simply, a JavaScript library is a huge collection of pre-written JavaScripts that you may use to develop JavaScript-based applications of software programs.

A JavaScript library eases up a developer’s workload to some extent. Writing new JavaScript by yourself is a hazardous task indeed. So, JavaScript libraries come into play as these libraries include hundreds of pre-written JavaScript.

When it comes to JavaScript libraries, there are multiple options for developers and programmers. Every JavaScript library has its own distinct features and utility. Selecting a preferable JavaScript library for your programming tasks depends on some specific features.

Are you not familiar with the facts? Well, check out the following points to determine how you can select the best JavaScript library for yourself.

The popularity of a Javascript library

An exceptional JavaScript library must have a widespread user base. It’s not a wise decision to go for a JavaScript library that hasn’t been a recognized name in the world of programming yet.

Also, there are several benefits of choosing a popular and reputed JavaScript library. You get the opportunity to learn the ways to use the components of a particular JavaScript library if professional and expert developers imply that one.

Most acknowledged JavaScript libraries consist of programming tutorials and how-to guidelines. Hence, you can learn the ways to utilize the components of the library in the best ways.

A famous JavaScript library comes with advanced bug fixes and protection measurements, and you can make the most out of the properties. Alongside all the previous facts, a functional JavaScript library is highly customizable, and you get the chance to use the properties of JavaScript in innovative ways.

The stability of the library

The stability of a JavaScript library depends on its core investors. It is evident that a reputed and stable organization backs an established JavaScript library. When a reputed company backs a decent programming project and an important JavaScript library, the efficiency of the library gets increased automatically.

Also, such a library comes up with an outstanding client base and gets involved in multiple programming projects.While we don't know why open-source software is more popular, we're pretty sure you prefer a stable open-source JavaScript library over a library that doesn’t have a proven track record and stable backup.

The documentation of the library

Using a JavaScript library becomes more convenient and easier when it comes to easy-to-go documentation. As a beginner, you shouldn’t choose a complicated library full of complicated JavaScript programs. Instead, you must go for a library that doesn’t consist of complex scripts and codes.

Moreover, creating a program with a complicated JavaScript library is time-consuming too. If you’re short of time and need to develop a functional application, you should go for a simpler JavaScript library.

The developmental progression of the Javascript library

It’s normal for a JavaScript library to keep getting updated on a regular basis to avoid security threats and bugs. Developing a program or application with an outdated JavaScript library may increase the chances of having the security of your program compromised.

You need to select a JavaScript library that keeps upgrading on a regular basis. You get the chance to enjoy new features and additional functions as you attempt to develop an application or program with a reputed JavaScript library. Also, the security enhancement is a special feature of a standard and reputed JavaScript library.

These are the parameters that you need to focus on when choosing a suitable JavaScript library for completing a special programming project. As you keep these factors in mind, you stand fewer chances of making a wrong selection.

As a programmer, you might have been familiar with the terms- JavaScript libraries and JavaScript frameworks. But are you aware of the slimline of difference between these two? Functionally, both a JavaScript library and a JavaScript framework do the same job. Both these are compilations of pre-written codes and programs.

So, where’s the difference between these two? A JavaScript library is utilized according to the preference of a developer. As a developer, you can decide where you want to use a JavaScript library.

But the scenario is different in the case of a JavaScript framework. A JavaScript framework can be utilized according to its features. You can’t use a JavaScript framework wherever you want. Also, you can customize the reusable codes of a JavaScript library as per your expertise.

On the contrary, a JavaScript framework allows you to craft something unique using the reusable codes of the framework.

So, you can’t go beyond a specific extent as you use a JavaScript library to complete a programming project. With a framework, you’re free to craft your own application as you want.

And hey, if you're a backend developer who's looking for a framework that got here by mistake, maybe this article will help.

Below is the list of the top 10 JavaScript libraries.

1. DOJO toolkit

DOJO is a commonly used open-source library of JavaScript. It helps you to create cross-platform and Ajax-based websites efficiently. DOJO comes with a rich set of APIs and modules. You can leverage several parts of the DOJO toolkit, which are:

  • dojo – holds the core modules
  • dijit – it is a user interface module helping in setting up layout and widgets
  • Util – consists of utilities and build tools that can be used for testing, style checking, and more.
  • dojox – it will help with charting, grids, and DTL.

Each module in DOJO is independent and lightweight and can be loaded asynchronously for generating a faster response.

2. jQuery

The jQuery library helps in simplifying JS programming. This library is highly extensible and helps create web pages that will load faster. jQuery wraps up standard functions that will help make the developer’s job easy. It offers various plugins that will help in performing several tasks. Some of the most prominent features of jQuery are manipulating CSS, manipulating HTML/DOM, HTML events, animations and effects, utilities, and AJAX.

One of the key features of jQuery is the way it manages browser compatibility issues without creating any hassle. jQuery is used by some of the high-end IT companies such as Microsoft, Netflix, and Google use jQuery. There is no need for extra effort to include jQuery in web pages.

The syntax of jQuery is very much similar to CSS syntax, making it more suitable for beginners. For those of you who aren't familiar with CSS' syntax, our CSS cheat sheet will be helpful.

3. Google polymer

Google introduced this library of JavaScript will help developers with reusing HTML elements and then creating customized elements with the help of HTML, CSS, and JS for creating more interactive web applications.

You can use Google Polymer with different platforms. After you install the polymer library either via the command line or browser, you can also reuse the already developed elements without worrying about the underlying details of those elements.

This library will also allow you to create customized elements with the help of polyfills, a web component specification. You can even distribute these customized elements across the network and use them by importing the desired HTML.

4. JavaScript InfoVis toolkit

You can use the JS library- InfoVis for creating interactive data visualizations. Some commonly used data visualizations are- Hypertree, TreeMap, RGraph, and more, apart from the usual Bar, Pie, Area, and more.

This library will allow you to create colour-coded graphics and the desired information. To provide extra effects, you do not have to put effort into writing lengthy codes. You can easily download the required visualizations without downloading the entire package, which will eliminate the possibility of making bulky web pages that are hard to load.

If you have some coding knowledge, you can use this library for data analysis.

5. D3.js

Here D3 stands for Data-driven documents. The D3.js will allow you to apply some data-driven transformations to DOM. objects. It helps in transforming or manipulating the documents on the basis of the received data.

You can collect data in any format which is bound to DOM objects. D3 can be used for supporting the dynamic behavior of animation and interactions.

D3 is flexible and leverages the benefits of HTML, SVG, and CSS. you can easily debug the D3 as it comes with the browser’s built-in inspector for showing the path. D3 works on a declarative approach that will help the developers to do the required work in shortcode.

6. Pixi.js

If you want to create amazing digital content then you can leverage the benefits of the JS library called Pixi.js. it is an open-source, cross-platform 2D engine that will help developers in creating games and interactive animation-based websites. One of the biggest examples of Pixi is Disney.

Pixi is considered to be one of the fastest rendering engines that work on WebGL for its performance. If WebGL is not supported, then it can be replaced with HTML canvas. Pixi is capable of hiding the functionality of the most complex function into a simple function that is used as a library.

7. SWFObject

Using SWFObject, any developer can embed the flash SWF files within the HTML document. This library supports SWF files; you cannot use this library to embed another type of media file. To add the markups, it offers two options: dynamic phishing and static phishing.

SWFOjects is used by one of the most popular websites like Microsoft, YouTube, etc. You need to enable the JS on your browser to use this library. This library has several functions destined to perform various tasks like utilities to work with DOM and others.

8. Three.js

Three.js provides a library named Three.js that is a cross-browser and API, allowing the developers to create amazing animations. This library works on WebGL instead of using traditional browser plugins. This library allows the developers to create complex and challenging 3D animations that can be included within the website without writing lengthy and complex codes.

This library comes with various features such as geometry, lights, materials, etc. It is a single js file and the source code is available on the GitHub repository. You will get a lot of supporting documents for this library with an active community working for the improvement of this library.

9. Velocity.js

With Velocity.js, you can easily and efficiently create web-based animations. It is an engine with high performance suitable for creating amazing and complex web animations. It is available as open-source software.

It works as fast as CSS and jQuery. It helps create and run a sequence of animations one after the other efficiently which might not be possible with CSS and jQuery or require complex coding. Many websites have used Velocity, like WhatsApp, Uber, and others.

10. React js

React is one of the simple and easy-to-understand libraries of JavaScript. This library is used for creating wiser interfaces for web-based applications. Facebook and some other companies are managing React.

React.js is a declarative and flexible library that allows developers for creating more complex UIs with the help of the existing code or components. React is fast thus making any changes to applications does not require you to reload the page.

JavaScript is one of the trending programming languages of the modern world which is easier to learn and understand. This language comes with various libraries that will make your complex work easier by providing various facilities.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced IT professional, you can go for JavaScript and, with its libraries, you can make the journey of learning JavaScript easier.

In this article, we have mentioned important information about JavaScript libraries. You can ensure the advancement of your programming project as you find a suitable JavaScript library. So, we suggest you select an efficient and performing JavaScript library today to solve your programming purpose.

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