10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024

What kind of programming language you need to learn depends on what type of job you want to land. Here's the top 10 programming languages that are high in demand.

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No doubt that software development is one of the most lucrative fields right now, and since 2018, we have seen 21% growth in programming jobs. The average annual salary of an intermediate software developer is $106,000 that is more than any other lucrative job.

Various programming jobs are available globally because different companies and software development require different programming languages. But that’s not why you should learn other programming languages. 

If you know more than one, your scope for pursuing different types of software development will grow. But if you don’t have any previous experience with software development, then getting a career in the field will be impossible. It does not matter whether you are new to programming languages or learning a new one. 

This list of 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024 will help you out. These programming languages mentioned here are high in demand and relatively easy to learn. So, let’s check them out.

Python is one of the easiest programming languages you can learn in 2024. The average annual salary of a software developer who uses the Python programming language is around $120,000, and there are about 19,000 types of jobs available in the field. We like Python and position it first on our list because it is a free, open resource, easy to integrate into applications, user-friendly, and for its support modules.

Python can be easily used in machine learning and deep learning applications and create 2D and 3D image applications, video games, and computational applications such as FreeCAD and websites including YouTube. Python is easy to learn both by beginners and those who already have knowledge regarding programming languages.

You can even integrate Python with other programming languages such as C and C++. Start-up companies primarily use Python because it is easy to use and does not come with any cost.


  • Easy to learn and implement
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Free of cost
  • Flexible


  • Does not support mobile app development.

After Python, you can name Java as one of the most popular programming languages globally that are also easy to learn and implement. Oracle Corporation operates Java, and with it, you can run web applications, servers, mobile applications, and so on effortlessly. It does not matter which platform you are using; Java is suitable for running in Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, iOS, Android, etc.

Java is an open-sourced programming language that you can also write and use in different places for different purposes. Due to the simplicity of its codes, Java is used by many software developers worldwide and sometimes it is even the first choice before Python. Since Python does not allow developers to create mobile applications, professionals choose Java to work on different mobile app related projects.

Apart from web applications and mobile applications, Java is used in Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, etc.


  • Learning Java and help you earn an average annual salary of $104,000
  • It has 29,000 types of job opportunities
  • Java is a highly functional programming language for creating mobile and web-based applications


  • Java is not appropriate for use on cloud-based applications 

If you have heard about Java, you probably have heard about Javascript as well, and it is common to confuse between Java and Javascript as a beginner. The most important difference between Java and Javascript is Java works as an OOP programming language, and Javascript is an OOP scripting language.

With Java, you can create applications that run on the server or VM and with Javascript, you can only build applications that run on the browser. If you combine Javascript with Node.js, you can create web content for the server before the browser receives a page request. Therefore, you can build web browser-based games, chat apps, etc., that solely run on the browser.

You can use different types of add-ons to increase the functionality of Javascript. Both Java and Javascript are good programming languages and support mobile application development. And when you are combining node.js with JS, users won’t download any additional apps to run the applications on their computer. It will work from the browser only.


  • Lets you combine node.js so that you can develop user-friendly browser-based apps
  • Easy to comprehend and implement
  • If you learn JS, your average salary in 24,000 job titles will be $118,000


  • The browsers can disable JS codes from running, and in that case, this programming language won’t work correctly.

Microsoft developed C# followed by C and C++, and this one became instantly popular in the 2000s because it is the first programming language that supports object-based programming. C# is a widely popular programming language that supports the .NET framework, but C# has more similarities with C++ than with Java. With C#, you can create compatible Android, iOS, and Windows applications.

C# also takes help from Microsoft Visual C++ for creating backend websites such as Visual Studio, MarketWatch, etc. If you want to learn C#, you need the basic knowledge regarding how to write codes because complete beginners cannot learn this language due to its complexities than other programming languages.

The best thing about C# is it supports cross-platform applications such as Windows, Android, iOS, and you can create smartphone and enterprise applications with it easily. If you can compare C# to anyone, it would be Java, but these two are not related because one supports Sun Microsystems and is available for Microsoft’s .NET initiative. Java has a huge ecosystem, while C# creates software for Microsoft.


  • The number of jobs available is 18,000, and the average salary is $97,000 per anum 
  • C# is more secure and faster than C.
  • It is totally integrated with Microsoft. 
  • You can use C# for game development and game consoles. 

C is the first and oldest programming language that has given birth to C# and C++. But those are not the only programming languages created through C. Java, and Javascript are the improved versions of the C programming language. Since C is the original programming language, many developers think that learning C will gain their knowledge in the field way beyond other programming languages.

But some developers save the hassle of learning C first and jump into Java, Javascript, etc. But learning C will help you with some basic skills about C++ development and not to mention that people still use C widely for development purposes. C and C++ developers can use their skills to create web applications, mobile applications, etc., because these programming languages are transportable and support different platforms.

C and C++ are highly professional programming languages that you can use in client/server applications. With skills in C and C++, you can earn up to $76,500 per year.


  • Both C and C++ are for intermediate, advanced, and beginner-level developers, but advanced developers can only grasp C.
  • C and C++ support mobile and desktop application development and serve as some of the world’s highly proficient languages. 
  • C++ offers more control over the development process than any other programming language.


  • C is not ideal for mobile application development 
  • C++ does not support run-time checking, including identifying errors during the development process.

Another open-sourced programming language is PHP that was created way before Java and C# in 1990. Developers think that learning PHP is mandatory because popular websites like Facebook and Yahoo are based on PHP only. Developers mostly use PHP to maintain server-side scripts, but PHP also allows you to write command-line scripts.

If you have advanced-level knowledge regarding PHP, you can use that for desktop applications. Many beginner developers think that PHP is the easiest programming language of all. If you want any help regarding the same, you can get into many online communities dedicated mainly to PHP programmers.

You will find most answers to your questions related to programming with PHP, the communities serve frameworks, libraries, and various automation tools. The average salary of PHP developers is $81,000 per year, but unlike other programming languages described in this post, it only has 7,000 opportunities.


  • Easy to learn
  • Oldest and most reliable programming language 
  • Helps with server-side ecosystems


  • PHP is not that popular.

R is another open-sourced programming language that is slightly developed than the S language. You can use most codes written in S in the R language. R is perfect for machine learning applications and statistical analytics, and you can utilize this programming language in different operating systems, including Ubuntu, Windows, Android, etc.

Companies use R to utilize their vast datasets, and that’s why developers who are experts in R are in high demand. R can also help with linear and nonlinear modelling, virtualization, testing, calculation, analysis, etc. The datasets that R helps you monitor can be both structured and unstructured, but it is not an easy language to be learnt by beginners.

R has some complexities, unlike other programming languages. Still, there are active communities of R developers who can help you with tools, coding skills, etc., when you are learning R.


  • Helps you with comprehensive data analysis and develop new application ideas
  • Open-sourced 
  • Good for cross-platform applications


  • Not for beginners

GO is a programming language developed by Google in 2007 with the intention of serving Artificial Intelligence applications and web applications. But today, it has become a significant and leading programming language for providing simplicity. It also allows you to manage multicore network systems and substantial data sets.

Go, or Golang, is mainly used for helping developers manage a large number of data sets. And for the same reason, it has become so popular among various private sectors or IT companies. Go comes with a user-friendly interface that beginners can easily use, and it also allows you to highlight syntax during application development.

Google, Dropbox, Uber, Twitter, etc., companies use Go as a programming language. But nowadays, Go is also becoming quite popular among data scientists for its smooth performance and coordination. You can use Go on distributed systems that are physically established in different networks. Go can help these machines to communicate with each other through codes.   


  • Easy for beginner developers
  • Easy to learn if you are familiar with another programming language 
  • Cross-platform programming language but mostly work for desktop apps


  • It does not have a library for GUI

Swift is one of the most popular programming languages and made it to the top 10 in the monthly TIOBE Index ranking some years back. Swift was developed by Apple in 2014 for Mac OS and Linux-based applications mainly but later extended its services to iOS. Swift is easy to learn and implement, and it needs only a little coding knowledge to get going.

You can use Swift with IBM Bluemix and IBM Swift Sandbox. Like C developed by Microsoft, Swift is only used for Apple-related devices such as iOS and Mac OS apps. Swift allows you to highlight syntax, helps you run codes quickly, lets you develop apps on the server-side and client-side. The average annual income of developers who can create iOS or Mac OS apps using Swift earn around $96,000 per year.


  • Easy for beginners
  • It does not require any previous experience with programming languages 
  • A popular option for iOS and Mac OS applications developers


  • Only available for Apple devices.

JetBrains developed Kotlin or Project Kotlin in 2011, but its first version was released in 2016. Kotlin can work with Java and other functional programming languages. Kotlin is mainly used for Android app development, web app development, desktop application development, server-side application development, etc.

Actually, we should have included Kotlin after we talked about Java because many people think it is a better alternative to the Java programming language. Most applications made in Google are developed with Kotlin, and the most prominent companies that use Kotlin as their preferred programming language is Pinterest, Coursera, etc. If you are a Kotlin programmer, you can expect yourself to earn around $136,000 a year. 


  • Best for intermediate and advanced developers
  • You can create applications for web, mobile, server, and desktop using Kotlin
  • It does not come with many coding requirements like other languages


  • Not so suitable for beginners
  • Prior experience with Java is needed

If you want to consider other programming languages outside these 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024, you can go for Dart, Ruby, Rust, Matlab, Perl, etc. But as a new programmer, you should pursue one of the languages described in this blog post so that you can be experienced in developing any application you want.

Also, what kind of programming language you need to learn depends on what type of job you want to land. For example, start-up companies are more likely to look for JavaScript and Python developers than established companies for C# and Java developers. The more skills you have, the better your scopes will be to land a job in software development. 

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