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Cheap Windows 2012 VPS Hosting

Buy Cheap Windows 2012 VPS servers deployed on VMware ESXi virtualizers with the latest generation of Intel CPUs.

Windows Server 2012 VPS Hosting

Windows 2012 VPS hosting combines the flexibility of virtualization with the robust capabilities of Windows Server 2012, offering an ideal platform for hosting Windows-based applications and services. VPS hosting provides a virtualized environment that emulates a dedicated server within a shared server infrastructure, granting users dedicated resources and full control without the expense of an entire physical server.
Windows Server 2012, renowned for its versatility and power, brings a multitude of benefits to VPS Hosting. With this combination, users can expect high performance, robust security, and seamless scalability. Windows Server 2012 excels in facilitating efficient server management, enabling businesses, web developers, and IT professionals to harness its vast capabilities for optimal performance and reliability in their hosting endeavors. Whether you're running a website, hosting applications, or managing databases, Windows Server 2012 VPS hosting empowers you to do so with confidence and ease.

Buy Cheap Windows 2012 VPS

Looking for an affordable yet reliable Windows VPS solution? Our Cheap Windows 2012 VPS is the perfect choice. It gives you the power of a dedicated server without the high price tag. Here's what you get:

Cost-Effective Hosting: Get top-notch performance without breaking the bank. Our Cheap Windows 2012 VPS runs on the latest Intel CPUs, ensuring your website or applications run smoothly.

Full Control: With administrator access and Windows Remote Desktop, managing your server is a breeze. Customize it with your preferred Windows OS from our selection.

Global Reach: Access over 20 data centers worldwide to serve your audience better. Pick the location that suits you best for faster loading times.

Choose from our budget-friendly Windows 2012 VPS hosting plans and start enjoying the benefits of reliable, high-performance hosting without the hefty VPS server windows prices. Whether you're running a small business website, hosting applications, or need a testing environment, our Cheap Windows 2012 VPS ensures you have the resources you need without overspending. It's the smart choice for those who demand quality hosting on a budget. Say goodbye to slow-loading websites and hello to seamless performance with our Windows 2012 VPS free and paid plans.

Buy Windows 2012 VPS Package

The following configurations are hand-picked by our experts to deliver the best performance at the cheapest costs. Choose one and have it set up with instant activation.

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Windows Server 1024 MB

$16.99 Save 30%

$11.90 /MO *

CPU : 1 Core
RAM : 1024 MB
Storage : 40 GB SSD
Traffic : Up to Unlimited
Port : 1 Gbps

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Windows Server 2048 MB

$29.99 Save 30%

$20.99 /MO *

CPU : 2 Core
RAM : 2048 MB
Storage : 60 GB SSD
Traffic : Up to Unlimited
Port : 1 Gbps

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Windows Server 4096 MB

$44.99 Save 29%

$31.91 /MO *

CPU : 2 Core
RAM : 4096 MB
Storage : 100 GB SSD
Traffic : Up to Unlimited
Port : 1 Gbps

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Windows Server 8192 MB

$69.99 Save 31%

$48.58 /MO *

CPU : 4 Core
RAM : 8192 MB
Storage : 200 GB SSD
Traffic : Up to Unlimited
Port : 1 Gbps

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Windows Server 2012 Features

Windows Server 2012 is renowned for its feature-rich environment, offering a plethora of tools and capabilities that make it an attractive choice for VPS hosting. Some key features include:

Active Directory Enhancements

Active Directory is like the backbone of user management and security in a Windows network. Windows Server 2012 introduces features like the Active Directory Recycle Bin, which acts like a safety net for deleted objects, making it easier to recover them. It also simplifies Active Directory setup, making it more intuitive and efficient.

Hyper-V Virtualization

Hyper-V is Microsoft's virtualization technology, and Windows Server 2012 takes it to the next level. It allows you to create and manage virtual machines (VMs) more effectively, making it simpler to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single physical server. This feature enhances resource allocation, scalability, and flexibility for IT administrators.

Streamlined Server Manager

Server Manager is a crucial tool for managing various server roles and features. In Windows Server 2012, Server Manager becomes even more powerful, offering a unified interface for configuring and monitoring servers, roles, and features across your network. It simplifies the administration of multiple servers and reduces the learning curve for IT professionals.

Improved Web Hosting

For organizations hosting websites and web applications, Windows Server 2012 brings improvements in web server performance and security. Features like Dynamic IP Restrictions and Centralized SSL Certificate Management enhance web hosting capabilities. It ensures that websites load faster and remain secure even under heavy traffic.

Enhanced Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) allow users to access applications and data from anywhere. Windows Server 2012 introduces RemoteApp, which lets users launch individual applications rather than full desktop sessions, improving efficiency and resource utilization. It's especially handy for remote and mobile workers.

Why Choose MonoVm for Windows 2012 VPS Hosting?

When it comes to Windows 2012 VPS hosting, MonoVM is your trusted partner. Here's why you should choose us:

Windows Remote Desktop

We provide full administrator remote desktop access with the freedom to install windows 2012 on VPS. Our recommended operating systems include Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2, and 2019, ensuring you have the tools you need.

Swift Setup

With our advanced setup automation system, your virtual machine is activated nearly instantaneously upon receiving payment confirmation. Say goodbye to long waiting times.

User-Friendly Control

Manage your virtual servers effortlessly with the Plesk control panel. It's a simple and efficient web-based solution accessible from nearly any device worldwide.

Exceptional Support

Our team comprises IT professionals skilled in both software and hardware-related issues. Rest assured, our support is top-notch and available 24/7 to assist you.

Top-Notch Hardware

Our VPS solutions run on high-end Intel and Supermicro processors, configured in RAID 10 arrays. Our storage devices come with enterprise RAID controllers, integrated SSD caching, and optimization by our experts. We offer servers equipped with high-RPM HDDs, SSDs, and even NVMe SSDs. Plus, our data centers span more than ten countries, ensuring you can select the location that suits you best.
When you choose MonoVM for Cheap Windows 2012 VPS hosting, you're opting for reliability, affordability, and outstanding support. With years of industry experience, flexible payment methods, a robust infrastructure, and a global presence, we're ready to provide you with the high-end hosting services you deserve. Get started today and experience hosting excellence with MonoVM!


When to Choose a Windows 2012 VPS

Selecting the right hosting solution is crucial, as it directly impacts the performance and accessibility of your online endeavors. Windows 2012 VPS hosting stands out as an excellent choice under specific circumstances:

Windows-Centric Applications

If your website or web applications rely on Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, MSSQL databases, or other Windows-specific software, a Windows 2012 VPS is the way to go. It offers native compatibility and optimal performance for these technologies.

Scalability Needs

Windows VPS hosting allows for easy scalability. When your website or applications experience growth, you can quickly adjust your server resources to accommodate increased traffic and demand. This flexibility is particularly valuable for businesses anticipating future expansion.

Enhanced Security

Windows Server 2012 comes with robust security features, making it a smart choice for businesses that prioritize data protection and regulatory compliance. It offers features like BitLocker encryption, Active Directory, and advanced firewall capabilities.

Remote Desktop Access

If you require remote desktop access for administrative tasks or application management, Windows 2012 VPS provides a familiar and user-friendly environment through Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

Cost-Effective Solution

Windows 2012 VPS hosting offers a cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers. It provides dedicated resources at a fraction of the cost, making it suitable for startups, small businesses, and projects with budget constraints.

Customization Options

Windows 2012 VPS hosting allows for extensive customization, enabling users to tailor their server environment to specific requirements. This is advantageous for businesses with unique software or configuration needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we get from our customers, Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quick as possible.

Windows 2012 VPS is a hosting solution that combines virtualization with Windows Server 2012 capabilities, providing a dedicated and versatile environment for hosting Windows-based applications and services.

You can purchase Windows 2012 VPS hosting through MonoVM. We have some of the best cheap Windows 2012 VPS plans available for purchase.

- High performance
- Robust security
- Scalability
- Efficient server management
- Suitable for various hosting needs, including websites, applications, and databases.

At MonoVM, we offer the flexibility for you to upgrade your VPS plan as your requirements grow. For specific details on how to upgrade your Windows 2012 VPS hosting plan, please contact our support team.

To connect to your Windows 2012 VPS hosted with MonoVM, you can use Windows Remote Desktop. This allows you to have remote access to your VPS, making it convenient for administration and management tasks.

MonoVM strives to provide a swift and efficient service. Typically, upon receiving payment confirmation, we activate your Windows 2012 VPS almost instantly. However, delivery times can vary depending on factors like your chosen configuration and location.
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