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Mar, 20

The Internet:When It All Began

  • by Susith Nonis
  • in IT News
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The internet is something that everyone uses and being connected is a must for a lot of people all around the globe. Most of our daily lives are intertwined with the internet ranging from communication between each other to making transactions to searching for information. We all use it but not a lot of us know how it all began, or who invented this network of networks? Well, this article will provide the beginning of the internet, and some key moments in history which made it all possible today. To start off, it’s impossible to credit one person for the invention of the internet. It...


Mar, 20

Google BERT

  • by Antoniy Yushkevych
  • in IT News
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A few months ago, Google announced what they believe to be their most important search engine update in the last five years. This update got named BERT and it impacts 10% of search queries by using new neural networking techniques to better understand users’ intentions behind their queries. According to Google, this update will mainly impact complex searches that depend on context. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and is a deep learning algorithm related to natural language processing. Put simply, it helps the search engine better understand what...


Mar, 20

Marketing is not the same as it was 10 years ago. People don’t have time to read newspapers or read magazines and investing on advertisements on paper will have very low impact now-a-days. This where digital marketing comes to play and the place to do it is by using social media. Now comes the question, how do you be on top of all your social media marketing which ranges from creating content, analytics and making reports every day. This is where the social media management tools come into play. They will streamline your work, save time and ensure that your content reaches the right...


Jan, 20

The last decade has been rich with technological advancements in both hardware and software. The world looks much more different now thanks to the plethora of new technologies and their profound effect on the way people live nowadays. Not only are the devices we use today better than what we could imagine at the beginning of this decade, but even the sites we now visit daily look and run completely differently. We have compiled a small recap of the newly developed technologies as well as ones that have gained popularity in the last decade. List of Contents Hardware: 4G and 5G Solid...


Jan, 20

The growing computer culture is allowing more people than ever to join and start having their own blogs and websites. It is undisputed that building and hosting a site in the traditional way certainly requires a good degree of technical knowledge and thus without specialized tools, nearly impossible for the average internet user. Nevertheless, these specialized tools do exist and some make the process of creating and hosting a site accessible to nearly anyone with basic computer knowledge. WordPress is a free content management system and a website builder that allows users to do just that....

Recently Facebook was granted a patent in the US for a system which detects items like alcoholic drinks and snacks from users’ photos. Facebook plans to turn its users into advertisement stars through this automatic scanning system. Facebook would take those pictures and send them to the respective brands and those brands will use these pictures to post for other Facebook users (if the said brands choose to do this). The way this system works can be explained better with an example: Let us say that you posted the above picture on Facebook. It has Coca-cola, Jack Daniels and Grey...


Jul, 19

What is Libra?

  • by Susith Nonis
  • in IT News
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Libra, or what’s commonly known these days as ‘Facebook money’ or ‘Zuckerberg money’ is a new cryptocurrency which will be launched in the first half of 2020. There’s a lot of controversy regarding the new cryptocurrency due to Facebook's infamous reputation. Nevertheless, we will focus on what exactly is Libra and the motive behind the new digital currency. Facebook will launch a subsidiary company called Calibra that will handle all the crypto dealings and protects users’ privacy, which will help the users to feel at ease as Facebook will not play...

Just eleven years ago, Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) released the Display Port 1.0 standard with an 8.64Gbit/s data rate. Since then, multiple improvements have been made, but not as large as the ones announced last week. VESA unveiled the new DisplayPort 2.0 specification with the max payload of 77.37Gbps. It is expected to start shipping with monitors in late 2020. The new near 80Gbps max bandwidth is 10 times of that of the original DisplayPort 1.0 and 3x more than its latest update (i.e. DisplayPort 1.4) to the standard. These improvements will allow the port to be the...


Jun, 19

Just last year Google has released the Pixel Slate, its first Chrome OS-fueled tablet. With two more tablets being in development, it comes as a surprise that the company will scrap these projects and indefinitely stop developing tablets. The tech giant announced in an internal meeting that it will shift its focus on laptops and smartphones instead. This does not mean, however, the end of Android and Chrome OS tablets from third-party manufacturers. By Google’s definition, a tablet is a device that detaches completely from a keyboard base or doesn’t have one in the first place....


Jun, 19

Google Domain Diversity Update

Have you ever searched for something and saw most of the top results are from the same website? This might be unimportant to some, but many want to see a wider diversity of results. Google recently announced that it has updated the SERP to show a more diverse set of search results. How so? Google has stated that it will aim to show no more than 2 results from the same domain in a particular query. The company also added that it will show more than two results from the same site in some cases when the results are particularly relevant to the query. In general, Google will treat subdomains as...