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Forex trading is widely used all over the world. It is considered as the biggest business across the globe. Read along to find out more!


Oct, 20

Foreign exchange trading: explained

Forex trading is widely used all over the world. In other words, you can relate to this as the biggest business across the globe. If you are new to forex trading, let's get some insight into the world of foreign exchange trading.

New York owns one of the biggest stock exchange in the world and they trade at least $22.3 billion on a daily basis. However, in forex trading, companies exchange at least 5 trillion dollars on a daily basis.

It's not possible to understand forex trading by only reading the definition. It has a very high risk, and I will not recommend investing big if you are a beginner.

That being said, if you start forex trading after the proper research and with the right strategy, probability of becoming successful is high.

What is forex trading?

Forex exchange market or FX market is the biggest financial market that works in a proper network. In simple words, it's the conversion of one currency to another.

The sellers and buyers are both involved in this market. Different companies use different currencies from all over the world to buy goods.

To buy goods, local currencies are required in higher amount. The exchange of currency causes the changing in exchange rates.

How does the exchange rate work?

During the currency exchange, every currency has a certain rate. The law of supply and demand can determine the price.

If a particular currency has a high demand in the market, the rate will automatically increase of that currency. It will also affect the exchange rate of that specific currency.

demand and supply graph

For example:

Let suppose you are living in India and wanted to spend your holidays in the US. You have to exchange your Indian rupees in US dollars to buy something from the local store.

When you came back to your home country, you need Indian rupees again. During the exchange, if the dollar rates are increased, you will get profit, and that's exactly how it works.

FX market and interest rates:

If we talk about forex trading, the interest rate is one of the major parts of this business because every local currency has some real bank interest rates.

There are some certain factors to consider before investing in forex trading.

  • What’s the current interest rate of that specific local currency in which you want to invest?
  • How the central bank rate can affect the currencies
  • Main strategies about the forex trading interest rate

Is it beneficial to invest in forex trading?

There are certain factors on which the success and failure depend upon. It possible that you can get double profit. It’s also possible that you can get some loss.

So, there’s no direct yes or no answer.

However, if you are very serious about forex trading and did all the necessary research, then it will pay off well if you follow a solid plan.
Before finishing we would like to highlight some points:

  • Before starting forex trading, first of all, understand the exchange market. Benefit and loss are two sides of the same coin. Understand the basic dynamics, do some research, read related books, and attend some seminars. That way, there's a high chance to get profit and lower risk rate.
  • Secondly, there’s not even a single strategy in the market that will give you benefit every time. Collect the set of trading strategies and study the situations and profits and losses combined with them.

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