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The Best RDP Alternatives

In today’s IT world, remote desktops play a pivotal role. What makes them so in-demand? Well, let us dive into the topic and find out.

31 May, 21 by Antoniy Yushkevych 9 min Read

What to Use Instead of RDP?

Whether you work with servers or applications, provide some kind of support services for desktops, or work in a company with branches domestically and internationally, you definitely need remote desktop software. Remote access helps you to connect with multiple devices that are at different locations. This further assists in carrying out the work efficiently and effectively. There are plenty of advantages associated with remote desktop software. Here are some of the pointers:

  • Easy Collaboration
  • Remotely access important data
  • Screen sharing
  • Troubleshoot from any location
  • Define access rights to several files 

Now, there are plenty of RDP alternatives available in the market. It’s not an easy task to make the best selection as per your needs. Therefore, we are here with a list of the best RDP alternatives for you. First of all, however, let us tell you what RDP is. 


What is RDP?

RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol is introduced by Microsoft. You can simply build a connection with another desktop by using a graphical user interface. It helps you to interact with a remote machine. There are ample benefits associated with it. You can easily control any Remote Desktop session. Moreover, you have the liberty to copy or delete some text from any application on the host machine.  This helps the professionals to manage to troubleshoot or even resolving several issues without being at the desktop. Fair deal, right?

Moving on, as there are ample incidents of cybercrime taking place, even RDP has come under the radar of such potential security threats. Now, as there are plenty of alternatives available for RDP available in the market, you have to figure out your needs first and then land on a fair choice. Many options provide rich features and ample offers. We understand it’s not an easy task to figure out the best option. So, to lessen your efforts and hard work, we are here with some of the best available RDP options available. Take a look.

Best RDP alternatives

  • SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere
  • SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support
  • Screens
  • Royal TS
  • Terminals


SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere

DRE is an extremely simple, lightweight cloud-based remote support and a simple solution.  If you are well-equipped with the working of a cloud-based IT atmosphere, then this option is great for you! There are some rich features associated with DRE. 

As you have read, the design of DRE is meant for working with the cloud, hence, you can easily access the device from any place that has a facility of internet connection. The next great feature is its Speed. When we talk about speed, DRE clearly creates a good impact. You can establish active sessions in just eight seconds. Impressive, isn’t it? 

Furthermore, there are tons of additional features associated with DRE. You get a fast issue resolution that helps an end-user to resolve any issue within seconds. Unattended support is provided to resolve the issues from behind the scenes.  Additionally, you can avail yourself of remote access from anywhere to everywhere. For instance, from Windows or macOS to any mobile device or desktop. 

DRE is specially designed to assist the user in keeping their data safe through advanced encryption as well as two-factor authentication. You can also implement the feature of multi-level permissions for more powerful security.

Also, you get high-resolution support with Crystal-clear HD visibility and higher scalability. Moreover, it’s easy to take screenshots and also record sessions while on a video call. The facility to connect with the user via a video call or a VoIP is also provided. DRE helps to remotely connect with out-of-band computers with the support of Wake-on-LAN!

Lastly, you can avail a free trial of 14 days with Dameware Remote Everywhere. After the period ends, you have to pay a specific amount to continue the subscription. 


SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support

You can consider DRS as a decent upgrade of RDP. In DRS, you get all the features that Microsoft offers. In RDP too, you get multi-platform remote access and get support from Windows, Mac, or Linux. Both RDP as well as DRS offer connections with the internet and LAN. This feature is specifically important for DRS as with the assistance of other tools, it helps in straightforward troubleshooting. 

You have the provision of a fast and secure remote control feature. You also get some built-in remote admin tools with DRS. System tools and TCP utilities troubleshoot desktops remotely without the need to initiate a full remote control session. With DRS, you can seamlessly deliver remote support from iOS as well as Android devices. Besides, you have the option to use the Dameware mobile app to access the network computers from any mobile device. 

Now, when it comes to managing the active directory environments, you are able to manage multiple AD domains, users, and groups. Also, feel free to remotely unlock the user accounts or even edit Group Policy.

Additionally, with DRS, you can export the AD objects and system configs from any kind of remote desktops. And you can manage the Dameware environment by managing user accounts as well as several permissions yourself. Besides all the stunning features associated with it, you also have the accessibility of multi-factor authentication. You can enforce this authentication to enhance security.



If you are an active Mac computer or Apple mobile devices user, you can completely rely on this Edovia product, Screens. Talking about Screens iOS, you can control the computers from anywhere and from any device using an SSH connection. Screens is an extremely powerful VNC client app that uses a secure and encrypted connection. It can also connect to Linux, Pi, Raspberry, or Windows PCs. For more easy access, install the Screens Connect on Mac or even Windows PC.  Additionally, it supports multiple display support and curtain mode. Curtain mode helps you to work privately.

You can easily synchronize your content through iCloud or Dropbox or even control and observe several modes. There is the provision of ‘Screens Express’ that proves to be an incredible solution for the problems related to troubleshooting. With Screens, you also get access to many familiar gestures where you can choose between Touch or Trackpad modes on your devices.

If your end pick is Screens, then the free version known as Screens Express is available. You can download Screens Mac from the Edovia website. And if you seek to purchase Screens iOS, you can avail of it directly from the App Store.



Terminals is an extremely secure Remote Desktop alternative. It uses a Terminal Services ActiveX client. In order to control multiple connections, this project was established. It is an open-source Remote Desktop manager that aims to help in controlling various connections simultaneously. Terminals work seamlessly with VMRC, VNC, RAS, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Citrix ICA, and many more. 

There are abundant features if you want to build a smooth remote connection. It is inclusive of a multi-tab interface, customizable toolbars, or resizable windows. Moreover, it provides you with a connection history too. This tool is basic yet possesses high quality. Terminals is generally not suitable for large-scale enterprise as somewhere it lacks some powerful features for the purpose of troubleshooting and IT support measures. Also, it is a free tool, you can give it a try!


Royal TS

Royal TS is considered one of the most feasible alternatives of RDP. It is highly compatible with various kinds of connection types. Therefore, if you are using terminals like VNC, SSH, or S/FTP, or even some of the web-based interfaces, Royal TS is there for you. Moreover, you can seamlessly manage and transfer the files by using SFTP, FTP, and SCP. Not just files, you can manage and build connections with VMware instances as well as Hyper-V instances.

It is inclusive of built-in credential management, as well as some of the most stunning safe team-sharing features. You have the freedom to share several connections, without even sharing any personal credentials. The provision of some dynamic folders assists you to import data dynamically from several other external sources. Along with that, there is SSH-based tunneling support integrated with Royal TS. Further, if you easily want to automate repetitive tasks, simply use the Key sequence tasks or command tasks. 


The Royal TS documents are compatible with Royal TS, Royal TSX, Royal TSD, and Royal TSi. As you would agree that there is always a factor of worry when it comes to security. Well, with Royal TS, be assured of safe connection sharing. Through this feature, your data is stored in a private document and is password protected. 



Endowed with tons of features, these were some of the best alternatives to RDP for you. We hope that the information provided in this article helped you in every way possible. 

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