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Although it is generally a good idea to keep automatic updates for maximum security, in certain cases it becomes more of a burden. For these cases, we have created a tutorial on how to disable said updates in windows 10.


Jun, 19

How to Disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10

As you may know, Microsoft constantly releases new updates to tackle newly arising security threats and to improve the overall user experience. These updates are rolled out automatically which could be an inconvenience to some. These automatic updates could be disabled, however, in Windows 10 OS the process is a bit more complicated than it's predecessors. We strongly recommend keeping Windows updates enabled as you would otherwise not receive crucial security updates.

Want to disable Windows AutoUpdates anyways? Here's how:

  1. Open run (press Windows key + R) and type services.msc, then click on OK button.

 How to disable Windows 10 auto update- 1

  1. In the services window, find Windows Update and double click on it.

 How to disable Windows 10 auto update- 2

  1. Change Start type option to Disable and click on Apply Then Stop the service.

 How to disable Windows 10 auto update- 3

Now you have stopped the windows update service, you have to prevent it from restarting.

  1. Open run and type taskschd.msc to open Task Scheduler console.

 How to disable Windows 10 auto update- 4

  1. In this console, enter the following directory: Microsoft > Windows > Windows Update

 How to disable Windows 10 auto update- 5

  1. Delete Scheduled Start

 How to disable Windows 10 auto update- 6

That's all! Remember that doing this could make you vulnerable to cyber attacks and malware.