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We discuss a step-by-step guide on how to disable Windows updates by altering changes in group policy editor.


Mar, 19

Windows Update Setting From Group Policy

Disable Windows Update

One of the ways to disable Windows from updating automatically, is by altering some settings from group policy(gpedit.msc). To perform this, follow the given steps:

  • Press start+R to open run
  • Type gpedit.msc to open local group policy editor.

open run and type gpedit.msc

  • Go to the following directory:
  • Computer Configuration Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update

windows update group policy

  • When you click on “windows update” the list of objects(Group Policy Objects,GPO) will appear on the right side. Select “configure Automatic Updates” and double click on it.

configure automatic updates

  • In opened window. Click on “Disabled” to disable windows update.
  • Now click on Apply and Ok

Disable Windows Update


If you are using windows 10 you can disbale Automatice update on windows 10 too.

All This configurations can be done on Windows VPS Server & Windows Dedicated Server too.

Oliver K

I’m Oliver k. I have MS degree in Computer Engineering. For nearly 5 years that I have been working on web programing and also in last 2 years I have worked on windows and Linux VPS. This is my honor to share my experiences with a new community.

user monovm


2019, Oct, 19

Ahhh... Looks like you're telling people how to disable the group policy setting - not how to disable Windows updates.

user monovm


2019, Nov, 19

This does not work i have it disabled and it still updates..

user monovm


2019, Dec, 19

I don't think you did it right Chris.

user monovm


2020, Feb, 20

Rick, sorry, but you are wrong! 1) If you read the help-article of this setting you will recognize it: "If the status for this policy is set to Disabled, any Updates that are available on Windows Update must be downloaded and installed manually. To do this, search for Windows Update using Start." 2) Why you speak about Group-Policy and handle with local policy? The right way should be: 1) Open the Group Policy Editor. 2) Create a new Group Policy object, for example, NoUpdates. 3) Select the User configuration. 4) Click Administrative Templates. 5) Click System. 6) Click Internet Communication Management. 7) Select Internet Communication Settings. -->In the right pane of the Group Policy Editor, double-click Turn Off Access To All Windows Update Features, select the Enabled radio button, and click OK. Regards, André

user monovm


2020, Mar, 20

Thanks! i live in a socialist country and the internet is very very poor. Sometimes just disabling it in services.msc is not enough so this way gives more safety

user monovm


2020, May, 20

Hi, Is it possible to disable Windows Auto Update for a certain GROUP OF COMPUTERS via Group Policy? Thanks in advance!

user monovm

Susith Nonis

2020, Jun, 20

Yes its possible. Have a read at this: