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In this tutorial, we will guide you through creating and restoring backups in CWP. Simple and short.


May, 19

How to Create and Restore Backups in CWP

This tutorial is dedicated for the creation and restoration of backups in CWP.

To download backups to your computer in CWP:

Firstly, login to your CWP account

Navigate to File Management->Backup->Download a backup copy tab

Now you will have some options:

  • Download a full website backup – with this action, you will be able to download a full backup of your site. It’s very useful if you want to transfer the site to another server or to restore it in case an issue arise.
  • Home Directory – download an archive containing your home directory
  • All MySQL – download a backup of all your MySQL/MariaDB databases
  • All Account Email – backup of all your email accounts.

To restore a backup of your computer in CWP:

Login to your CWP account

Navigate to File Management->Backup->Restore a backup copy tab

Upload a home directory backup or a MySQL database backup.

Congratulations! you made it till the end. Now start creating (or restoring) the backups in CWP.

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