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How To Install CentOS Web Panel In CentOS

CentOS Web Panel (CWP) is a free web hosting control panel, and today you will learn how to install it on CentOS 6 and 7.

Posted: 15 Jun, 19 Updated: 05 Mar, 23 by linda Y 4 Min

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Hosting a website is no easy task and requires a plethora of technical knowledge. There are, however, tools that make the job a little easier for you. One such tool is a control panel, especially one with a graphical user interface (GUI). A control panel lets you monitor and manage all the hosted services you use.

Today, we will discuss one of the most popular control panels for CentOS: CentOS Web Panel. More precisely, we will provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to install it on your system for both CentOS 6 and 7 versions.

CentOS Web Panel, or CWP for short, is a free web hosting control panel that offers easy management of multiple servers (both Dedicated and VPS) without the need to access the server through SSH for every small task that you need to complete. It is a feature-rich control panel, which comes with a high number of options and features for quick server management.

Some of CWP’s best features include:

  • A powerful built-in file manager with a code editor for hosted sites.
  • Detailed logs of all processes that occur on the server.
  • Multiple monitoring tools, including Netdata, Monit monitoring, and MySQL live to monitor.
  • Configurable client packages for reseller purposes.
  • Advanced regular backup system.
  • A plethora of security functions integrated into CWP.
  • Migration wizard to transfer sites from cPanel to CWP.

To install CentOS Web Panel, your system must have a minimum of 512MB RAM for 32bit Server and 1024MB RAM for 64-bit Server. You will also need to update your server to the latest version and install the wget utility in order to fetch and install the CWP installation script.

Step 1: Before starting the installation of CWP, first, install some required packages and update all packages on the system with the following commands.

yum install wget

yum update

Step 2: After completing the update, reboot your cwp vps.


Step 3: Now, start the installation of CWP on your system. Download the installation script from CWP official site using the following command.

cd /usr/local/src

wget http://centos-webpanel.com/cwp-latest

Step 4: Next, simply execute the cwp-latest script to begin the installation. This process may take a long time depending on your Internet speed and server configuration.

sh cwp-latest

Step 1: Download the installation script from CWP official site using the following command.

cd /usr/local/src

wget http://centos-webpanel.com/cwp-el7-latest

Step 2: Now, just execute the cwp-el7-latest script to start the installation.

sh cwp-el7-latest

Please be patient as the installation progress can take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

Step 3: Once the installation has finished you should see a screen saying “CWP” installed and a list of credentials required to access the panel. Make sure to copy or write down the information and keep it safe:

Step 4: When ready, press “ENTER”, and the server will reboot. If the system does not reboot automatically, simply type “reboot” to reboot the server.

Step 5: Once the server boots up, access CWP from your favorite browser by entering either http://SERVER_IP:2030 or https://SERVER_IP:2031 into the address bar.

You should see a screen similar to the figure below.

Step 6: Log in to the panel using the system’s root account. You got the password in the previous step. You should see the dashboard page similar to the one below.

You have now successfully installed CentOS Web Panel.

Everything should be straightforward henceforth as you explore the various features offered. Go ahead and add a new email account, configure your nameserver, DNS and create a new hosting package. It is however recommended that you install an SSL certificate and use it to authenticate users who log in. For MySQL login, kindly use the credentials offered after installation of CWP.

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linda Y

linda Y

My name is Linda, I have Master degree in Information Technology Engineering. I have some experiences in working with Windows and Linux VPS and I have been working for 2 years on Virtualization and Hosting. 

user monovm

j grove

2019, Nov, 19

i wanted to ask if cwp was able to be installed on centos 8?

user monovm

Susith Nonis

2020, Jun, 20

Yes you can install CWP on CentOS 8