How to Copy in Nano Editor | Nano Copy Command

Nano Copy Text Command, This short tutorial explains two different ways on how to copy in Nano editor.

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Nano is the most basic text editor for Linux based on the command line (CLI). It has all of the standard text editor features, such as syntax highlighting, several buffers, scan, and substitutes with regular expression support, correcting typos, and UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format – 8-bit) encoding. The Nano Copy command comes in handy when you don’t want to write the same text repeatedly. The following document will help you to understand how to copy in the nano editor. 

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In nano, you can copy the text using two methods, and they are: 

Method 1: Using the Shortcuts Key Combinations

In a nano text editor, we can copy using the following steps:

  • Set the target by moving the cursor to the beginning of the text and pressing CTRL + 6.
  • Now highlight the text you want to copy using the arrow keys.
  • After that, hold ALT + 6 to copy.

Method 2: Use the mouse in putty to copy in nano

Take the steps outlined below to copy text from the Nano editor :

  • To copy the text, keep the left mouse button down and move it to the right or left in the Nano editor to select the text so that the text is highlighted.
  • The highlighted section will be buffered in your clipboard, and you can use right-click to paste that into any section you need.

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Using the following commands and shortcut keys, we can copy the text in the nano editor. This will help you instantly copy the text from any text file in Nano. We also saw how we could select and copy the text using the right-click menu bar. We have included all possible ways to copy a file in Nano. 

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