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Free Web Hosting, There is no cheaper way to have a website online than using a web hosting service; however, even then, there is a way to get web hosting for free.

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As the name defines, free web hosting offers you lots of options without paying a single penny on it. In other words, Web hosting allows a user to save the files of the website on the internet securely. There are different types of web hosts available online that offer subdomains for creating a website easily.  In case you want a website with a specific domain name, you have to purchase a domain and get web hosting. If you are looking for web hosting without compromising with your budget, then go for free web hosting because many companies offer free web hosting with great options. So in this guide, you will know about free web hosting and why you should go for it.


Web hosting provides an online service to publish a website or web application over the internet.  When users sign up for the new web hosting, they rent a specific space on the physical server to store all data and files required for the appropriate working website.  For example, if you want to publish a website, you need web hosting as it saves all of the web pages and makes them visible on the internet platform. Suppose your website named "" is linked with the IP address that represents your specific system, so when someone enters "" in their browser, then the web host will load the IP address and the website.


A free web hosting doesn't require any purchasing but offers some basic features to simplify the beginners' website. 

Bandwidth and Disk Space

You will get disk space to store the website files such as images, video, text, and audio files to maintain your website.  In the free web hosting, you will also get the bandwidth option, which works to control access and leave traffic on your website.  

Website Creator and FTP

As a beginner, you don't have scripting experience and limited options to create a website, so free web hosting offers a free website creation tool to create a website by selecting specific templates and adding text photos. The full form of FTP is a file transfer protocol that works to transfer a website file from the computer/laptop to the hosting server. It allows users to upload the finished website information or files from the computer to the service provider's server. 

Uptime Guaranteed

Free Web hosting consists of the best hardware with an appropriate network system, so they easily offer an amazing uptime guarantee. 


Now a question arises that why you should go for free web hosting, so here is a list of benefits offered by free web hosting: 

  • One of the most significant benefits of free web hosting is that it has all the essential information to get started in the website world. It helps a beginner to create their website on an open web hosting switch to the paid ones. 
  • Free web hosting helps adopt basic strategies for developing a website and make the web pages more attractive. An attractive website is beneficial to create a good user experience for visitors. 
  • If you are creating a personal website, it can be the right choice as it will only work to provide entertainment. So this type of website does not require spending money on the paid web hosting. 
  • Free web hosting is useful when you want to create a website for a nonprofit organization. A website can help provide updates, communicate with visitors and new posts to include more people in various activities. 
  • Free web hosting is a user-friendly platform as it offers good options to beginners who are starting their journey in the web hosting world and finding ways to manage websites. 
  • It offers full control over your website so that you can easily maintain the website without paying anything on the web hosting server. However, if you have a budget and want to open a whole new web hosting feature at a lower price, you must go for Monovm as we offer fantastic web hosting options at lower prices. 


So here is the list of differences between free and paid web hosting that can clear your mind by comparing both paid and free web hosting. 

  • There is no customer support available in the free web hosting, but it is available in the paid ones. So if you are using free web hosting and something went wrong, you can’t go for the customer support-related services. However, paid web hostings offer complete and 24/7 user support to help you tackle errors as soon as possible. 
  • Low bandwidth and less data transferability make free web hosting unsafe to the higher downtime, but in the paid web hosting, users get an optimum bandwidth with the data transfer for maximum uptime. Majorly, you can upload different photos or videos while using free web hosting when you don’t have appropriate disk space. 
  • Users face ad-related issues like pop-ups, ad banners, or different advertisements on the website that they can’t remove while using free web hosting. In some cases, free web hosting offers partial control that means they can resize the banners, but they can’t remove them from the website. However, paid web hosting provides complete control over the advertisements that means outsiders can’t do anything on your website. 


There are two basic plans of web hostings offered by Monovm, and these plans are based on the customer’s requirements. 

Linux Web Hosting

It is a fast, secure, and reliable web host service with customizable configuration. This web hosting plans are available at 6.99 dollars per month and offers multiple features: 

  • 100MB web space
  • Unlimited data traffic
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited add-on domains
  • Unlimited MySQL/FTP
  • Daily backups

WordPress Web Hosting

It is also a Fast, secure, and reliable web hosting plan which is specifically designed for WordPress. This web hosting plan is available at  9.99 dollars per month and offers multiple features: 

  • 500MB web space
  • Unlimited data traffic
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited add-on domains
  • Unlimited Mysql/FTP
  • Daily backups


As we have mentioned earlier, free web hosting can be your good friend if you want to easily create your website. However, it is always hard to get something when it is free, and there is a lot of competition, so finding the best and free web hosting services is always a tough task.  In case you want free web hosting from Monovm, as we offer amazing services to our customers, then read the below information carefully: 


If you are a blogger and want to create a website with free web hosting, then you must mention the Monovm in the blog as credits to get free web hosting. 

University Students

If you are a student and want to have a free web hosting service from Monovm, you will need a student card to get free web hosting. 


You need to add Monovm's link to your website if you are a website owner and want to get free web hosting.


For content creators like YouTubers,  they need to mention Monovm in their video or YouTube channel.

Social Media Influencers

If you are a forum owner or a Twitter account owner, use the HashTags of Monovm in your posts while using free web hosting from Monovm.

Github Developers

As we have web hosting services for the Linux platform, if you are a Github developer and want free web hosting, please mention Monovm while using our web hosting. 

Custom Eligible

In case you are not eligible according to the above parameters, please contact us and tell us about your requirements. We will try our best to give you great service and response according to the requirements. You can mail us at to have a good conversation about the free web hosting services.


So it was the brief details on a free web hosting you can use to save your money and improve your visibility over the internet. In simple words, web hosting offers a facility to the user to save all your website files without any trouble with security.  A free web hosting can be your good friend, but it doesn't mean that you can use it in the long term, so make sure to select the right web hosting which is paid but offers amazing features at lower prices. 

For example, if your business or website becomes famous, then you will require good FTP and disk space to maintain your website and handle the visitor's traffic appropriately. Hence, it is important to go for the paid web hosting like Monovm as it offers multiple plans that can satisfy your requirements. 


Q.1 What is free hosting? 

A.1 A free web hosting offers an online service for publishing the website or any web application on the internet with zero prices. Once users sign-up for a new web hosting, they get specific on the physical server for saving data and files needed for the working website. 

Q.2 Is it safe to use free web hosting? 

A.2 Sometimes, users face multiple issues while using free web hosting, but it depends upon the project and web hosting platform you are using for your work. 

Q.3 How can I get free hosting?

A.3 some multiple platforms and websites offer free web hosting but select the right one according to the requirement and safety parameters.  However, if you want to go for the best web hosting at a lower price, you can go for Monovm web hosting. 

Q.4 How do I connect my domain to free hosting?

A.4  First, you need to set a DNS record appropriately at the registrar then add a domain to the cPanel as an add-on. 

Q.5 Is Blogger free hosting?

A.5 You can use Blogger as free web hosting when you have the custom domain, then connect it with the Blogger as it is completely free. 

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