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Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server is a necessity when experiencing large traffic on your website. If you need powerful and dedicated resources to handle an abundance of processes and improve your business without limitations, then MonoVM dedicated servers are your best choice. Our servers use the latest generation of Intel CPUs and Supermicro Motherboards hardware which provides reliability, power and efficiency. We promise you a 100% devoted environment for your applications and software. With recent developments in the spread of our network across 10 different data centers, you have the opportunity to choose the geographic location you're convenient with. MonoVM's 24/7 support specialist team is ready if you ever require assistance. You can order or buy dedicated server with multiple payment gateways like: Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin(BTC), Perfect money, Webmoney, more...

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VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine, which is offered to you as a service where you will have total access to install software, hosting your files, running applications and much more. Our VPS Hosting server are based on VMware ESXi hypervisors hosted on first-class hardware which is capable of hosting multiple virtual machines. With years of experience in providing Virtual Private Server, MonoVM guarantees the fastest and highest quality service using premium hardware located in world-class data centers. We have managed to sustain a 99.99% uptime with the help of a team of IT experts that work 24x7 to support our clients. Our data centers are spread out across 10 different countries, allowing you to choose the most convenient location. You can order or buy VPS server online with multiple payment gateways like Credit Card, Paypal, Perfect money, Webmoney, Bitcoin
VPS Hosting Locations: USA VPS(San Jose, Chicago, New York), UK VPS(Manchester), Netherlands VPS(Amsterdam), Germany VPS(Frankfurt), Canada VPS(Montreal), France VPS(Paris)...

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Windows VPS

All Windows VPS services are activated with administrator privileges allowing it to accessible by all remote desktop software on Microsoft Windows, Linux and even smartphones. This gives you the ability to completely manage your VPS and install your needed software accessible on any platform, even on the go. MonoVM virtual machines are powered by enterprise-grade hardware from Intel, Supermicro and are using HDDs and SSDs configured in multiple RAID configurations, providing the highest stability, efficiency and security. you can buy windows VPS with multiple payment gateways like: Credit Card, Paypal, Perfect money, Webmoney, Skrill, Bitcoin(BTC), more...

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Linux VPS

MonoVM Linux VPS servers are based on VMware ESXi and run on enterprise-grade Hardware. All Linux VPS Server plans provide full root ssh access and upgradability. The specifications of the VPS servers we provide have a degree of customizability to them however you must contact us to find out whether your requested configuration is possible to achieve. We suggest using either cPanel or DirectAdmin to manage your Linux VPS however a wide variety of other control panels is available. As for the Operating Systems we provide they include a vast range of Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. However, we also offer Unix based OS like FreeBSD and OpenBSD can be installed on VMs. You can order Linux VPS server with multiple payment gateways like: Credit Cards, Paypal, Perfect money, Webmoney, Bitcoin(BTC), more...

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We offer reliable high quality RDP admin which use Windows helping us to provide real dedicated resources that are either chosen through your plan or customely specified upon request. Our servers are powered by Intel E5 CPUs. You will have access to you Remote Desktop with unlimited bandwidth and uninterrupted access to use the pre installed software. This service is offered with pre-configured specifications and optimum options tailored to meet your needs and preferences.

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Unlike classic hard drives, whose performance is greatly limited by the moving mechanical parts, Solid State Drives can provide lightning-fast read and write speeds. The SSD VPS services provided by MonoVM use a RAID10 configuration in order to achieve speeds of up to 400,000 IOPS. Our SSDs are also enterprise-grade, allowing for speeds un-achievable through regular consumer SSDs.
You can order or buy VPS online with multiple payment gateways like Credit Card, Paypal, Perfect money, Webmoney, Bitcoin, more...
VPS Hosting Locations: USA(San Jose, Chicago, New York), UK(Manchester), Netherlands(Amsterdam), Germany(Frankfurt), Canada(Montreal), France(Paris) and some more

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MonoVM shared web hosting is based on solid state drives which provide you with a very fast and reliable secure service. You can manage your personal website or your business website and many more with ease. We have also included automatic scripts that you can install any CMS, forum, blogs with just a simple click. All the shared webhosting plans include daily, weekly or monthly backup plans which are available at your disposal. you can buy host with multiple payment gateways like: Credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin(BTC), Perfect money, webmoney, skrill and some more...

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