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The MEAN stack is one of the most popular frameworks for developing web applications. Get a Monovm MEAN stack VPS and develop your web app on the go.


The MEAN stack is a full-stack, JavaScript-based framework used for developing web applications. There are four key technologies from which the different stack layers are made and they are:

  • MongoDB – the database
  • Experess.js – Node.js web framework
  • Angular.js – the client-side JavaScript framework
  • Node.js – the premier JavaScript web server

The first letters of each layer make up the name, MEAN. It is widely regarded as the ideal JavaScript Stack, following the traditional 3-tier stack pattern. If you are building a JavaScript application, particularly in Node.js, Monovm’s MEAN stack VPS servers are the perfect solution. We utilize the powerful VMware ESXi hypervisor to offer full isolation from other virtual machines on our servers and provide truly dedicated resources.
Whether you’re building a high-throughput API, a simple web application, or a microservice, you will need powerful performance from the server hosting it. All our MEAN stack VPS servers utilize the latest enterprise-grade hardware from Intel and Supermicro, allowing us to offer you just that.


The following configurations are hand-picked by our experts to deliver the best performance at the lowest possible costs. Choose one and have it set-up with instant activation.

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Windows Server 1024 MB

$ 16.99/MO

CPU : 1 Core

RAM : 1024 MB

HDD : 20 GB

BW : 1 TB

Port : 1 Gbps

Windows Server 2048 MB

$ 29.99/MO

CPU : 2 Core

RAM : 2048 MB

HDD : 60 GB

BW : 2 TB

Port : 1 Gbps

Windows Server 4096 MB

$ 44.99/MO

CPU : 2 Core

RAM : 4096 MB

HDD : 100 GB

BW : 4 TB

Port : 1 Gbps

Windows Server 8192 MB

$ 69.99/MO

CPU : 4 Core

RAM : 8192 MB

HDD : 200 GB

BW : 4 TB

Port : 1 Gbps

+40000 Positive Feedback

+40000 Positive Feedback

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Speed Test

VPS Speed Test


Our MEAN Stack VPS has been optimized for running the framework. Here are some of the benefits you will get along with your MEAN stack VPS, among many others.

Large OS List

We offer almost any operating system you can imagine. Would you like your VPS to run Windows Professional or Server editions? Or would you rather have a Linux distribution? Either way we got you covered.

Powerful Hardware

We utilize the latest enterprise-grade hardware components from Intel and Supermicro allowing to give you the best server performance while maintaining maximum efficiency.

Advanced Control Panel

The control panel allows you to perform server tasks such as resize, rebuild, root access and graphs, firewall, reverse DNS, network back-up and many more.

24/7 Tech Support

Our team of computer hardware and software experts are online and ready to help you with any issues you might experience, regardless of time of day, or day of the week.

Light-speed Activation

Our use of advanced virtualization technology allows us to set up Linux VPS servers in under a minute and Windows VPS servers within only a few minutes so that you can start using your VPS straight away.

Feature services

All our VPS server packages come packed with a multitude of features, all designed exclusively for improved uptime, customer satisfaction and easily managed servers.


We provide full root or administrative access where you will have total control over your environment allowing you to install applications or host websites on your VPS.


All of our VPS come with an unmetered bandwidth. No more extra fees and server downtime due to passing an allocated bandwidth limit.


Using first class powerful hardware, SSD storages and RAID10 technology on our VPS servers. We assure fast and stable performance in all our servers.


We provide vps from more than 20 locations: USA VPS, UK VPS, Netherlands VPS, France VPS, Canada VPS, Germany VPS.


We guarantee that all VPS services will be up and running in less than 2 minutes. Linux VPS will be provisioned instantly and the Windows VPS servers will be available within 2 minutes.


Monovm VPS services are based on a stable and powerful VMware ESXi hypervisor. We provide dedicated resources and stable performance to your virtual machine.


In our data centers, the internal network is based on fiber optic connections which allow for an almost zero latency.


You can pay with credit card payments, direct bank transfer, many ewallet systems and nearly any cryptocurrency.


We guarantee a 99.99% uptime due to our trustful enterprise network structure and unlimited traffic bandwidth provided within the world-class data centers.

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