Install DirectAdmin on CentOS

To install DirectAdmin, you need some packages before hand. Run:

yum update -y
yum install gcc-c++ gcc automake -y
yum install make
yum install flex


chmod +x


DirectAdmin’s setup has a few more things you need to fill:

Please enter your Client ID :
Please enter your License ID :
Please enter your hostname \(\)
It must be a Fully Qualified Domain Name
Do *not* use a domain you plan on using for the hostname:
eg. don’t use Use instead.
Do not enter http:// or www
Enter your hostname (FQDN) :
Is this correct? (y,n) :
Is eth0 your network adaptor with the license IP? (y,n) :
Is xx.xx.xx.xx the IP in your license? (y,n) :

DirectAdmin will now be installed on: Enterprise 5
Is this correct? (must match license) (y,n) :

You now have 2 options for your apache/php setup.

1: customapache: older, more tested. Includes Apache 1.3, php 4 and frontpage.
2: custombuild 1.1: newer, less tested. Includes any Apache version, php 4, 5, or both in cli and/or suphp. Frontpage not available with Apache 2.x.
Post any issues with custombuild to the forum:

Enter your choice (1 or 2):

take coffe and wait some minutes till installation complete.


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Install DirectAdmin on CentOS