How to Install Kloxo/LxAdmin on CentOS 5.x 32bit  ?

Kloxo installation is fairly easy, however keep in mind this only works on CentOS 32bit.

Let's check what version of CentOS you're on first:

# uname -m

Next let's get the Kloxo installer by running this command:

# wget

Now we can install Kloxo:

# ./

This will take some time now, after it's completed the below message will appear:

Congratuations. Kloxo has been installed succesfully on your server as master
You can connect to the server at https://:7777 or http://:7778
Please note that first is secure ssl connection, while the second is normal one.
The login and password are 'admin' 'admin'. After Logging in, you will have to change your password to something more secure
We hope you will find managing your hosting with Kloxo refreshingly pleasurable, and also we wish you all the success on your hosting venture
Thanks for choosing Kloxo to manage your hosting, and allowing us to be of service

Now open your Browser and type http://(ip-address):7778 and login with

Username : admin
Password : admin


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Install Kloxo/LxAdmin on CentOS