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Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

WordPress was initially started as a blogging tool, but after time it has evolved itself into the most robust website builder and extremely efficient content management system.

26 Oct, 20 by Susith Nonis 3 min Read

WordPress was initially started as a blogging tool, but after time it has evolved itself into the most robust website builder and extremely efficient content management system.

It is extremely easy to use and flexible enough to make a novice feel like a pro in the website building process. This is the reason that nearly 30 % of websites are made through WordPress on the internet.

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Let’s have a deeper insight on what are the features and benefits which answer the question of why you should WordPress.

1. WordPress, Free in Freedom

Most of the features and options provided by WordPress are free, and you only have to pay the meagre amount to go towards professional tools.

WordPress is free to install, and you can install and modify it according to your needs almost free of cost. You need a domain and web hosting, and everything else is taken care of by WordPress.

There is also a helpful community of people on WordPress if you have any question ask and you will get your problem resolved by the help of professionals.

2. Easy to Customize Themes and Plugins

The people who are making their websites on WordPress are mostly those people who have little knowledge about using codes or languages to create a website.

There are thousands of free templates and themes available for your disposal. Most of the themes come with an options panel where you can choose the colour, create slides and customization without writing any codes.

free wordpress themes

Plugins allow you to make your website an innovative platform fulfilling to all the modern and latest requirements.

3. Easy to Manage

There is a built-in system to manage and update your website. You can go on the admin dashboard to update the plugins of your choice.

You receive a notification on the availability of new updates regarding your plugins. You can update the plugins by simply clicking on a button.

When you are worried about the date of your website and want to take back up on cloud-based location, there are plugins to provide you with the opportunity on just a few clicks.

4. WordPress is SEO Friendly

The websites are made according to the standard compliance regarding high-quality code. You get semantic markup on google and other search engines.

This is the reason that the websites created on WordPress are ranked higher. There are SEO (search engine optimization) plugins to make your website optimized on Google and other search engines.

wordpress is good for seo

You can view free guides on the internet, and there are also free videos on YouTube which guide you through the process of optimizing your website on search engines.

5. Safe and Secure

The most important feature on WordPress is safety regarding your website. There are plugins and features on WordPress platform that provide you protection against malware and brute force attack.

Wrapping up

These are just a few reasons form a wide list of benefits and features which make people attracted towards this platform.

Few examples of websites you can make with WordPress.

  • Start a Blog
  • Make a business website
  • Start an online store
  • Build a membership website
  • Sell online courses and many more!

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