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What is Htop and What Does It Do?

Want to have a better Unix system monitor? We recommend the use of htop. What is htop? How to understand it's output? That and more you will learn from this article.

13 Oct, 20 by Antoniy Yushkevych 1 min Read

What is Linux Htop and What Does It Do?

Htop is an interactive system monitor, process viewer and process manager designed for Unix systems. Originally designed as an alternative to the Unix program top, it provides much of the same functionality as top, but offers much greater flexibility over how system processes can be viewed. Unlike top, htop provides the full list of running processes instead of the top resource-consuming ones. Htop can display processes as a tree and uses color to provide resource-usage statistics.

Here’s how the htop interface looks like:

Htop Interface

Now, let’s see what each field means, starting at the top:

top part

And now for the rest:

What is Htop and What Does It Do?

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